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Right Scale. Who are the competitors ? Animoto usecase. The Animoto guys hit the jackpot on Facebook this past week.

Animoto usecase

Jeff Barr mentioned a few of the stats on his blog: Animoto ramped from 25,000 users to 250,000 users in three days, signing up 20,000 new users per hour at peak. The system they run using RightScale is quite complicated, with the website, then a separate site for the Facebook app run by Hungry Machines, both of these feeding into a back-end web services site that orchestrates uploads, and, most importantly, the render farm that creates the cool videos.

Hybrid Clouds as a Reality. Scalr. Sebastian S. CloudKick. Monitor anywhere With Rackspace Cloud Monitoring, you can monitor your websites—whether they're hosted on the Rackspace public cloud, Rackspace dedicated servers, servers in your data centers, or even servers in other providers' data centers.


Send alerts to your laptop or smartphone to stay on top of your entire infrastructure, including websites, ports, protocols, and more. And use graphs to quickly analyze your server activity and identify trends, outliers, and patterns. Server Monitoring. Manage Amazon EC2. Cloudkick, a Y Combinator startup, offers a free, easy server management system to businesses whose web infrastructure is maintained by Amazon’s EC2 or Slicehost cloud-based servers.

Manage Amazon EC2

Built off of Amazon Web Services’ API, Cloudkick gives users a single control panel where you can manage all of your servers (or instances) through various platforms. Cloudkick’s dashboard allows you to easily add or remove EC2 or Slicehost servers with a click and then monitor an unlimited amount of instances. Features. Rackspace Buys Cloudkick. Another Giant Gets Another Sexy Startup: Rackspace Acquires Cloudkick - ReadWriteCloud. Just two years after starting its business, Cloudkick has been acquired by Rackspace.

Another Giant Gets Another Sexy Startup: Rackspace Acquires Cloudkick - ReadWriteCloud

The terms of the deal were not disclosed. What this means for Cloudkick is a big ramp up in its operations. It will also establish a presence for Rackspace in San Francisco.