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Interesting 3rd Party Services

Add photos. Uploading From Picasa. SmugMugExport. 3rd Party Services [USE THESE ONLY] Kaltura: Open Source Video Developer Community. Red5. WOWZA. KalturaCE vs Kaltura On-Prem. On-Prem™ Edition. Kaltura’s On-Premise Online Video Platform is full featured OVP software, running on your own servers or cloud.

On-Prem™ Edition

Kaltura On-Prem is available in a variety of licenses for you to choose from, based on your specific needs, including the ability to support multiple sites and publishers, and create your own OVP service via our OEM license. Kaltura On-Prem is ideal for: Service providers, CDNs, ISPs, hosting providers, ISVs and platform developers looking to add video management and delivery services to their existing platform offeringUniversities looking to manage their online video service from within their campus infrastructureEnterprises looking to manage an internal video portal behind their firewallMedia companies looking to maintain full control of their content strategy and operationGovernment agencies looking to deploy our platform behind their firewall.

Kaltura Cloud Edition. To support the growing need for scalable and easy to deploy private Kaltura stacks, Kaltura created the Kaltura Cloud Edition.

Kaltura Cloud Edition

The Cloud Edition allows you to host your own edition of Kaltura’s Video Platform Software on your private cloud infrastructure or with one of our commercial cloud partners, including Amazon Web Services, the Rackspace Cloud and Microsoft Azure (coming soon). Why should you consider the Cloud Edition? Kaltura SaaS Edition.

Kaltura offers a fully hosted edition of its video platform.

Kaltura SaaS Edition

Kaltura's subscription-based model includes a wide range of pricing options and packages. Our SaaS solution allows you to get started right awaywith our full-featured, fully hosted, fully managedand fully supported Online Video Platform. Whether you’re a growing business or a leadingglobal organization, our SaaS solution will scale to your needs. Community Edition (CE) - Self Hosted Online Video Platform. Kaltura is the Open Source Video Operating System, it enables developers to build video experiences that transforms the way people entertain, work, and learn.

Community Edition (CE) - Self Hosted Online Video Platform

The platform enables video management, publishing, syndication and monetization, as well as providing a robust framework for managing rich-media applications, and developing a variety of online workflows for video. The latest version of the Community Edition also includes enterprise level administration and monitoring tools. With Kaltura Community Edition, you benefit from many existing Kaltura applications and widgets designed for media companies, universities and enterprises. CE V3.0 - Documentation. Amazon Cloudfront Guide. This guide is applicable for Kaltura CE version 3.0.x installations The Kaltura Community Edition is a free, open-source, self-hosted video platform.

Amazon Cloudfront Guide

It is developed through the combined efforts of Kaltura and the community and is available under the GNU Affero General Public License v3 This guide helps you understand how to add a CDN to your Kaltura CE or on-prem systems using Amazon Cloudfront's custom origin capability. Cloudfront with custom origins Cloudfront is Amazon's content delivery network (CDN) technology. Note: Cloudfront does not yet support streaming distributions when using a custom origin. Creating a Custom Origin Distribution. KalturaServerCESetup - build-your-own-video-site - How to set up Kaltura Server Community Edition - Code and documentation for a talk at OVC 2009 supporting creation of a personal video sharing site using open source code and tools. - Google Project Hosti.

Kaltura CE installation and configuration on Debian Lenny $ wget $ tar zxvf kalturaCE_alpha_1.0.tgz $ mv kalturaCE /var/www/ $ chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/kalturaCE/ Make sure your system meets the following requirements: Debian-based linux distribution, 32Bit Apache mod_rewrite enabled AllowOverride directive set to All for the kalturaCE path - to allow the use of .htaccess Options directive should include FollowSymlinks Ensure the following packages are installed: php-cli, libcURL, memcache (optional, but recommended for better preformance) and mod-rewrite.

KalturaServerCESetup - build-your-own-video-site - How to set up Kaltura Server Community Edition - Code and documentation for a talk at OVC 2009 supporting creation of a personal video sharing site using open source code and tools. - Google Project Hosti

If using a virtual host, you need to edit install.php before you begin. Kaltura [svn] - trunk. Amazon EC2 Guide. This guide is applicable for Kaltura CE version 3.0.x based Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) The Kaltura Community Edition is a free, open-source, self-hosted video platform.

Amazon EC2 Guide

It is developed through the combined efforts of Kaltura and the community and is available under the GNU Affero General Public License v3. CE V4.0 - Generic Installation Package. CE V4.0 - Getting Started. This guide is applicable for Kaltura CE version 4.0.x Congratulations on setting up your Kaltura CE !

CE V4.0 - Getting Started

To get easily started with your Kaltura CE you should first become familiar with the following applications: Terminology. Documentation. Amazon Simple Storage Service. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is storage for the internet.

Amazon Simple Storage Service

You can use Amazon S3 to store and retrieve any amount of data at any time, from anywhere on the web. You can accomplish these tasks using the AWS Management Console , which is a simple and intuitive web interface. This guide introduces you to Amazon S3 using the AWS Management Console to complete the tasks shown in the following figure: Simple Storage Service (S3) Amazon S3 Getting Started Guide. S3 Developers Guide. Amazon Simple Storage Service. In general, bucket owners pay for all Amazon S3 storage and data transfer costs associated with their bucket.

Amazon Simple Storage Service

A bucket owner, however, can configure a bucket to be a Requester Pays bucket. With Requester Pays buckets, the requester instead of the bucket owner pays the cost of the request and the data download from the bucket. The bucket owner always pays the cost of storing data. Typically, you configure buckets to be Requester Pays when you want to share data but not incur charges associated with others accessing the data. Amazon S3 Resources. Amazon Web Services General Reference. To reduce data latency in your applications, most Amazon Web Services products allow you to select a regional endpoint to make your requests. An endpoint is a URL that is the entry point for a web service. For example, is an entry point for the Amazon DynamoDB service. Some services, such as IAM, do not support regions; their endpoints therefore do not include a region.

A few services, such as Amazon EC2, let you specify an endpoint that does not include a specific region, for example, In that case, AWS routes the endpoint to us-east-1. If a service supports regions, the resources in each region are independent. For information about which regions are supported, see the specific region information for your product. Using Amazon S3 from AWS Explorer. Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a storage service that enables you to store and retrieve data from any connection to the Internet. All data stored by you on Amazon S3 is associated with your account and is, by default, accessible only by you.

The AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio enables you to store data on Amazon S3 and to view, manage, retrieve, and distribute that data. Amazon S3 uses the concept of buckets, which you can think of as being similar to file systems or logical drives. Buckets can contain folders—which are similar to directories—and objects, which are similar to files. In this section, we'll be using these concepts as we walk through the Amazon S3 functionality exposed by the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio. How to Use Resources, Principals, Operations, and Conditions in Bucket Policies. Specifying Amazon S3 Resources in Bucket Policies You can refer to buckets and objects in bucket policies. Amazon S3 policies use the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) format for specifying them, as follows: arn:aws:s3:::[resourcename] The resource name is the fully qualified name of a bucket or object that the user is requesting access to. For buckets, the resource name is bucketname, where bucketname is the name of the bucket.

Granting Permission, Using Canonical ID, to a CloudFront Origin Identify. Amazon Simple Storage Service. Uploading Objects into Amazon S3. When you upload a folder, Amazon S3 uploads all the files and subfolders from the specified folder to your bucket. It then assigns a key value that is a combination of the uploaded file name and the folder name. For example, if you upload a folder /images containing two files, sample1.jpg and sample2.jpg, Amazon S3 uploads the files and then assigns the corresponding object key names images/sample1.jpg, and images/sample2.jpg. Note that the key names include the folder name as a prefix. If you upload one or more files that are not in a folder, Amazon S3 uploads the files and assigns the file names as the key values for the objects created. This section explains how to use the AWS Management Console to upload one or more files or entire folders into Amazon S3. Virtual Hosting of Buckets. In general, virtual hosting is the practice of serving multiple web sites from a single web server.

One way to differentiate sites is by using the apparent host name of the request instead of just the path name part of the URI. An ordinary Amazon S3 REST request specifies a bucket by using the first slash-delimited component of the Request-URI path. Alternatively, you can use Amazon S3 virtual hosting to address a bucket in a REST API call by using the HTTP Host header. In practice, Amazon S3 interprets Host as meaning that most buckets are automatically accessible (for limited types of requests) at Furthermore, by naming your bucket after your registered domain name and by making that name a DNS alias for Amazon S3, you can completely customize the URL of your Amazon S3 resources, for example, Besides the attractiveness of customized URLs, a second benefit of virtual hosting is the ability to publish to the "root directory" of your bucket's virtual server.

Using the AWS SDKs and Explorers. Amazon Simple Storage Service. Sample Code & Libraries. Amazon CloudFront. CloudFront is a web service that speeds up distribution of your static and dynamic web content, for example, .html, .css, .php, and image files, to end users. CloudFront delivers your content through a worldwide network of data centers called edge locations. Amazon CloudFront - Getting Started. AWS - Live Streaming Server. Sample Code & Libraries. Showing 1-14 of 14 results. Sort by: With the launch of the new API, the previous cannot be used due to the new signing scheme. calculates the proper Amazon CloudFront authentication signature V4, then calls Curl with the appropriate arguments.

Last Modified: Jun 20, 2013 23:13 PM GMT. CloudFront Plugin for Joomla! : Sample Code & Libraries. Downloads - joomcloudfront - Joomla! plugin & component for the Joomla! 1.5 CMS. Manager for Amazon CloudFront : Sample Code & Libraries. CloudFront Tool in PHP : Sample Code & Libraries. JetS3t - Java Toolkit for Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront : Sample Code & Libraries. Easy to use, and extensible. The support has been amazing!! JetS3t - Cockpit Online - 0.8.1. JetS3t - Cockpit. Downloads.

CDN Plugins and Server Setup

JetS3t - Downloads. Latest Release The latest stable version of JetS3t is 0.9.0 Download the JetS3t suite archive: (14.1 MB, MD5: 9e2ec7bfc098553efa2a8607cae53a1c) The JetS3t release archive includes: the compiled JetS3t toolkit and application libraries all required supporting libraries Java source code API documentation. Refer to the RELEASE_NOTES.html document for more information about the latest changes in JetS3t. Managing Amazon EC2 - SSH login and protecting your instances - Everyday's findings.

(works under Linux and Mac OS, under Windows with Cygwin) Amazon EC2 Getting Started Guide. Developer Tools. EC2 API Tools : Developer Tools. EC2 AMI Tools : Developer Tools. Amazon EC2 User Guide. High Definition Distribution Network. API » NetDNA Support Site. Content Delivery Network. Jdorfman/netdna-api-samplecode - GitHub.