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Introduces the ScoreScoop. “Quality is not an act, it’s a habit.”

introduces the ScoreScoop

-Aristotle said. What makes your topic more relevant than any filter or aggregator? Your insights, your point of view, your editorial choice. In short, your personal engagement in the content you curate. was born from the strong belief that human curation is truly different from automated aggregation or algorithm-powered filtering and creates great value to the Internet. Curators are becoming the gatekeepers controlling the overflow of online content. We knew we were building a community when the expectations of our users met our vision: The community is relying more and more on qualitative criteria to explore and dig into topics. Indeed, we have always encouraged our users to focus on quality: to select only the most relevant content from the web and edit it and give it a perspective. The more qualitative your topic is, the more your audience will count on you, on what you curate and share.

Content Curation World. Went Live This Week: Here is The Story - Curated, Scooped and Storified · myrstad. reinventing content curation and development. Be heard everywhere!Scoop. Today is a great day for us: during the last weeks, the entire team worked hard to release this new version of we just launched today!

Let’s be frictionless! In just a few months, has known great success as a stand-alone platform by making curation a simple and new form of expression on the Web. So much so that the feedback we had from some of our most advanced users was that became a very central part of their social media experience. Hence the next logical step for us: removing all friction could cause them by being yet another platform they had to use on top of the rest.

Another destination site to maintain, another site to log on to, etc… With this release, curation is not a stand-alone act any more. Check out Helene’s use case, and see what she’s now able to do with! A batch of new amazing features! New sharing options: you can now share your curated content to your blogs (Tumblr, WordPress), your LinkedIn Profile or your Facebook pages. Oh! heads to the US as traction picks up (TCTV) At The Next Web conference in Amsterdam I caught up with Guillaume Decugis, CEO of, a news curation startup coming out of France, but which is rapidly gaining traction and is poised to put down roots in the US. heads to the US as traction picks up (TCTV)

We’ve previously covered on TechCrunch France Guillaume is the CEO & co-founder of, the leading publishing-by-curation platform. Launched in Nov. 2011, attracted about 100 million unique visitors in two years by enabling people and businesses to efficiently discover, curate and… Learn More.

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