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Cloud Migration & Disaster Recovery. The Software-Defined Data Center. The Software-Defined Data Center.

The Software-Defined Data Center

A Dream Come True. The software-defined data center (SDDC) is a highly automated IT infrastructure that makes extensive use of virtualization technology in order to fully abstract underlying compute, storage and networking hardware, and make them accessible à la cloud services. The resources can then be accessed via APIs or through a management interface, and provisioned automatically through orchestration. This approach enables IT to respond and meet business needs much faster than ever before. The Need As expected, most large enterprises have now become heavy users of virtualization technology, primarily due to their need to consolidate physical servers and host workloads virtually. For example, though it only takes a couple of minutes to provision a virtual machine, the provisioning processes are owned by different teams and administrators.

This is where a software-defined data center can make a difference. The Benefits But that’s not all. Data Center as a Service - IO. Mobingi - Cloud Application Lifecycle Management and Automation. Gravitational for Enterprise Buyers. LogDNA » The easiest cloud log management system you will ever use. Cumulus Networks. Create a database, as easily as a spreadsheet. Organize better with linked sheets Link sheets like Clients and Projects, Candidates and Roles, or Tasks and Owners.

Create a database, as easily as a spreadsheet

Information updated in one place will be automatically updated on all linked views. Robin Systems. Cloudinary - Cloud image service, upload, storage & CDN. Solutions. Our easy to use and extendable REST API allows developers to quickly integrate with various third party services for work offload, data ingestion, buffering, and more.


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Features and Benefits Mirantis supports integration with VMware technologies, essential for many mission-critical enterprise workloads, so cloud operators can leverage their existing VMware tools to manage both VMware and growing OpenStack clouds.

Partners - VMware - Pure Play OpenStack.

Enterprises can explore new, cost-effective implementations of VMware’s best-of-breed virtualization under the OpenStack framework, create scale-out OpenStack clouds with VMware’s NSX (formerly Nicira) software-defined networking, or employ all these technologies in multi-hypervisor deployments. Expanded support for VMware environments in Mirantis OpenStack also includes: vSphere datastore: Fuel can deploy vSphere as Glance and Cinder back-end data store. Cinder is supported using the VMWare VMDK driver in environments that use vCenter HV Nova-network VLAN Manager support for vCenter: VLAN manager is now an option for Nova-network networking topologies in vCenter environments Planning to use Mirantis OpenStack with VMWare?

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