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About Pearltrees. How To Install The Pearler. Pearltrees: discover, organize and share your stuff easily. Pearltrees is a fantastic web2.0 tool .

Pearltrees: discover, organize and share your stuff easily

It is “ the social curation community , a place where you can organize , discover and share the staf you like on the web ‘.It looks like Livebinders and symbalooedu but does a greater job than them . Organize and save your homeschool bookmarks with Pearltrees. Today I want to showcase another great app/site for organizing your homeschool.

Organize and save your homeschool bookmarks with Pearltrees

I use Pearltrees to create collections of bookmarks and keep track of all the resources I find online. Add bookmarks, images, files, and more into Pearltrees collections Pearltrees is available through your browser, or as an app in Itunes and Google Play. It allows you to make “collections” of links, images, files, and more and have access to it on all your devices. I have the Pearltrees extension for Chrome and use it to add resources that I find to my collections. Right now, I have a collection of homeschoolers who make YouTube videos, a collection for learning the Korean language, and a massive collection of free homeschool resources that we have collected over the years.

Three reasons I use Pearltrees instead of Pinterest I love Pinterest for collecting and sharing ideas, but it does seem limited in ways to what you can pin and how you access your links once you have saved it into boards. 1. 2. 3. Pearltrees injects organization into your social interest graph. Pearltrees: What problem does Pearltrees solve. Pearltrees helps you to organize the web - visually.

6 reasons to use Pearltrees. Pearltrees is the first and largest social curation community on the Internet.

6 reasons to use Pearltrees

It’s a place to organize, discover and share all the cool content you find online. However, beyond this basic definition, a question remains: why would I want to use Pearltrees? Well, what I want to share with you are six major use cases (or reasons) we’ve identified as being most popular across our entire community of web curators. In addition, I’ll also share with you a couple of interesting ways in which I have put Pearltrees to use for myself. Hopefully, you’ll not only get value in learning how the community uses Pearltrees, but also be inspired to find even more clever and creative ways to use our software yourself. 3.

The problem is that aside from searching your personal twitter stream to get back to the cool stuff you tweeted there’s no great way to keep those links at hand. Note: For advanced users you can even hashtag the links you tweet with #PT and the name of a pearltree in your account (e.g. Organize The Best Of The Web In Your Own Visual Library On Pearltrees [Chrome] Just a month back we had a brief but interesting discussion where a reader asked about Pearltrees and what was good about their visual way of curating web content.

Organize The Best Of The Web In Your Own Visual Library On Pearltrees [Chrome]

I had heard about Pearltrees before, but had never really got down to using it. The one phrase that has been consistently used to describe it is – visually pleasing. Now, we know that the more content we bookmark and stuff away for reading later, the more onerous it becomes to manage them. Social bookmarking helps to tackle information overload, but its management actually falls upon us. Pearltrees is a more natural way to process all we save and share the best of the web. Please Note: In Pearltrees everything is public and collaborative by default.

Pearltrees on Chrome Pearltrees has browser extensions and add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. You start by creating your account and profile on Pearltrees. Turn Interesting Web Pages into Pearls. One Prep A Week Part One- Use PearlTrees To Link Them All. As teachers, we often struggle to help students make use of brainstorming techniques that help generate ideas for an assignment, project workflow, or get the big picture on complex subjects.

One Prep A Week Part One- Use PearlTrees To Link Them All

We encourage students to make graphical representations of related information with flow charts, venn diagrams, or other infographics. Grouping students together at a table can result in some useful output, but getting kids to stay focused on abstractions is difficult. This is all the more challenging when the participants lack any meaningful background information that allows them to produce *original* thoughts. Using the web as a resource for background information can be useful, but as discussed here, letting students go to town with Google results in unreliable data and an unclear understanding of what they have read.