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Common Core

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Common Core Video Series. Education Commissioner John King, David Coleman and Kate Gerson explain every key aspect of Common Core standards in depth.

Common Core Video Series

Visual Recording on the iPad. English Language Arts and Literacy Resources.

Five Questions for Common Core. There is much talk, and a lot of confusion, about the new Common Core State Standards among frontline educators in the classroom.

Five Questions for Common Core

Here are five big questions on my mind: 1. Why do we need Common Core State Standards? Advocates say we need common college- and career-readiness standards across the country that are internationally benchmarked so that when we give our students computer-scored writing tests, we can compare them to places like, say, Finland, that don’t have standardized tests. You can see why I’m still confused. Frankly, I don’t think these standards are all that different from my state’s (California’s) current standards, which already emphasized “informational text” in upper elementary.

Impressions of the standards will vary state-to-state, but these blog posts have helped clarify my thinking: 2. Ten Takeaway Tips for Teaching Critical Thinking. From Education Week April 16, 2014 by Caralee Adams The new SAT will require students to cite evidence in support of their understanding of texts in both reading and writing and will emphasize evidence-based reading and writing.

Ten Takeaway Tips for Teaching Critical Thinking

Reading 1) command of evidence, and 2) relevant words in context. The reading test drills down, more specifically, asking students to answer questions based on what is stated and implied in texts across a range of content areas and determine which portion of a text best supports the answer to a given question. Rather than having students try to memorize lists of "SAT words" that are obscure, the new test measures vocabulary knowledge by asking about use of a certain word in the context of a science or social science passage. Core Strategies for Innovation and Reform in Learning. Edutopia is dedicated to transforming the learning process by helping educators implement the strategies below.

Core Strategies for Innovation and Reform in Learning

These strategies -- and the educators who implement them -- are empowering students to think critically, access and analyze information, creatively problem solve, work collaboratively, and communicate with clarity and impact. Discover the resources, research, experts, and fellow Edutopia members who are changing our schools. Join us in reinventing the learning process! To find out more about Edutopia and The George Lucas Educational Foundation, visit the "About Us" section.

Common Core Essentials - Home. Common Core. Common Core State Standards. College and Career Readiness Illinois joined more than 40 states in a collaborative effort to raise learning standards and improve college and career readiness for all students, regardless of where they live.

Common Core State Standards

Common Core Support Tools. Below you will find unpacking standards documents to support teachers in their understanding of the common core and essential standards.

Common Core Support Tools

The unpacking documents demonstrate at a granular level the knowledge and skills students are expected to master at a particular grade. Important Note: The current Standard Course of Study will continue to be taught and tested during the 2010-11 and 2011-12 school years. New standards and assessments are to be implemented for the first time beginning with the 2012-13 school year. Please send any thoughts, feedback, questions and ideas about additional resources that would help you start preparing to teach the new standards to English Language Arts Unpacking Standards Kindergarten (pdf, 608kb) Common Core State Standards - English Language Arts Materials. English Language Arts Materials Common Core Content Standards for ELA: Overview PowerPoint Presentation This PowerPoint shows the design and structure for all grades K-12.

Common Core State Standards - English Language Arts Materials

The criteria used to augment with 15 percent of additional California standards is highlighted. Common Core and 21st Century Standards. School Improvement Services. School Improvement Services (SIS) provides dynamic leadership and improvement in educator effectiveness, curriculum, assessment, instruction, data and accountability, professional development, and educational leadership to enhance all students’ learning.

School Improvement Services

Through coordination of regionwide networks, workshops and consultation, SIS strives toward excellence in teaching and learning for all PK-12 administrators, teachers and their students. Annual direction and focus for School Improvement Services is driven by the needs of area schools. COMMON CORE INTRODUCTION. Common Core for the Holidays. Video: Common Core for English: Read like a detective and write like a conscientious investigative reporter! Read like a detective and write like a consceintious investigative reporter!

Video: Common Core for English: Read like a detective and write like a conscientious investigative reporter!

This high end lecture presentation on the shifts required to meet the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts. Shifts promoted by the CC Standards Major move toward reading informational texts at all levels is the main message. Writing at the high school is dominated by personal opinion / narrative? The shift is to writing that conveys an arguement that can be supported with facts. As a heart and soul writing teacher I've taught writing in the context of personal narrative. I don't worry about writing being sidelined. I hope that the CC standards will help us shift our teaching to the point where critical thinking and being able to 'write like a conscientious investigative reporter' becomes a more common reality in classrooms across the country. I wouldn't be a teacher if I didn't have an enormous capacity for hope. ~ Dennis. NCSM - Position Papers. NCSM has collaborated with AMTE, ASSM, and NCTM to make joint public statements to help our members interpret important national documents that impact their work.

NCSM - Position Papers

Mathematics Education Organizations Unite to Support Implementation of Common Core State StandardsDownload the entire paper The Role of Elementary Mathematics Specialists in the Teaching and Learning of MathematicsDownload the entire paper NCSM Position Papers are designed to provide NCSM members with support regarding critical actions that lead to improved student achievement in mathematics. The papers are a product of the collaborative efforts of many individuals who offered their writing, editing and critiquing skills. These papers provide our members with answers to two questions: What does NCSM believe about important issues in mathematics education leadership?

Clearinghouse. E-Newsletter SignUp Show all resources sorted by most popular most recent most popular first. Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. On the Road to Implementation Common Core Standards with Common Sense. The Learning Connection. Implementation of the ELA Common Core State Standards Across the Country.

Brenda Overturf is a member of the International Reading Association's Board of Directors. You can reach her at boverturf[AT]reading[DOT]org. This is the final post in a three-part series that examines the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Part one introduced CCSS and provided context for those new to the standards. Part two reviewed the key features that offer opportunities for educators to transform their teaching. In part three, we will take a look at how various states are starting to implement the standards.

Common Core Curriculum Maps. Common Core’s ELA Maps have been in use by teachers for over two years. During this time, the non-profit organization has established an unparalleled reputation for creating high-quality, low-cost curriculum tools based on the Common Core State Standards. Our Common Core Curriculum Maps, released in August 2010, were the first new, CCSS-based curriculum tools to come out after the standards were finalized. Common Core Curriculum Maps. Overview. This is a brief description of the unit. It explains the unit’s theme and provides a summary of what students will learn. It explains the structure, progression, and various components of the unit. It may offer some guidance regarding the selection of texts.