CDN Plugins and Server Setup

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CE V3.0 - Amazon EC2 Guide. This guide is applicable for Kaltura CE version 3.0.x based Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) The Kaltura Community Edition is a free, open-source, self-hosted video platform.

CE V3.0 - Amazon EC2 Guide

It is developed through the combined efforts of Kaltura and the community and is available under the GNU Affero General Public License v3 This installation guide helps you understand how to work with Kaltura's Amazon EC2 images so you can get up and running using Kaltura's Community Edition. CE V3.0 - Amazon EC2 Guide. Implementation › Drupal › NetDNA Support Wiki. The CDN module add-on for Drupal will alter URLs, so your static content will load from the CDN servers, as opposed to your origin server.

Implementation › Drupal › NetDNA Support Wiki

The module provides two modes: “Origin Pull” and “File Conveyor”. For setting up the site to use our CDN you need to only use “Origin Pull,” which is basically used as a domain name rewriting mode. Installing Drupal CDN. Implementation › Wordpress › NetDNA Support Wiki. Implementation › Magento › NetDNA Support Wiki. Magento has the ability to utilize CDN Functionality without the need for a 3rd party plugin.

Implementation › Magento › NetDNA Support Wiki

Setting up a CDN using Magento’s native support Log into the admin panel of your website.Go to System → Configuration.Under General select Web option.Go to Unsecure settings tab.Follow these setup instructions: Do not forget to replace “” with your actual CDN URL! Keep in mind the warning inside this section: “When using CDN, in some cases JavaScript may not run properly if the CDN is not in your subdomain”.Now that you are officially using a CDN on your website, you can check if your URLs are being rewritten by loading your website and viewing the source code of your page. Implementation › Joomla › NetDNA Support Wiki. Installing Joomla CDN For 2.5.6 or higher Download the “CDN For Joomla!”

Implementation › Joomla › NetDNA Support Wiki

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