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Occupy Harvard FirstGeneral Assembly Nov9,2011

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11_9_11 First OccupyHarvard General Assembly on the Harvard University Law School Quad-1. Occupy Harvard holds its first GA. Students exiting yard now for streets. Occupy Harvard. Protesters at Occupy Harvard. The crowd at Occupy Harvard. 11_10_11 OccupyHarvard Encampment on Harvard Yard at 0115 am. Jennifer Hollett: Close-up of #occupyharvard... Jennifer Hollett: About 20 tents still set u... OccupyHarvard: Another scene from the fir... March before Harvard Yard occupation 7.37pm #occupyharvard Nov 9 2011. Occupy Comes to Harvard. Paul Weiskel - Harvard has locked gates 2 Harvard Yard. Police everywhere. No1 is allowed in or out. #occupyharvard #occupywallstreet. Harvard closes Harvard yard gates on Occupy protestors. Jeff Bridges: When was the last time Har... Occupy Harvard. Occupy Harvard. Occupy Harvard. Kimberly Noelle: Wow. I've never seen Harva... March going out of Harvard Yard #occupyharvard Nov 9 2011 7.33pm. Professor Timothy P. McCarthy (whole speech) at the first General Asembly of #OccupyHarvard Nov 9 2011.

Professor Timothy P. McCarthy at the first General Asembly of #OccupyHarvard Nov 9 2011 8.03pm 1/2. The complicity - Professor Timothy P. McCarthy at the first General Asembly of #OccupyHarvard Nov 9 2011 8.04pm 2/2. Timothy McCarthy. Office Address Rubenstein-206 Mailing Address John F.

Timothy McCarthy

Kennedy School of Government Mailbox 14 79 JFK Street Cambridge, MA 02138 Profile Timothy Patrick McCarthyis Lecturer on History and Literature, Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy, and Director of the Sexuality, Gender, and Human Rights Program at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy. Courses Fall. Ahmed Maher, organizer of Egypt's Spring uprising. Ahmed Maher (youth leader) Maher, 2012 Ahmed Maher (born 2 December 1980 in Alexandria) is one of the co-founders of the April 6 Youth Movement, and a prominent participant in the anti-Mubarak demonstrations in Egypt in 2011.[1][2] He is a civil engineer[3] who works for a construction firm in New Cairo.

Maher attempted to organize several demonstrations after April 2008.[4] However, his efforts were hindered both by interference from Egyptian security forces[5][6] and internal divisions within the April 6 movement. In June 2010, Maher helped organize a protest against the killing, by Egyptian police, of Khaled Said, a young resident of Alexandria. Maher has expressed support for the potential bid of Mohamed ElBaradei for the Egyptian presidency.[7] He appeared in the 2011 BAFTA award-winning film, How to Start a Revolution.

UNESCO Interview with Ahmed Maher. Ahmed Maher & @Lockean asks about Wikileaks & Bradley Manning concerning transparancy of government. Ahmed Maher @ occupy harvard. Occupy Harvard Protest. Assembly at the Yard - Harvad Law School Nov 9th. Documentary: Privatization & Working conditions at the University of Utrecht « Kritische Studenten Utrecht. So why are you here? Harvard students opposed to #occupyharvard cursing at us marching. Your future presidents! #sad. Heather Pickerell (@hpickerell) sur Twitter. Evan Ribot: You can't have a universit... Anonymous: Harvard students place ten... Evan Ribot: Get out of your stupid ten... Occupy Protest Shuts Down Harvard Yard.

GSAS student Marissa M.

Occupy Protest Shuts Down Harvard Yard

Egertsrom teaches the basics of "General Assemblies" while facilitating a conversation Wednesday night on the Law School campus. UPDATED 4:34 a.m. 11/10/11 A tent city was hastily constructed in front of University Hall Wednesday night during a tense dialogue between “Occupy Harvard” protesters and Dean of Student Life Suzy M. Nelson. Occupy L.A. Eviction: Is LAPD Restricting Coverage With Last-Minute 'Pool Media'? Click to enlarge PHOTO BY TED SOQUI Will the final LAPD-Occupy standoff be photographed?

Occupy L.A. Eviction: Is LAPD Restricting Coverage With Last-Minute 'Pool Media'?

[Update, morning after: Awesomely, the "pool" reports turned into a sort of crowd-sourced feed; LA Weekly reporter Gene Maddaus says he received constant email updates throughout the night from news outlets with soldiers in the pool. So it seems the chosen ones didn't adhere to the LAPD's silly, unenforceable idea of how media should work at the eviction. As it should be. However, police did manage to force out all indie reporters/photogs from the park with threats of arrest, and Dakota Smith at the LA Daily News Tweeted this morning that "LAPD didn't want us interviewing protesters.... handful times we could talk to people.

"] [Update: All "uncredentialed" media was moved out of the park as soon as arrests began, as promised. [Update: Predictably, though the LAPD instructed them not to, a few reporters in the pool are Tweeting anyway. The pending Occupy L.A. eviction is a trickier beast. Ruth Fowler: LAPD Made Sure The Whole World Ain't Watching.

As both a journalist who occasionally freelances for the mainstream media, and an Occupier, I find myself in a conflicted position regarding reporting on Occupy LA.

Ruth Fowler: LAPD Made Sure The Whole World Ain't Watching

My personal affinity towards the movement means that I am loathe to write about it in the mainstream media with any kind of objectivity. The flipside of this, is that rarely is the mainstream media itself impartial or unbiased, as a recent article by Naomi Wolf, entitled The Shocking Truth About the Crackdown on Occupy, highlighted. Compromised by corporations, politics and money, the media's agenda is rarely as simple as reporting the truth. Occupy Harvard's first night. Occupy Harvard Nov. 9. WikiLeaks Truck arrives at #MIT loading dock to receive suppl. Art Superheroes: @Lockean I got arrested wh... Kgz77ltj Shared by effiemichelle. Gene: @occupy_harvard John Harv... Aaron Bady: #OccupyHarvard has these t... Harvard Gazette: Message to the Harvard community. Last night, several hundred demonstrators converged on the Harvard campus to express their support for the Occupy movement. The demonstrators consisted of people from within and outside the Harvard community.

At the conclusion of the evening, Harvard students erected tents in the Yard, which remained through the night. We are writing now to explain the principles that have informed, and will continue to inform, our response to these activities. First, we respect and protect the rights of members of the Harvard community to express their views on matters of public debate. These rights, of course, are tempered by the rights of other members of our community to express their views, and our need to live, study, and work in an educationally appropriate environment. Second, the University has a fundamental obligation to be attentive to the safety, security, and well-being of its students, faculty, and staff on campus. . — Alan M. . — Katie Lapp, Executive Vice President Growing strong. Harvard Law Professor Criticizes 'Homeland Security Feel' Of 'Overreaction' To Occupy Harvard. By Brad Johnson on November 12, 2011 at 9:00 am "Harvard Law Professor Criticizes ‘Homeland Security Feel’ Of ‘Overreaction’ To Occupy Harvard" In a letter to the president of Harvard University, Harvard Law School professor Duncan Kennedy criticized the lockdown of Harvard Yard against the 99 Percent movement.

Harvard Law Professor Criticizes 'Homeland Security Feel' Of 'Overreaction' To Occupy Harvard

On Wednesday night, hundreds of Occupy protesters marched from a rally at Harvard Law School to enter the heart of the world’s most prestigious university, blocked by Harvard security forces who began closing the iron gates that are normally kept open 24 hours a day. Harvard students, allowed in after showing identification, set up about 20 tents in the yard with the help of other students who joined when word went out about the lockdown.

Harvard Yard remains closed to people without university IDs. “It seems to me an overreaction to have closed the Yard to outsiders last night,” Kennedy wrote to Harvard President Drew Faust. Timothy P. Download Duncan Kennedy’s letter. Neely o'hara: sooo you need a valid harv...

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