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Programming, Motherfucker - Do you speak it? Haskell for the Evil Genius. We were negotiating with the Pentagon, we had a blue screen of death.

Haskell for the Evil Genius

That was the last straw. When you're holding the moon for ransom, you value stability in an application.Steve Steve was speaking of operating systems, but his words apply to any clockwork. When lives are on the line, lives you want to destroy, will your laser deathray malfunction? This guide provides tools and techniques for making digital superweapons more robust, more efficient, more deadly. This guide uses the declarative Haskell programming language to illustrate concepts that increase software stability and speed. Haskell.


Ruby/rails. TIOBE Software: Tiobe Index. TIOBE Index for January 2016 January Headline: Java is TIOBE's Programming Language of 2015!

TIOBE Software: Tiobe Index

Java has won the TIOBE Index programming language award of the year. This is because Java has the largest increase in popularity in one year time (+5.94%). Java leaves runner ups Visual Basic.NET (+1.51%) and Python (+1.24%) far behind. Wiki: Lua Tutorial. Introduction About the tutorial This tutorial is aimed at all newcomers to the language Lua.

wiki: Lua Tutorial

We start off with where to find relevant introductory material and then progress to using the language with tutorials in the TutorialDirectory. The style is directed at newcomers to scripting languages, as well as newcomers to Lua. Common uses of Lua are: A configuration language for applications. The tutorial tries to appeal to users of Lua on several levels: Users who are relatively new to programming. The style is simple, with lots of examples. Note to programmers wanting to embed Lua: Please note that this tutorial is aimed at usage of the scripting language, rather than the C API for embedding. This site you are reading is a wiki. Eclipse AspectJ: Aspect-Oriented Programming with AspectJ and the Eclipse AspectJ Development Tools. Now every Java developer can leverage the immense power of AOP With AspectJ, Java developers can leverage the breakthrough power of Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) using a language they already know, within the comfortable, highly productive Eclipse development environment.

Eclipse AspectJ: Aspect-Oriented Programming with AspectJ and the Eclipse AspectJ Development Tools

In this book, AspectJ's lead developers help you master AOP's essential principles and techniques, as you use them to address your toughest software quality, productivity, and maintenance challenges. AOP improves the modularity of programs, making the code much closer to the design. It can dramatically reduce the time taken to implement common features and functions, improve quality, integrate plain-old Java objects with systems and services, create simpler, more reusable components, and much more besides.

Drawing on their experience as tool developers, programmers, and mentors, the authors cover every facet of AOP development with AspectJ and Eclipse, from creating new projects through extending and Preface. 1. Squirrel - The Programming Language. Books And Courses To Learn To Code. Programming Languages Have Social Mores Not Idioms Posted by: Zed on AUG-19-2012 I'm currently editing my Learn Ruby The Hard Way book and cleaning some things up here and there.

Books And Courses To Learn To Code

In the process I've stumbled on what Rubyists call an "idiom", the use of .each to do loops instead of a for-loop. Programming language development: the past 5 years. Programming language development: the past 5 years I recently compiled a list of Perlis Languages that were meant to illustrate varying paradigms not typically found in mainstream programming languages.

Programming language development: the past 5 years

Those languages were meant to stretch your mind and are not necessarily representative of the state of the art in language design and implementation. In this post I will provide a list of fairly new languages (let’s say 5 years with a little flex) that display1 interesting features and display higher-order thinking in the way that they tend toward an evolution of past learnings in programming language thinking. Not all of these languages enjoy active development, but the more important point is that they represent in some way “new language thinking”. Remember that this goal does not necessarily mean “innovative”. Unlike my Perlis post, I have not fully explored all of the languages below, so caveat emptor.

Take the associated poll! Perlis Languages. Perlis Languages this is another entry in a series on programmer enrichment A language that doesn’t affect the way you think about programming is not worth knowing. — Alan Perlis inspired by a LtU thread and the great post Programming Achievements: How to Level Up as a Developer by Jason Rudolph1. most code samples from Rosetta Code.

Perlis Languages

The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche believed that all interactions and interpretations of the external world occurred through the lens of individual perspective. Therefore, truth to Nietzsche was subject to interpretation. Create Your Own Programming Language. “The book I want to read.” — Matz, creator of the Ruby language “I really love this book.” — Jeremy Ashkenas, creator of the CoffeeScript language Want to create a programming language, but don't feel like going through one of those expensive and boring 1000-page book ?

Create Your Own Programming Language

Well, you're not alone ... Tutorial: Hello, World : Dart : Structured web programming. Clojure. Languages. Java. CoffeeScript: A New Language With A Pure Ruby Compiler. By Peter Cooper / January 4, 2010 CoffeeScript ( GitHub repo ) is a new programming language with a pure Ruby compiler. Creator Jeremy Ashkenas calls it "JavaScript's less ostentatious kid brother" - mostly because it compiles JavaScript and shares most of the same constructs, but with a different, tighter syntax. Backbone.js. Java Practices -> Home.

Java Practices -> Home. Java Practices -> Home. Design Inspiration-Resources for Design and Development. The Scala Programming Language. Scala: A Better Java for Android — giant robots smashing into other giant robots. Stop writing Java for your Android apps!

Scala: A Better Java for Android — giant robots smashing into other giant robots

There are a slew of ways to build Android apps. The original Java way reigns supreme but some alternatives are C++, Mirah, Python, Titanium Appcelerator, Corona, and so on. And there's Scala. Scala can be thought of as a better Java. To start with, you don't need as many semicolons. (Briefly, the magic Android sauce is the scalaforandroid project.) As an example of what Scala can do for your app, take this simple project: a button which, when pressed, shows a toast: This is basically the Java version without semicolons. This adds an onClick method to Views and a findView method for Activities. Scala: The Static Language that Feels Dynamic. Computing ThoughtsScala: The Static Language that Feels Dynamicby Bruce EckelJune 12, 2011 Summary The highest complement you can deliver in the Python world is to say that something is "Pythonic" -- that it feels and fits into the Python way of thinking.

Scala: The Static Language that Feels Dynamic