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روسيا اليوم. Gay Daily Hot: Jasun Mark & John Tegan Gay Porn Blog. Sexy gay blog. The Banana Blog: The Free Gay Porn Blog. So over the past few days most of you that follow Michael Hoffman know a good majority of his clips ended up online – in too many places to count.

The Banana Blog: The Free Gay Porn Blog

Considering that I’ve seen most of them and there is a fair bit of repetitiveness, I decided to post the one that shows a side of him we had not seen before..well, until I posted a .gif of it a day before the video fully ended up online. Anyway, that part is of him fingering himself (video below) Btw, if I can just add my two cents to this whole saga without sounding too hypocritical. The decision to sell individual clips online (IMO) is just bad business.

I mean, as soon as one person buys it or figures out the folder where the site selling them stores the clips, then those “for sale” videos lose value immediately. I wonder why he didn’t just start his own membership site, cut out a third party, and host video chats, stream videos, even sell-off some used workout gear, etc. But I digress…here’s the video ;) Excellent Top Gay Porn Blog.