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The Myth of the Brainstorming Session. Over dinner a couple months ago, one of my friends said he needed some help coming up with a name for a new website.

The Myth of the Brainstorming Session

He told me a bit about the site and asked if I could help think of something over dinner. He also asked my other friends to join in so we could get a whole bunch of ideas on the table and choose the best one. From my experience working at an agency, as a designer, and at ooomf, coming up with ideas from a single brainstorming session like this one is usually not the most effective way. How to Have a Meaningful Conversation.

Everybody knows how to have a conversation because they've been having them since they were toddlers.

How to Have a Meaningful Conversation

However, most people develop bad habits that almost guarantee that their business conversations will sometimes be meaningless wastes of time. Here's a simple four step process for making certain that every work conversation that you have is both meaningful and worth having. 1. Diálogos. Why You're Talking Past Each Other, and How to Stop - Judith E. Glaser. By Judith E.

Why You're Talking Past Each Other, and How to Stop - Judith E. Glaser

Glaser | 12:00 PM December 20, 2012 Twenty-eight years ago I began my first experiment in what I call conversational intelligence. I was hired by Union Carbide to work with 17 high-powered sales executives in danger of losing a bid for a key contract. My job was to figure out how they could raise their game and beat the other seven competitors. For more than two weeks I had them role-play potential conversations with “customers” and I charted what they said. Having spent thousands of hours observing executives in similar, real-world situations — from prospecting to performance reviews, business development to innovation — I can tell you this is a common problem.

De MTh: Arquivo. Conhecimento e sabedoria. . Tudo depende do ponto de vista adotado… . Mapping Dialogue: Essential Tools for Social Change (9780971231283): Mille Bojer Marianne, Roehl Heiko, Knuth Marianne. The Echo Chamber Revisited Transcript. BROOKE GLADSTONE: And I'm Brooke Gladstone, with another examination of the evolving media echo chamber.

The Echo Chamber Revisited Transcript

We all know the Internet is a moving target, and so our concerns about it can yo-yo. The fact that we can now choose among myriad information streams allows us to cherry pick our media diet, so we encounter only news that reinforces our world view. Back in 2004, University of Chicago Professor Cass Sunstein, who now works for the Obama administration, said that we should be afraid, very afraid. Dialogue and conversation in Online Education and Learning.

Convergence and Contrast in Dialogue Conversations. From photography to music to dance, contrast seems to be a key component of the arts.

Convergence and Contrast in Dialogue Conversations

When this was pointed out to me in a conversation with a painter from Barcelona, I started to notice how much our daily conversations rely on contrasting concepts. I observed people searching for the opposite in order to understand and define. Initially I thought this might be our cultural devotion to Hegelian dialectics (thesis – antithesis – synthesis), but later I wondered if it is not part of our need for a reference point, a need for contextualisation. An idea would be clear when we can claim similarity or opposition to another that is already part of our daily conversations. Community Trust and Effective Decision-Making. Participatory design becomes real in a sense of community – creating community and building on the social fabric is essential for trust to emerge among stakeholders and towards the whole process.

Community Trust and Effective Decision-Making

Trust in community and in the process makes effective participatory design. We are talking about social systems, but this understanding also applies to PD in IT, architecture, etc. Searching for Community In a community relationship, representative decision-making also only works when there is trust. Different Viewpoints Welcome!

Diálogo Democrático

Luiz Algarra. The Art of Thinking Together. According to William Isaacs, professor, author and co-founder of the Center for Organizational Learning at MIT alongside Peter Senge, dialogue is a vehicle for creative problem identification and solving.

The Art of Thinking Together

However, it is different than what is normally conceived as problem solving. The usual modality to tackle problems is discussion. We are used to expose our points of view, enter into a dialectic exchange and sometimes debate. In any of these cases, we are defending our ideas. Resolution or problem solving emerges out of consensus or a decision made by someone high in the hierarchy. Dialogue allows for the identification and solution to a problem by “thinking together.” Planet under Pressure. By Ninad Bondre, Science Editor for the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) Secretariat.

Planet under Pressure

They say that sometimes you find what you are looking for in the places you least expect it to be. For more than a decade I have been yearning for the ambience of the outdoor canteen of the University of Pune, my alma mater in India. Imagine my most pleasant surprise, then, at stumbling upon it at a scientific mega-conference in London. Back in Pune, while studying geology well over a decade ago, the most interesting discussions often took place outside the classroom and laboratory.

GOOD Ideas for Cities Draws a Crowd, Highlights Creative Talent, Sets Stage for Future Action. Sharing knowledge is the key difference between humans and chimps, say scientists. Children are more likely to help the group than chimpanzees and capuchin monkeys.

Sharing knowledge is the key difference between humans and chimps, say scientists

Picture: Martin Dean Source: AdelaideNow. (2) Conversações Matrísticas e Patriarcais. How to Manage an Online Student Discussion. The concept of blended learning has gone viral on the Internet and in classrooms.

How to Manage an Online Student Discussion