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Apparition – Klaus Obermaier & Ars Electronica Futurelab. [Video] Jim Campbell's Sculptural LED Light Installations. Even the Lumiére Brothers would glow over the work of artist and light engineer, Jim Campbell.

[Video] Jim Campbell's Sculptural LED Light Installations

The prolific pioneer of patchwork bulb-wiring's career spans three decades, and his work keeps on getting better—the artist's newest works have been called "consummate" and "transformative" by Art Daily after their debut this month at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery. It goes without saying that the mastery of his specific genre of low resolution re-imagings, communicated through programmed bulbs and LEDs, is a practice thirty years in the making.

Good thing he's got a retrospective show coming up. Rhythms of Perception, the artist's first major exhibition in a New York museum, brings a survey spanning his career in contemporary art to the Museum of the Moving Image on March 20, from his earliest pieces to his project in Madison Square Park and his new work, showcased in our documentary on the luminary (above!). Campbell's installation at San Diego Airport. Says Campbell, "Light is a meta-thing. 'A million times' by Humans since 1982. Box. Fragile Territories in Nantes November 2012. Adrien M / Claire B. JUKECylinder. EPILOG est une valse avec les ténèbres. Il y a quelque chose de profondément flippant dans le fait de voir son ombre danser autour de soi alors que l'on se tient parfaitement immobile.

EPILOG est une valse avec les ténèbres

C'est comme si volait en éclat cette valse trop bien orchestrée entre notre projection et le reste, plus tangible, de notre corps. Lorsque la source de lumière elle même se met à tanguer et déforme alors les contours bien proprets de nos silhouettes. EPILOG est une installation interactive qui investie un pièce du dhdm de Dresden en Allemagne en la remplissant d'ombres contre lesquelles vous devrez vous défendre afin d'évoluer.

Conçue par le studio berlinois Schnellebuntebilder, l'oeuvre mime le mouvement de vos ombres en prenant par moment la liberté de leur donner vie. L'installation consiste en 25 minutes d'un univers en constante mutation qui passe de la lumière à l'obscurité en fonctions des mouvements des personnes présentes. Retrouvez ci-dessous quelques instants choisis : Enra " Torque starter " Building An iPad App For Bjork. Welcome to this inst-int. Scott Sona Snibbe: Interactive Art. One Beat One Tree. Projection mapping live performance art - The Alchemy of Light by a dandypunk. Naziha MESTAOUI. Apparition – Klaus Obermaier & Ars Electronica Futurelab. Seventh Sense (Excerpt) / 第七感官 (五分鐘版)

"SKIN" Transforms Your Emotions Into Sound And Color Through Sweat Data. This week, Harvest Works gallery in New York exhibited an installation by audiovisual artist, Claudia Robles, that gets under your skin... literally.

"SKIN" Transforms Your Emotions Into Sound And Color Through Sweat Data

SKIN is a project that measures gallery visitors' skin moisture using a GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) interface and transforms that data into sound and images. Psychological states such as stress, nervousness, and even arousal become observable, external information. Be careful who you test it out around. "I'm interested in making the human body visual and audible," Robles told The Creators Project.

"We normally don't hear or perceive our body, and this work is a way of making us aware of it and to enhance its potential as a visual and musical instrument. " The artist originally premiered a similar installation in 2012, but Harvest Works contacted her and said they had a new audio system with eight channels and three video projectors, prompting her to upgrade the project. Images courtesy of the artist. Related: @zachsokol. Best Video Installation Art at the Biennale in Santa Cruz Bolivia by SONIA FALCONE.

Hakanaï - 1mn excerpt. Immersive Music Painter. Art numérique. Kinetica Art Fair 2013. Sharing Faces - Seeing yourself reflected in the image of others / by @kcimc. Created by Kyle McDonald, “Sharing Faces” uses a megapixel surveillance camera and custom software to match the face locations of the persons looking at the screen.

Sharing Faces - Seeing yourself reflected in the image of others / by @kcimc

As the person moves, new images are pulled from the database matching the new location and create a mirror-like image of yourself using the images of others. The project is the longest running project Kyle has worked on. Starting with the initial idea in 2007, and using the working title “Sabine”, the project was inspired by the story from the history of Rome in which the Roman men stole women from neighbouring Sabine families to make their wives. Decades later, the two tribes went to war with each other, with the battle only coming to an end when the Sabine women ran onto the battlefield pleading with everyone, reminding them that they are all literally brothers. Stories like this, about moments of reflection on the nature of our connectedness, really moved me – Kyle tells CAN. Projection mapping. Japanese dancers using lights in their performance is hypnotizing.