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RADIO FREE BARBELITH RADIO FREE BARBELITH Of all the story arcs in all the series, I had to try to find an insertion point into this one: ARCADIA, The Invisibles Volume 1 issues 5 - 8... the hot mess, the near series-killer, ruled over by the twin fey poet-Archons of Byron/Shelley, its secluded Silling-hells skulking with the wretched detritus of De Sade and his snickering pull@yerpud4enlightenment™ philosophy, while to the right and the left and left again we find time machine windmills and face-wearing star demons and the Gnostic Lucifer-figure busy at his chessboard and his teasing: the whole of it rendered by one of my least favourite artists on the series, Jill Thompson*. Yet the glossolaliac head of John the Baptist babbles away here, and that babbling covers a multitude of sins. Sweet Essene-Jesus-bot, I love that thing! What a centrepiece for your Thanksgiving slaughter-fest, no?
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Action Comics #27 came out this week and it continues an impressive early run on the book by creators Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder. In just three short months, this book has jumped to the coveted 'top of the pile' slot, the first book I read the week it comes out, a sign of how much I am enjoying the book. One of the biggest things that is evident is that Pak has an understanding of who Superman is. Supergirl Comic Box Commentary Supergirl Comic Box Commentary
DC Comics - Google+ DC Comics is the largest and most diverse English language publisher of comic books in the world. Founded in 1934 as National Allied Publications, the company that would one day become DC Comics virtually created the comic book, publishing the first comic of all original material. In the spring of 1938, the first super hero story appeared in ACTION COMICS #1, introducing SUPERMAN. Other soon-to-be icons would follow, including BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH and many others. Today, DC Comics publishes more than 80 titles a month and close to 1000 issues a year. DC Comics - Google+
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), which is an alternate history take on what would happen if the Nazis had supermen fighting British warlocks, both factions controlled by their respective spy cabinets. While the first novel took place in World War 2, the second one was in the Cold War era, this book has one of the main characters, Marsh, traveling back in time to WW2 to change history. I was worried I wouldn't remember events from the first book and this wasn't a problem--you get all the information you need as you read. Interesting how the two versions of Marsh are kept distinct: the future version has first person chapters while the one in WW2 has third person. A few interludes are from Gretel's POV, her ability to see the future is terrifying. Giant-Size Geek Giant-Size Geek
DarkMark's Comics Indexing Domain DarkMark's Comics Indexing Domain undefined DarkMark's Comics Indexing Domain! A collection of comics indexes compiled by the reknowned DarkMark.
CosmicTeams! CosmicTeams! Whew it's been a very busy three months. I started a new job April 1 and my free time has disappeared! I managed to put up some new JSA stuff, started a Pinterest page. Meanwhile, a bunch of stuff has been happening that I detail for you below, in issues relative to Cosmic Teams!
The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe The Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe Welcome to the Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe, an internet encyclopedia of the past, present and future of the DC Universe. The purpose of the Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe is to provide Who's Who profiles on characters, places, organizations, and events in the DC Universe as well as character chronologies, series indexes and a history of the DC Universe itself. For more information on the individual parts of the DCU Guide use the links in the sidebar to open the main page of each section of the the site. To get back to this page click the DCU Guide logo in the right corner. Due to the event known as ''Flashpoint'' the history of the DC Universe has been altered and nothing is exactly the same. Because of this we have created a companion site to focus solely on this new DC Universe.
DC Movies Wiki DC Movies Wiki You have seen 3 characters (Liam Neeson, James Badge Dale and Frank Grillo) take on the roles of supervilains.Example: Liam Neeson played John Ottoway in the movie, and played Ra's al Ghul in The Dark…Read more > I was just wondering, why don't we have pages for the TV Series Arrow? I mean, we have pages for Smallville, (I mean its close enough to a TV show, right?), but why not Arrow?
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