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Occupy the London Stock Exchange. OccupyLSX (@OccupyLSX) sur Twitter. Occupy the London Stock Exchange. Facebook photo's. Occupy London protest: on the steps of St Paul's cathedral - video. You’re viewing a beta release of the Guardian’s responsive website.

Occupy London protest: on the steps of St Paul's cathedral - video

We’d love to hear your feedback Opt-out and return to our current site uk news John Domokos and Mustafa Khalili, After failing to get into the London Stock Exchange, protesters took to the steps of St Paul's, setting up a 'people's assembly' and occupation camp •See part one for how the morning unfolded Share this video Most popular. Global protests: Occupy the London Stock Exchange takes over the City. Occupy London follows occupation movements from across the worldPolice ask Julian Assange 'to remove mask' he was wearingProtesters had wanted to 'take' Paternoster Square - but it has been closedTents now being put up in the Square MileProtests contained within City area and currently not spreadingTwo arrests made for 'assaults on police officers' By Lee Moran Updated: 18:04 GMT, 15 October 2011 Protesters inspired by the growing 'Occupy Wall Street' movement in the U.S have today taken over the City of London.

Global protests: Occupy the London Stock Exchange takes over the City

Thousands have descended on the area known as the Square Mile - under the banner 'Occupy the Stock Exchange' - for a 'peaceful protest' against the global financial system. They had planned to take Paternoster Square, where the Stock Exchange is located, but police cordoned off the area prior to the protest. A notice was put up stating the square is private property and access would be restricted. Scroll down for video... Unite! Occupy LSX. Occupy Assange: Corrupt banks, corrupt money. OccupyLSX Julian Assange pays homage to Anonymous. #OccupyLondon. Occupy London. London Rage: Video of police arresting students as thousands march.

Occupy London Stock Exchange (OLSX)


98 FTSE companies use tax havens. Molly Shapes History - #OccupyLSX. Emily James - @emily_james. More prayer under different dome #occupylsx. Occupy London: eviction notices attached to tents outside St Paul's. An eviction notice hangs on a tent outside St Paul's Cathedral.

Occupy London: eviction notices attached to tents outside St Paul's

Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images The City of London Corporation has attached eviction notices to tents outside St Paul's Cathedral, telling activists to move them from the public highways by 6pm on Thursday or face legal action. It is the latest development in a month-long saga that has pitted the protest movement Occupy London against the corporation, the local authority for the Square Mile, and St Paul's.

Both institutions own the land around the church but only the corporation is pressing ahead with court proceedings. The notice is addressed to "each and every person taking part in and/or having erected tents or other structures at St Paul's Churchyard EC4". It reads: "Through the erection of tents and other structures, you and others involved in the Protest Camp have taken possession and control of the Red Land from the City of London Corporation without its consent. "The Protest Camp is therefore a trespass. Channel 4: Talks between the City of London Corporation and the demonstrators outside St Pauls Cathedral have broken down. .

Protesters call end to occupation of St Paul's - Home News - UK. While the shape and timing of any withdrawal still needs to be ironed out in a meeting with the cathedral this week, there was "widespread consensus" on the move, a source within the site in the City of London said.

Protesters call end to occupation of St Paul's - Home News - UK

It comes as a High Court challenge to evict the 150 or so camped demonstrators begins today, with protesters believing that an exit on their own terms will cement goodwill for a movement that has resonated with many. The source said: "There is widespread consensus that resources at the camp are stretched, and concerns about the long-term viability of the site. We are looking at restructuring and how best to use our other sites. " Any compromise would allow the Church to save face after a crisis which saw the cathedral close for the first time since the Blitz and the resignation of the Dean of St Paul's and its canon chancellor, Giles Fraser. The protesters began discussing the proposal to leave in working groups last night and a vote is expected within days. @OccupyLSXEnvtGp A environmental working group set up within the Occupy London movement...

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