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Occupy Oakland. Occupy Oakland Media Committee. Occupy Oakland (@occupyoakland) sur Twitter. #occupyoakland #opdraid 1, Recorded on my Android phone. punkboyinsf on USTREAM. Citizen Journalist. Media Roots TV: Why Occupy Oakland? Occupy Oakland: A walk through "People's Park" and "the Renaissance Fair." Part 1. Occupy Oakland: A walk through "People's Park" and "the Renaissance Fair." Part 2. Occupy Oakland March Shuts Down Chase Bank Branch #ows #OccupyWallStreet #OccupytheFed. Occupy Oakland March 10/25/2011. Occupy Oakland March October 25. Occupy Oakland march - Video #1. Facebook Oakland Mayor Jean Quan Oct25,2011. Occupy Oakland Raided. Occupy Oakland Camp Raided by Police - Rough Edit. Occupy Oakland video_ Riot police fire tear gas, flashbang grenades.flv. Veteran shot in the face by rubber bullet at Occupy Oakland protests. Occupy Oakland Will Continue to Stand 

Image 3Mpp. Mashable: facebookpage disabled :-) As images circulate of police firing tear gas at Occupy Oakland protesters, spectators from around the world have descended upon Oakland Mayor Jean Quan's Facebook page to express their anger.

mashable: facebookpage disabled :-)

Hundreds of comments along the lines of "What on Earth were you thinking last night? " "Shame! " and "How can you look at yourself this morning? " have been written on her wall. They are nearly all negative. The conflict that inspired such spite started Tuesday morning when police dispersed protesters who had been camping near city hall for more than two weeks. The Oakland Police Department said in a statement that it used tear gas in defense after protesters threw objects at officers and, contrary to some reports, did not use rubber bullets or flash-bag grenades. Even before she ordered police to break up protest camps, Quan was actively disliked by some of her constituents. Visitors to her Facebook page have since added many more. That post now has about 3,500 comments.

Fullsize - Oakland Policeman Throws Flash Grenade Into Crowd Trying To Help Injured Protester. Scott Olsen's message to the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Occupy Oakland Rubber Bullet Bruise [Raw Vid] Badge numbers from #occupyoakland raid tonight, from this link but not all of th. Occupy Oakland: Police Standoff & Brutal Assault, Tear Gas. Protester knocked unconscious then cops throw exploding gas canister into the crowd helping him. Cops brutalize Occupy Oakland protesters, get paintballed.flv. So it's OK then ? New details surface from 'Occupy Oakland' protester Scott Olsen's past. By Sergio Quintana SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Members of "Occupy Oakland" had a march Friday in support of two veterans who were also injured in the demonstrations. They honored former Marine Scott Olsen and Army Ranger Kayvan Sabeghi. New details surface from Scott Olsen's past. Breaking: Police Face Questions in Occupy Oakland Clashes.

Riot police tear down Occupy Oakland. Oakland demonstrators worry about police crackdown. 'Occupy Oakland' protesters head to the streets. Police raid 'Occupy Oakland' encampments. Police fire tear gas at protesters. Keith Olbermann: oct-26-11 Special Comment, Occupy Violence. Oakland Spends Millions in Attack on Occupy Protesters, Closes 5 Schools Next Day - Occupy Oakland. On Tuesday evening at 5pm Occupy Oakland gathered at the foot of the Oakland Library on 14th Avenue before setting off on a march past the jail and onward to Frank Ogawa Plaza. The peaceful gathering swelled as it marched through downtown, growing upwards of 1,000 people strong. Along their route were police from 17 jurisdictions in California, decked out in riot gear and weaponry.

Just before 8pm the police began throwing concussion grenades and tear gas directly into the crowd, injuring several nonviolent protesters. Weapons were aimed and fired at people as they attempted to help the injured and bring them to safety. The crowd reconvened a block away and continued to peacefully occupy the streets outside the plaza. The city has spent several million dollars in this campaign to shut down free speech in Oakland. Oakland's interim police chief gives press conference. Abc7news: [video]Oakland tense after police, protesters clash 300 at library. Oakland police dismantle 'Occupy Oakland' tent city, protests continue. The simple image sharer.

#SophisticatedHyphy (@Shake9169) sur Twitter. #occupyoakland on Twitter. Oakland Cops Open Fire With Shotgun Beanbags & Tear Gas On Peaceful Protesters. Occupy Oakland Protest: Police Fire Tear Gas And Beanbag Rounds, Clear Out Encampment. OAKLAND, Calif.

Occupy Oakland Protest: Police Fire Tear Gas And Beanbag Rounds, Clear Out Encampment

(AP) -- Dozens of police in riot gear and hundreds of protesters supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse in downtown Oakland on Tuesday, with authorities using tear gas to respond to demonstrators' repeated agitations. The latest such skirmish came around 11:15 PDT in front of City Hall, where a haze of chemical smoke still hung in the air following several similar clashes at the site over the course of the night.

It was the fifth time in about three hours that police a fired a volley of tear gas to disperse a crowd at the scene where ongoing tension has erupted into conflict throughout the day. The number of protesters has diminished with each round of gas. About 200 remained late Tuesday, mostly young adults, some riding bicycles, protecting themselves from the noxious fumes with bandanas and scarves wrapped around their faces. The scene has repeated itself several times since. Occupy Together Live Blog: Day 39, Police Launch Early Morning Siege on @OccupyOakland. In Frank Ogawa Plaza (renamed Oscar Grant Park by the occupiers), Occupy Oakland were attacked by Oakland police about 4 am this morning.

Occupy Together Live Blog: Day 39, Police Launch Early Morning Siege on @OccupyOakland

The police surrounded the camp with vans, hummers and riot cops. They declared the camp an “unlawful assembly” and proceeded to use smoke bombs to force the camp to disperse. And downtown Oakland was sealed off with Oakland City Center reportedly shut down to prevent people from coming down to protest the eviction. Police immediately moved in to take down tents. The plaza was cordoned off. NOS: Ontruiming Occupy-kampen Atlanta en Oakland. Woensdag 26 okt 2011, 09:56 (Update: 26-10-11, 10:03) 'We are the 99%' Harrie van Veen / NOS.

NOS: Ontruiming Occupy-kampen Atlanta en Oakland

Long Range Acoustic Device. The LRAD is the round black device on top of the New York City police Hummer.

Long Range Acoustic Device

The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is an acoustic hailing device and sonic weapon developed by LRAD Corporation to send messages, warnings, and harmful, pain inducing tones over longer distances than normal loudspeakers. LRAD systems have been used to counter piracy, as non-lethal crowd control weapons, and as communication devices. According to the manufacturer's specifications, the systems weigh from 15 to 320 pounds (6.8 to 145.1 kg) and can emit sound in a 30° beam at 2.5 kHz.[1] LRAD systems are used by maritime, law enforcement, military and commercial security companies to send instructions and warnings over distances, and to force compliance. LRAD is also used to deter wildlife from airport runways, wind and solar farms, nuclear power facilities, mining and agricultural operations and other industrial facilities.

Occupy Oakland protestors face off with riot police after chaotic day of evictions, arrests (UPDATED) Photo: Adreadnonymous.

Occupy Oakland protestors face off with riot police after chaotic day of evictions, arrests (UPDATED)

Protester in wheelchair at Oakland protest, tear-gassed. [Video Link: Oakland police throwing tear gas bombs at protesters.] From Oakland North blog: Vowing to reoccupy Frank Ogawa Plaza, hundreds of Occupy Oakland protestors marched through the streets of downtown Oakland late Tuesday afternoon, chanting “Fight back!” As police followed and a helicopter buzzed overhead. Newyorkist: Again, some news folk on t... Oakland North (@northoaklandnow) sur Twitter. Oakland North: Current scene at 14th St a... Maddow compares ‘Occupy Oakland’ to 1930s ‘Bonus Army’ protest. By Eric W.

Maddow compares ‘Occupy Oakland’ to 1930s ‘Bonus Army’ protest

DolanThursday, October 27, 2011 0:13 EDT MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on her show Wednesday night highlighted the similarities between the recent crack down on “Occupy Oakland” protesters and the crack down on the “Bonus Army” protesters in 1932. The “Bonus Army” was comprised of war veterans who camped out near the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C. The demonstration was forcefully broken up the U.S. Army. Watch video, courtesy of MSNBC, below: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Copyright 2011 The Raw Story <a style="color: #336699; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12px;" href=" target="_blank" title="Main menu of all reuse options"><img height="25" width="27" border="0" align="bottom" alt="[Reuse options]" src=" here for reuse options!

March of the Bonus Army - Part 1. March of the Bonus Army - Part 2. March of the Bonus Army - Part 3 2:09 brother can you spare a dime. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? Summary[edit] In the song a beggar talks back to the system that stole his job.[3] Gorney said in an interview in 1974 "I didn't want a song to depress people.

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

I wanted to write a song to make people think. Bonus Army. The Bonus Army was the popular name of an assemblage of some 43,000 marchers—17,000 World War I veterans, their families, and affiliated groups—who gathered in Washington, D.C., in the spring and summer of 1932 to demand cash-payment redemption of their service certificates.

Bonus Army

Its organizers called it the Bonus Expeditionary Force to echo the name of World War I's American Expeditionary Force, while the media called it the Bonus March. It was led by Walter W. Waters, a former Army sergeant. Many of the war veterans had been out of work since the beginning of the Great Depression. The World War Adjusted Compensation Act of 1924 had awarded them bonuses in the form of certificates they could not redeem until 1945.

Today I was shot at, had a flash bang go off by my head, punched an anarchist in the face and have never been prouder of my community. #OccupyOakland : occupywallstreet. Occupy Oakland. Despite Iraq Vet’s Cracked Skull, DoJ Sees No Evil in Occupy Crackdown. After Scott Olsen, a two-tour Iraq war veteran, suffered a skull fracture Tuesday when police shot Occupy Oakland protestors with rubber bullets and threw flash bang and tear gas grenades at them, you might think that the Justice Department would investigate.

Despite Iraq Vet’s Cracked Skull, DoJ Sees No Evil in Occupy Crackdown

After all, the Justice Department has the power and responsibility to investigate state and local police violations of Americans’ constitutional rights. Sorry, Scott Olsen. Sorry, Occupy. No such luck. The Obama Justice Department has not opened an investigation, spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa told Wired. Ypfqb. Shockupy Wall Street Fad - The Colbert Report - 2011-27-10. Who shot Scott Olsen at Occupy Oakland? Update Oct. 12, 2012Oakland police chief wants two officers fired, 42 disciplined, for abuse of Occupy FEB 24, 2012: (Above) Police video used to identify Oakland police officer R. Roche. Marine Says Oakland Used Crowd Control Methods That Are Prohibited In War Zones.

Wikipedia commons 40mm tear gas launcher As the events that led to Oakland protester Scott Olsen's head injury continue to unfold and investigations begin, we thought it important to offer some perspective. This comment is from a former Marine with special operations in crowd control. He points out that shooting canisters such as those that likely hit Scott Olsen is prohibited under rules of engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan. Regardless of any political position on the Occupy protests, these are some Interesting insights: Before gas goes into a crowd shield bearers have to be making no progress moving a crowd or crowd must be assaulting the line. Scott Olsen 'cannot talk' after injury at Occupy Oakland protest. Scott Olsen and his sister.

Photograph: Kathy Pacconi Scott Olsen, the Iraq war veteran who was seriously injured by a police projectile during a protest in Oakland, has regained consciousness but "cannot talk". Olsen, 24, is communicating with friends and family at his bedside by writing notes, but his injury is believed to have damaged the speech centre of his brain, according to Keith Shannon, who served with Olsen in Iraq. Olsen is believed to have been injured by a police projectile. PROOF that Oakland PD infiltrated #OWS. GENERAL STRIKE & MASS DAY OF ACTION – NOVEMBER 2 - Occupy Oakland.

Liberate Oakland, Shut Down the 1%GENERAL STRIKE & MASS DAY OF ACTION Wednesday November 2, 2011 Below is the proposal passed by the Occupy Oakland General Assembly on Wednesday October 26, 2011 in reclaimed Oscar Grant Plaza. 1607 people voted. 1484 voted in favor of the resolution, 77 abstained and 46 voted against it, passing the proposal at 96.9%. The General Assembly operates on a modified consensus process that passes proposals with 90% in favor and with abstaining votes removed from the final count. We as fellow occupiers of Oscar Grant Plaza propose that on Wednesday November 2, 2011, we liberate Oakland and shut down the 1%.

Occupy Oakland general strike – live. Occupy Oakland Protesters Force Halt To Operations At Busy Port [LATEST UPDATES] By TERENCE CHEA, LISA LEFF and TERRY COLLINS, The Associated Press OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) -- Several thousand Occupy Wall Street demonstrators gathering in Oakland forced a halt to operations at the nation's fifth busiest port Wednesday evening, escalating a movement whose tactics had largely been limited to marches, rallies and tent encampments since it began in September. Police estimated that a crowd of about 3,000 had gathered at the Port of Oakland by about 5 p.m. Occupy Oakland Violence: Peaceful Occupy Protests Degenerate Into Chaos. OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) -- A protest that shut down the Port of Oakland to show the broadening reach of the Occupy Wall Street movement ended in violence when police in riot gear arrested dozens of protesters overnight who broke into a vacant building, shattered downtown windows, sprayed graffiti and set blazes along the way.

Riot police fire projectiles, arrest dozens of Occupy Oakland protesters. This post has been corrected; please see bottom for details. Riot police from a number of Bay Area departments fired tear gas and other projectiles and arrested dozens of demonstrators early Thursday to break up Occupy Oakland protests that had drawn thousands of participants. Officers moved in near the protesters' City Hall encampment, where tents resprouted after officials last week ordered them razed. The police action came after a predominantly peaceful day of protest that attracted more than 7,000 people. „Occupy Oakland“: Aktivisten blockieren amerikanischen Handelshafen - Ausland. Occupy Oakland - Rally & March - 10/25/11. Police clash with 'Occupy Oakland' protesters - Americas. Abc7news: 'Occupy Oakland' protesters, police stand off. Occupy Oakland Attendance Buried By MSM. Police Clear Occupy Oakland Encampment, but Protesters Return.

OccupyOakland. OccupyOakland. Who Rules Oakland? Part 1., Corporate Directors and the Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce By Darwin BondGraham and Adrian Drummond-Cole [Download a pdf of this article for end notes, higher resolution images and print layout.] The Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit "business league" organization, chartered under Section 501 (c) 6 of the IRS Code. According to the IRS, business leagues are not organized for profit, and no earnings may directly benefit their members. However, business leagues can lobby government leaders for laws and policies in the interest of their members, and they can also engage in political campaigning for and against candidates and specific ballot initiatives.

The goal of a business league is to promote political conditions in which their members can obtain lucrative government contracts, avoid local and state taxes, pass off operating expenses onto the public, and privatize public goods. Corporate Networks. Whose streets? Oakland’s shadow government presses City Hall to end the occupation. By Adrian Drummond-Cole and Darwin BondGraham Not considering local law enforcement sufficient protection against the 99 percent, downtown Oakland “business improvement districts,” or BIDs, hire private security firms to patrol public space.

These riot clad Alameda County Sheriff deputies were protecting the property of the 1 percent on Oct. 25, the day Oscar Grant Plaza was reclaimed after the encampment had been brutally destroyed by police from 17 local jurisdictions. – Photo: Jay Finneburgh In a letter addressed to Oakland’s Mayor Jean Quan on Nov. 8, two little-known entities, the Lake Merritt/Uptown District Association (LMUDA) and Downtown Oakland Association (DOA) implored Mayor Quan to “step up and provide cohesive, common sense leadership.”

The Oakland Commune. The Battle of Oakland. Police Brutality at Occupy Oakland January 28th Night Time Protest. MR Original - May Day Occupy Oakland Protest.