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Scale Of The Universe 2. Sites of the Week for October 21st 2011. Creative Single Page Web Designs. Single page web designs are a modern trend for designing and it is very inspiring to see what these designers are investing to create these webpages.

Creative Single Page Web Designs

Every designer has come up with a design which is so beautiful and creative and the illustrations in them are so crisp and clear that the message is delivered easily. Go ahead and get inspired for your next design in creating a single page design. Enjoy! 1) Wall Swaps 2) Eric Johansson 3) WebDots 4) Youzee 5) Mattdempsey 6) The Great Bearded Reef 7) Pasti 9) Trendy Webdesign 10) Webdesigners 11) Kostandinos 12) Cornerd 13) Ryanscherf 14) Gpacheco 15) Ceegraphics 16) Carrot Creative 17) Mepholio 18) B1nary 19) Jon Brousseau 20) Kevin Lucius 21) Leslyg 22) Smultronlab 23) Diego Latorre 24) Hitechy 25) Kwin 26) 3rror404 27) Teamfannypack 28) Andrepacheco 29) Sublimio 30) Ipolecat 31) Bokicabo 32) Wakwaw 33) Jonathanpatterson 34) Campfirenyc 35) JustDot 36) Whoisleon 37) Steveandjacqs 38) Webzguru 39) Nightowlinteractive 40) Mitchellshepherd 41) 2Doku Single page web design. 23 Inspiring Single Page Designs.

A website should be designed to accommodate it’s content. So when there’s not a lot of content, it might be make sense to place everything on one page. If you’re thinking about taking this route for your next project, we’ve gathered a few examples to inspire you. In this collection, you’ll see a variety of approaches to single page web design – from parallax scrolling to the classic ‘all in one place’, no scrolling needed. There’s a lot of inspiration here, enjoy. Blacktie Corpus Ars Navis Logo Time unicrow Charleston fleava Think Green Meeting Jessica Neitzel Games People Play infectmedia Matt Brothers Bakken & Baeck Owl Concept Galaxy Nexus Bay Area Sports Management Nadine Weiberg Carter Digital Let’s Go Rally Roux at Parliament Square Ben Markowitz Enzo Livolti Source: One Page LoveThe Best Designs About the Author Gisele Muller loves communication, technology, web, design, movies, gastronomy and creativity.

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