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Socio: constructivisme structuraliste

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De la convivialité

Pierre Bourdieu. Spencer: société militaire et industrielle. Howard Becker site perso. I (Howard S.

Howard Becker site perso

Becker, that is) have created this page primarily to make things I’ve written and published in obscure places available to anyone who wants them. From time to time I’ll add to what’s here, as well as provide news on topics of interest to people who know me or are interested in what I’m up to. I’ll also include links to other websites I think people might find interesting. What’s here now, first of all, are some papers I’ve published over the years.

I’ve included information on where they were published, because there may be minor differences between what’s here and what’s in print and those of you who want exact quotations ought to look up the published versions. Interactionnisme symbolique. La Revue du MAUSS (Mouvement anti-utilitariste en sciences sociales) GIRBA.

Cluster analysis

Analyse multivariée.