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Virtual Reality for architecture: a beginner’s guide. With the availability of affordable headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, VR is now within reach of AEC firms of all sizes.

Virtual Reality for architecture: a beginner’s guide

Greg Corke explores this brave new virtual world Architectural VR experience created by TruVision using Unreal Engine It’s an all too familiar scenario: an architect enters a building for the first time and the space doesn’t quite match the vision of his or her design. However beautiful a static rendered image may be, traditional design visualisation can only convey so much, even when the scene is rendered at eyelevel with furniture for scale.

At Gensler, design director and principal Hao Ko knows the feeling. This, he says, is where virtual reality, or VR, comes in – and others in the industry are starting to reach the same conclusion. From product design to virtual reality – Google Design – Medium. Do not hurt or over-fatigue your users.

From product design to virtual reality – Google Design – Medium

It’s a classic mistake when you start to design for this medium. As cool as it looks, Hollywood sci-fi movies fed us with interactions that goes against simple ergonomic rules and can create major discomfort over time. Minority Report gestures are not suitable for a long period of activity. I made a very simplified illustration of XY head movement safe zones. Green is good, yellow is ok and avoid red. Bad design can lead to more serious conditions. As an example, have you heard about Text Neck?

TLDR; Avoid extended look down interactions. The Develop guide to designing for virtual reality. The majority of virtual reality experiences – particularly those designed for motion controllers – require physical activity from the player.

The Develop guide to designing for virtual reality

But not all users will be able to duck, weave and crawl around. Triangular Pixels’ Katie Goode (pictured) says despite the ‘assault course’ nature of Unseen Diplomacy, it has still been developed with accessibility in mind. “Physically disabled users can still play the game – and this goes beyond just button remapping,” she says. Design Practices in Virtual Reality – – User Experience Design. The technology of virtual reality (VR) has been gaining traction, however there is an absence of methods and best practices when designing for it.

Design Practices in Virtual Reality – – User Experience Design

In my bachelor’s project I am focusing on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) opportunities and problems created by the technology of virtual reality. Historically digital interfaces, have been crafted to suit the hardware requirements of 2D screens. Designers have been fitting content and navigation inside the frames of displays, translating our real world experiences to icons and other UI elements (Bill Moggridge, 2007). How to Design for Virtual Reality – Backchannel. The Nintendo “Virtual Boy” was released in the United States in 1995 and discontinued in 1996 — making it the white whale of gaming tech in our little home town.

How to Design for Virtual Reality – Backchannel

My youngest brother spotted one at a garage sale and traded the sweat of his summer labor for a glimpse into the future. Unfortunately, this future inflicted blinding headaches and a disturbing red image ghosting that lasted long after the experience ended. According to Nintendo Wikia: The 3D effects are a result of two 1x224 linear arrays, each one directed to an eye that are presented to the player through oscillating mirrors that cause the Virtual Boy to emit a murmur. Virtual reality: Templates for UI design in VR – Kickpush design. Kickpush is a product design studio in London founded in 2014 by Alex Deruette and Sam Applebee.

Virtual reality: Templates for UI design in VR – Kickpush design

This article follows the piece: Virtual reality: VR won’t kill UI design, AR will Read the updated article on Smashing Magazine Download our updated Sketch template. UI / UX design patterns in virtual reality — RealityShift. Motion flow In virtual reality the camera is mapped to the player's head, with it's focus being at the centre (unless you use eye tracking).

UI / UX design patterns in virtual reality — RealityShift

This means you never ever should change the environment against the head movements, or force the user turn their head involutarily. Both leads to motion sickness, and being nauseated. Of course sometimes you want to guide the user through the user interface, towards the direction where something is happening. This is where subtle tools like motion flow comes into play. Getting Started With VR Interface Design. Advertisement Today, too many websites are still inaccessible.

Getting Started With VR Interface Design

In our new book Inclusive Design Patterns, we explore how to craft flexible front-end design patterns and make future-proof and accessible interfaces without extra effort. Hardcover, 312 pages. 4 Things I learned Designing User Interfaces for VR at Disney. 4.

4 Things I learned Designing User Interfaces for VR at Disney.

It’s all about the feedback Visual, auditory, haptic — I’d argue that feedback becomes even more critical in VR because of the low barrier to distract a user. Think Jam - Top Five VR Considerations for Entertainment... Over the past year, global search interest in virtual reality has grown by 4X.

Think Jam - Top Five VR Considerations for Entertainment...

The VR hype is here and it’s real, but how do we convert interest into action? Recent developments in technology, changes in viewing behavior and solutions in mobile, have pushed open the doors to exciting new opportunities for developing immersive content and brand storytelling. 2016 has truly been VR’s watershed year and with the launch of PlayStation VR last month, top of the range headsets are now affordable (PlayStation VR headsets go for £350 compared to Oculus Rift at £550). This alongside the ease of Google Cardboard (under £10), means that VR content is now more accessible than ever and this dynamic format is fast becoming the norm. The pressure to create VR experiences that audiences are truly hungry for is on. So where do we start? It is essential to consider whether or not your campaign actually requires a VR experience and if so, what sort of level?

Five Considerations For Entertainment Marketers To Use Virtual Reality. 5 Virtual Reality Design Considerations - Creating the VR Killer App Part 1 - VR Fitness Insider. Virtual Reality Design: Immersion is Fragile You wade through a dense, perilous jungle. 6 key design considerations in starting a virtual reality project. Last week, I began a 10 week intensive course in Design for Virtual Reality at Academy Xi, and so far am really looking forward to the rest of the course — what most energizes me most is the potential of evolving and re-imagining the skills I have built over my time as a motion designer into a medium with the immersive power of VR, all of which starts with rethinking the way I approach the design process. In our second class, working in small groups we were tasked with translating the traditional Real-Time Strategy (think Age of Empires, Warcraft) into a HTC Vive specific VR experience.

With only twenty minutes to come up with our ideas, I launched into sketching up 16x9 frames as if to start mocking up some ideas in storyboard format. Straight away it hit me that this was on a whole new level from the way of approaching design for screen media that I was programmed to doing on an everyday basis. 1. Constraints. 5 key considerations for ethical virtual reality storytelling. Virtual reality (VR) offers publishers a new way to engage with audiences, where viewers are immersed into a situation and encouraged to empathise with the characters and the issues they are watching. However, Catherine Allen, freelance VR producer for the BBC, explained that journalists must be aware of the ethical issues surrounding the production of this type of content. "With virtual reality, rather than telling a story, you are putting someone inside a story – and usually involving them in it," she said at the VR & AR World conference in London yesterday (19 October).

"The user is the most vulnerable in comparison with any other screen-based medium. " "If you were going to physically take someone into a war zone or refugee camp, you would talk to them and learn about their background to know if they're going to be ok in that situation. The User Experience of Virtual Reality. Physiological considerations - Designing for Google Cardboard - VR design guidelines. Five Ethical Considerations For Using Virtual Reality with Children and Adolescents. The tragic events of Sept. 11 live in the American mind as a series of jarring television images: the second plane striking, the billowing smoke, the falling bodies, and the final collapse of the monolithic towers in a thick cloud. Audiences from around the world were glued to their screens as they watched the chaos unfold, left to wonder at the unimaginable horrors experienced by those trapped inside.

Little was left to the imagination when, in 2015, a controversial virtual reality simulator titled 08:46 put users in the perspective of an office worker trapped in the World Trade Center. Supporters of the experience see it as a path towards empathy for the victims and as an immersive recreation of a pivotal historical event.

Detractors feel that it is an unnecessary indulgence in horror and tragedy. But where do we draw the line? Since humans learned to control fire, technology has proven to be a double-edged sword, and VR is no exception. Virtual Reality: Scientific and Technological Challenges. In addition to sensory substitution, the provision of visual aids and haptic aids may enhance operator performance (see Chapters 8 and 11 for further discussion). One major feature of a user's experience when operating an SE system concerns the extent to which the user is immersed in, and actually feels present in, the remote or synthesized environment, i.e., the extent to which subjective telepresence occurs.

Whereas objective telepresence refers to the use of teleoperator technology for sensing and manipulating remote entities, subjective telepresence refers to the sensations and perceptions experienced by the user. For simplicity, in the following remarks on subjective telepresence, the modifier subjective is dropped and we use simply the term telepresence. At present, there appear to be three main questions of interest in relation to the concept of telepresence: How should telepresence be defined operationally? How can one create telepresence? Loneliness: Does Virtual Reality Create Isolation. Render Virtual Reality Videos with Cinema 4D: Introduction to YouTube VR [Render Virtual Reality Videos with Cinema 4D] - Cineversity Training and Tools for Cinema 4D.

The Foundry. How Fabric Engine lets you create 3D animation and VFX using Oculus Rift. Fabric Software has announced support for Oculus Rift and extensions for several input devices, as part of the latest release of Fabric Engine. Fabric engine is a software framework for building high performance computer graphics and visual effects applications. It's used in the film, TV and games industries to build content creation tools ranging from rigging and animation to scene assembly and lighting.

With version 1.14, the software will also appeal to developers of virtual reality content, as well as interactive content display. “We are particularly focused on non-games use cases for VR,” said Fabric Software chief executive Paul Doyle. “There are many exciting applications appearing in the areas of interactive storytelling, product visualisation, and architectural visualisation, and we bring something new to the table that should get VR developers thinking about what could be possible.” CONTACT: Augmented Acoustics. Virtual Reality Filmmaking Studio. Timeout. Gambling on virtual reality: the online casinos of the future. Virtual reality is a new medium, which is why it inspires as much mistrust as it does awe. Some view it as the stuff of dystopian science-fiction, and the idea of adding gambling into the mix will horrify politicians and anti-gambling pressure groups alike.

It’s clear that a future virtual reality online casino industry, if such a thing develops, will face many regulatory hurdles. Some gambling jurisdictions are likely to prohibit it completely, while others may impose restrictive regulations, which could stymie the development of a market and limit the customer reach. The Foundation for VR. Save The Alien, Save Your Soul: This VR Film Turns Empathy Into Action. When Eric Darnell talks about what makes for good storytelling, he knows of what he speaks. Virtual Reality: Turning Our Minds Inside Out. The 20 Best Augmented-Reality Apps. Augmented reality has long sounded like a wild futuristic concept, but the technology has actually been around for years. It becomes more robust and seamless with each passing decade, providing an astonishing means of superimposing computer-generated images atop a user’s view of reality, thus creating a composite view rooted in both real and virtual worlds.

Augmented reality in education: teaching tool or passing trend? What some may call an 'unsurprising' 71% of 16 to 24-years-olds own smartphones, so why aren't teachers utilising these in the classroom or campus? Is the use of these devices going to detract from the learning process or contribute to future workplace skills? Should teachers be using techniques such as augmented reality (AR) to engage students and develop their skills for the modern world? Well, I say 'yes'. I believe we should be embracing these opportunities. For instance I see AR as a real opportunity for colleges and universities, not only as a way to market and promote themselves, but as a way to communicate with learners and improve the student experience. AR allows people to add digital content to printed material, geographic locations and objects. Applications of Augmented Reality.

16 Experts Predict the Future of Virtual Reality. Remember this picture from a VR conference which Mark Zuckerberg shared, and it went viral? Some said the photo was creepy, like a glimpse into a dystopian future where people are cut off from the real world, opting instead to spend their time in VR. The bright future of virtual reality. Beyond Gaming: 10 Other Fascinating Uses for Virtual-Reality Tech. Applications Of Virtual Reality - Virtual Reality. Future applications of virtual reality. The Fuzzy Future of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Three really real questions about the future of virtual reality.

The future of virtual reality. Develop a Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Application Using Unity SDK. GitHub - googlevr/gvr-unity-sdk: Google VR SDK for Unity. Downloads and Samples     Google Developers. Unity Community. Full 360 stereoscopic video playback in Unity. Setting Up Google Cardboard Unity SDK and Unity Navigation Plug-in. Building a Google Cardboard VR App in Unity. Building a Google Cardboard VR App in Unity. Make a VR Game With Unity and Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard Unity Tutorial. Get Started with Google VR in Unity   HTC Vive Tutorial for Unity. Basic Unity Tutorial for Steam VR & Vive (Setting up HMD and controllers) Unity - Manual: Oculus. Augmented Reality (Vuforia AR)- Unity 3D[Tutorial][C#] How To Augmented Reality App Tutorial Virtual Buttons with Unity and Vuforia.

Oculus Rift stereo 3D film lets Cuban refugees see Havana again. The 20 Best Augmented-Reality Apps. 10 of the best virtual reality apps for your smartphone. 10 virtual reality experiences that will really blow your mind on 4/20. Top 5 Virtual Reality Relaxation Experiences and Meditation.