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Joybubbles. Whistler[edit] As a five-year old, Engressia discovered he could dial phone numbers by clicking the hang-up switch (“tapping”), and at the age of 7 he accidentally discovered that whistling at certain frequencies could activate phone switches.[4] A student at the University of South Florida in the late 1960s, he was given the nickname “Whistler” due to his ability to place free long distance phone calls by whistling, with his mouth, the proper tones.


After a Canadian operator reported him for selling such calls for $1 at the university, he was suspended and fined $25 but soon reinstated;[4] he later graduated in philosophy and moved to Tennessee. According to FBI records, the phone company SBT&T first noticed his phreaking activities in summer 1968, and an employee of the Florida Bell Telephone Company illegally monitored Engressia’s telephone conversations and divulged them to the FBI.[4] Joybubbles[edit] Eric Corley. Corley has also testified before the United States Congress.[2] Corley is the editor of The Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey which was released July, 2008.

Eric Corley

The book consists of articles from the magazine 2600 set in chronological order to show the evolution of the internet and technology.[3] A follow-up book, Dear Hacker. Letters to the Editor of 2600, was published in 2010.[4] References[edit] Further reading[edit] Fravia+ R.I.P. John Draper. John Thomas Draper (born 1943), also known as Captain Crunch, Crunch or Crunchman (after Cap'n Crunch, the mascot of a breakfast cereal), is an American computer programmer and former phone phreak.

John Draper

He is a legendary figure within the computer programming world and the hacker and security community. Draper has long maintained a nomadic lifestyle;[1] as of May 2013, he resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.[2] Background[edit] Draper is the son of a United States Air Force engineer; he has characterized his father as a distant and imposing figure.[3] As a child, he built a home radio station from discarded military components.[3] He was frequently bullied in school and briefly received psychological treatment due to a perceived "chemical imbalance.