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Occupy Harvard - nov2011

Occupy Humboldt. Occupy LAUSD. Occupy Carbondale. Occupy Cambridge. Occupy FTCollins. Occupy BloNo. Occupy UC Berkeley. UCSC Students Occupy Humanities Building - nov2014. Occupy UCDavis. UCLA. CACHE: Coalition Against Corporate HE. CACHE Chicago (@CACHEChicago) sur Twitter. Occupy Princeton.

Occupy CSUN

Occupy Amherst. Occupy CUNY. Occupy Isla Vista. Occupy Virginia Tech. Occupy Virginia Tech - 10/13/2011. @OccupyColleges. Occupy Colleges. Glimpses of Occupy Virginia Tech. Occupy Isla Vista. Rowan University. Occupy Rutgers-Newark. Occupy Collegesuta. #OccupyUW. Occupy UW movement asks for education rights. Before the protesters marched north on Charter Street and up Bascom Hill, members of the movement made signs at Union South to inform those witnessing the march of their causes.

More than a dozen students took to the streets on the UW campus Monday in an effort to voice concerns over unequal educational opportunities. The movement also sought to draw attention to the mounting debt organizers said students are likely to graduate with. In the efforts to continue the “Occupy Wall Street” and “Occupy Madison” movements, University of Wisconsin protesters kicked off an “Occupy UW” movement Monday afternoon, demanding more equal opportunities to higher education and reduced student debt. Organizer and UW freshman Noah Phillips said he hoped “Occupy UW” would encourage more students to become involved in the protests, which Monday afternoon included about 15 UW students and Madison community members. “I don’t personally have a bad guy,” Phillips said. He argued Gov. Occupy Norman. Occupy Norman (University of Oklahoma) Occupy MU Ohio. OccupyGeneseo. Occupy Susquehanna. Asnnmc EagleSpirit. Rhodes College. Asnnmc EagleSpirit. Occupy NKU. #OccupyFelician. Cerritos College.

Occupy C. W. Post/LIU - Organisme communautaire - Brookville, NY. Occupy CSU (@OccupyCSU) sur Twitter. OCCUPY UCLA (@Occupy_UCLA) sur Twitter. #OccupyLA (OccupyLA) Occupy Dartmouth (@OccupyDartmouth) sur Twitter. Occupy Colleges UTA. BU occupies Boston. @BUOccupyBoston. BU Occupies Boston (@BUOccupyBoston) sur Twitter. StudentsOccupyBoston (@StudentsOccupy) sur Twitter. OccupyDC students march to Sallie Mae.

Dr. Santos Speaks Out Occupy CSUB. Chris Cruz Boone Talks Social Media @OccupyCSUB. Circle March. Occupy CSM (@OccupyCSM) sur Twitter. OccupyCSM Foto's. Occupy UT Austin. @occupyutaustin) sur Twitter. Occupy UT Austin (University of Texas) - Infos. Prof. Martinez. Occupy TCNJ - First General Assembly on October 12, 2011. Occupy TCNJ group small but ready to ‘kick some ass’ | The Signal. At one of the first meetings of Occupy TCNJ, club members expressed enthusiasm but lacked direction. (Tom O'Dell / Photo Editor) “Are you guys here for the revolution?”

Mark Azic, senior economics and mathematics double major, wasted no time getting fellow students into the revolutionary spirit at a meeting for Occupy TCNJ, the College’s branch of the national movement, on Wednesday, Oct. 12. The group, which hosted a small demonstration in Alumni Grove the week before, attracted about 16 students to the meeting in the Business Building Lounge.

The irony of their location was not lost on the Occupy TCNJ members, whose partial goal is to spread awareness of the downfalls of free-market capitalism. “We’re going to eat the monster from the inside out,” Azic joked. Many of those in attendance explained that they had heard of the new campus group through its Facebook page. “I’m here to kick some ass and shake some cages,” said Lou Klein, senior statistics and sociology double major. CalState Bakersfield (@OccupyCSUB) sur Twitter. Occupy Chico State (@OcupyChicoState) sur Twitter. Our Schools NYC | Detailed information, news and analysis on NYC Schools. Our Schools NYC (@ourschoolsnyc) sur Twitter. Occupy FIU Page | Facebook: Occupy FIU. Occupy Movement becomes local | FIUSM. Occupy Wall Street. Occupy London. Occupy Miami. Photo by Jeffrey M. Boan for the Associated Press What started in New York is developing into a social outcry urging political attention and growing into a global movement.

Miami is the latest city to acquire protesters participating in the “search for sanity in our political and economic system,” which is the movement’s goal. The first of the planned protests took place on Oct. 15 at the Torch of Friendship in Downtown Miami. Perceptions vary as to the specific goals of the movement, though participants share a common frustration for the corporate and government processes, or lack thereof. Nearing its fourth week, Occupy Wall Street began with hundreds of protesters assembling in New York’s Zuccotti Park; now dubbed Liberty Plaza, it has housed tens of thousands of supporters. “[Occupy Movements are] in most of the major cities and obviously Miami is a major city,” said Kevin A. OccupyUMD. Occupy UMD (@OccupyUmd) sur Twitter. OCCUPY EDUCATION - Tell us how you OCCUPY EDU. Occupy Mills (@OccupyMills) sur Twitter. OccupyStetson (@OccupyStetson) sur Twitter.

Tufts Occupiers (@TuftsOccupiers) sur Twitter. Tufts Occupiers - Mur. Occupy UConn (@OccupyUConn) sur Twitter. Occupy UConn and Occupy Storrs - Infos. Occupy Oakland (@OccupyOaklandU) sur Twitter. Occupy Oakland University. Occupy CSULB (@occupycsulb) sur Twitter. Facebook Occupy CSULB. Texas State: Occupied. OccupyTXState (@OccupyTXState) sur Twitter. Occupy the Classroom. OccupyTheClassroom (@OccupyClass) sur Twitter. Why Education Needs an Occupy the Classroom Revolution - Education. Over the last few months, the Occupy Wall Street movement has grown from a small collection of hardcore activists to a groundswell of everyday Americans frustrated with the lack of opportunity afforded them in the United States. Of course, the irony of society having 24/7 coverage of our country’s ills is that some members of the media portray those same news consumers as uninformed and lacking a clear, concise message. For those of us who've gone to Zuccotti Park, "We're mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore" sounds rather convincing.

These protestors have regained the spirit of democracy despite the majority of their elected officials failing them. Through budget cuts and draconian policies that punish instead of support, our elected officials have also failed education, specifically K-12 teachers. Teachers hold our nation’s future right in front of them, as they serve 30—or at the high school level, 150—students per day. Thus, teachers must occupy the classroom. Occupy the Classroom. Occupy the Classroom. By Nicholas Kristof Today’s New York Times includes a column by Nicholas Kristof on the importance of early childhood education. The column features comments and research by a number of Ed School faculty including Dean Kathleen McCartney, Professor Hiro Yoshikawa, Assistant Professor David Deming, and doctoral candidate Christina Weiland, Ed.M.’08.

Occupy the Classroom Occupy Wall Street is shining a useful spotlight on one of America’s central challenges, the inequality that leaves the richest 1 percent of Americans with a greater net worth than the entire bottom 90 percent. Most of the proposed remedies involve changes in taxes and regulations, and they would help. Huh? “This is where inequality starts,” said Kathleen McCartney, the dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, as she showed me a chart demonstrating that even before kindergarten there are significant performance gaps between rich and poor students.



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