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Stolen Camera Finder - find your photos, find your camera. WATCH: Scientists Raised 111 Fish To Walk On Land. Fish that can walk on land and breathe air exist, and they're providing important clues to how their ancient ancestors evolved from swimming in the sea to living on land.

WATCH: Scientists Raised 111 Fish To Walk On Land

In a study published in the journal Nature, researchers at McGill University studied Polypterus senegalus (the Senegal bichir or "dinosaur eel"), fish with "functional lungs and strong fins" that can pull themselves out of the water. The scientists raised 111 juvenile bichir on land for eight months and monitored changes compared to a control group of fish remaining in water. "Fish raised on land walk with a more effective gait," lead author Emily Standen told The Verge.

"They plant their legs closer to the body’s midline, they lift their heads higher, and they slip less during that walking cycle. " Scientists found major differences between land-raised and aquatic-raised bichir, NBC News reports: Heineken Building Brick Bottles. Today, the shed at the Heineken estate and a wall made of WOBO at the Heineken Museum in Amsterdam are the only structures where the 'beer brick' was used.

Heineken Building Brick Bottles

As to the remaining WOBO’s it’s not clear how many exist, or where, but the idea, even some four decades later, remains a lasting example in end-use innovation. Mr. Heineken’s idea came after a visit to the Caribbean where he saw two problems: beaches littered with bottles and a lack of affordable building materials. How To Transfer A Photo To Wood - Video Tutorial. Many decorations are expensive and not that stylish to being worth your attention.

How To Transfer A Photo To Wood - Video Tutorial

With the tricks featured in this tutorial, you can make your own custom piece of decoration. Read the following and learn how to transfer a photo to wood and actually make a nice `painting` to place in your living room. Here is what you’ll need: • a picture printed on a regular piece of paper; • a block of wood (smooth, sanded wood is recommended); • gel medium; • Mod Podge; You begin with covering the piece of wood with the gel medium and place the paper with the picture facing down. Video Tutorial – DIY Wooden Picture. Magnetic Thinking Putty. Weight Pulling. Crash Cliches High-Speed 1. How to cut a glass bottle... the easy way. Many use bottles to add some colour, light and design to a wall here and there.

How to cut a glass bottle... the easy way.

Below are a few examples with links to facebook. 13 Major Clean Energy Breakthroughs of 2013. December 18, 2013 | Like this article?

13 Major Clean Energy Breakthroughs of 2013

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Lucid Stead installation by Phillip K Smith III at a desert cabin. American artist Phillip K Smith III has added mirrors to the walls of a desert shack in California to create the illusion that you can see right through the building (+ movie).

Lucid Stead installation by Phillip K Smith III at a desert cabin

Entitled Lucid Stead, the installation was created by Phillip K Smith III on a 70-year-old wooden residence within the California High Desert. Mirrored panels alternate with weather-beaten timber siding panels to create horizontal stripes around the outer walls, allowing narrow sections of the building to seemingly disappear into the vast desert landscape. "Lucid Stead is about tapping into the quiet and the pace of change of the desert," said Smith.

"When you slow down and align yourself with the desert, the project begins to unfold before you. 3 Censored TED Talks They Do Not Want You To See. The current world order establishment has plenty to gain by keeping the people of the planet in the dark about ideas that can lead to a revolution in human consciousness. 1.

3 Censored TED Talks They Do Not Want You To See

Graham Hancock – The War on Consciousness Hancock's TED Talk, “The War on Consciousness”, was deliberately removed from YouTube: “Graham Hancock’s talk, again, shares a compelling and unorthodox worldview, but one that strays well beyond the realm of reasonable science. Our Technical Reality (2013 Edit) Congressman Ron Paul's Farewell Speech to Congress. Ron Paul's recent farewell speech is arguably the single most important speech in American history.

Congressman Ron Paul's Farewell Speech to Congress

Dr. Paul lays out the fatal problems facing America while pulling no punches. This speech is a must-see by anyone who seeks to understand the real reasons why America remains in a downward spiral of social and economic failure under the endless growth of Big Government and runaway debt. How Ron Paul Was Cheated Out Of Presidency “Many are now acknowledging that a financial crisis looms but few understand it's, in reality, a moral crisis... Selected transcript of Ron Paul's farewell address to Congress: Replicator™ 2X Desktop 3D Printer. Online Room Planner. HERE IS TODAY. 22 Motivational Pictures To Get You Off Your Ass : DormStormer. 99 Songs to Make Your Homework Awesome - Tracklist - Google диск. Travel Scenic Utah In 3D Panoramas - Utah3D.Net. Valentine's Food. Nothing describes heart shaped, pink/red treats and chocolates best for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Food

Nvert Bottle Into a Glass. By MH Staff - Posted on 25th August 2011 Warning: this stunt involves sharp edges, breaking glass and fire.

nvert Bottle Into a Glass

But if you’re careful, it could also involve fun. BallDroppings. Imgur: the simple image sharer. Alive Without Breath: Three Dimensional Animals Painted in Layers of Resin by Keng Lye. Singapore-based artist Keng Lye creates near life-like sculptures of animals relying on little but paint, resin and a phenomenal sense of perspective. Lye slowly fills bowls, buckets, and boxes with alternating layers of acrylic paint and resin, creating aquatic animal life that looks so real it could almost pass for a photograph.

The artist is using a technique very similar to Japanese painter Riusuke Fukahori who was featured on this blog a little over a year ago, though Lye seems to take things a step further by making his paint creations protrude from the surface, adding another level of dimension to a remarkable medium. See much more of this series titled Alive Without Breath over on deviantART. (via ian brooks) Food for the Idle Mind. The ultimate flatulence filtering underwear. Charlie Hague and Megan Williams told to pull down their 'hobbit home' made entirely out of natural materials.

Family of three is made homeless by planning inspector's decisionThey built their home from scratch, but have been ordered to tear it downThe couple admit they built it without first getting planning permissionTheir labour of love was branded 'harmful' to the countryside By Stuart Woledge Published: 19:30 GMT, 1 August 2013 | Updated: 14:12 GMT, 2 August 2013. TreeHouse Point. Unique Natural Sculptures Blend Layers of Stone with Glass.

Tokyo-born artist Ramon Todo creates unexpected sculptures by drawing upon basic, solid materials found in nature. To create each piece, he first locates stones and bricks discovered on personal walks through various landscapes. He then removes segments of the stone, which symbolize the history of the land in which it originated, and replaces it with layers of aesthetically beautiful, polished glass. By blending the two opposite substances, Todo redefines the surface of the materials, creating a new and unexpected texture. The fragmented matter works closely together to form the rough, yet sparkling, sculpture, and the juxtaposition of the delicate material wedged between layers of hard, solid rock is visually exciting. Mr Wilson bites your towel. Mr. Wilson is useful, discreet and doesn’t talk much.

Created by Dominik Langhammer for Looney Design, Mr. Wilson is a useful but discreet former tennis ball with eyes, a mouth, and a clear plastic suction cup attached. Master of Pen and Ink: The Monumental Drawings of Ikeda Manabu. History of Rise and Fall. 6.5′ x 6.5′, pen & acrylic ink History of Rise and Fall, detail Ark. 3′ x 4′, pen & acrylic ink Ark, detail Regeneration. Map Envelope. Boxetti. Killspencer Veil for iPhone 4/4S. "WebGL Bookcase" by Google Data Arts Team. Wear - Shop Cool Material. View Cart (0) Categories Featured / Popular / New. Life Hacks. Kickstarter. Skull Shot Glasses - 4-pack. Credit Card Knife. The Most Popular Featured Desktops and Home Screens of 2011. To Do List. LikeCOOL, Coolest Gadget Magazine. Spyderco. Create. Looklet has invented a unique technology, specifically designed for large retail and fashion companies who face the challenge of photographing a rapidly increasing volume of clothes for their e-com solutions.

Piety within Progression. NYC’s Day and Night Combined in Stephen Wilkes Photography. Bjarke Ingels Group. Laser Crosswalk Saves Pedestrians From a Painful Death - GEARFUSE. Funny keeping a zipper up tip. Public Art Concepts - Dan Sternof Beyer 2011 - StumbleUpon. Your Age on Other Worlds.

Woman Fasion

Silk - StumbleUpon. These 50 Photos Will Blow you Away - StumbleUpon. Mowing Picture. A Showcase of Workstations that'll Make You Jealous. Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee.