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KeePass Password Safe: Help with Remote Desktop Conection on XP - (HTTPS) Tiger Technologies Support - (HTTP) When you’re adding large amounts of data to MySQL — more than a thousand rows at once — it’s important to do it efficiently.

Tiger Technologies Support - (HTTP)

In particular: Disable MySQL indexes You should turn off index updates until the import is done. If you disable index updates, MySQL can import many rows with a single disk write; if you don’t, MySQL will do many separate disk writes for each row. Disabling indexes makes the import go many, many times faster. (Note that if you restore a database file created with phpMyAdmin or mysqldump, the file will already contain commands to disable the indexes, so you don’t need to worry about it separately.)

To disable MySQL indexes, make sure your file contains these commands before the import starts (replacing "table_name" with the real name of your table): ALTER TABLE `table_name` DISABLE KEYS; Then send these after the import: ALTER TABLE `table_name` ENABLE KEYS; That will make your import run much faster. Tips for MyISAM tables Tips for InnoDB tables And add these at the end:

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Graphics. Geek to Live: Choose (and remember) great passwords. Super User. Server Fault. Computer Programming. Teamwork in Genetic Programming. Teamwork In Genetic Programming Click the image to run the Ant Genetic Program.

Teamwork in Genetic Programming

I have developed a Genetic Program that will evolve programs that will emulate the food collection behavior of ants. The teamwork aspect of this program comes into play when the ants must work together to solve a problem. The ant programs are written in a special language developed for this application. The language consists of ant actions such as: MoveForward, PickUpFood... Background Background - What this Project is all about. Input Data Parameters - Variables to control the execution of the Genetic Program. Testing Solutions - Hand written solutions of possible solutions to different problems. Download Run it online: Online Ant Simulator Source Code: Executable: Thesis Paper: thesis.pdf Note: This thesis paper is based on the original Genetic Program implementation written in 1997. 10 Linux commands you’ve never used. It takes years maybe decades to master the commands available to you at the Linux shell prompt. Here are 10 that you will have never heard of or used.

They are in no particular order. My favorite is mkfifo. pgrep , instead of: # ps -ef | egrep '^root ' | awk '{print $2}' You can do this: # pgrep -u root pstree , list the processes in a tree format. . # pstree init-+-acpid |-atd |-crond |-cups-config-dae |-cupsd. - Portable software for USB drives.


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