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Play Corporatization of Our Public Space

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Bloomberg Security Try to Stop Occupy Interview - and Fail (Charlie Veitch) The Love Police. Everything is Still OK. OCCUPYWALLSTREET: 1st arrest at #OWS also.. [OccupyOakland] 'Pancho' Ramos: 'Arrested while meditating at the Oscar Grant Plaza' [DemocracyNow!] @ONEworldcitizen Pancho Ramos-Stierle... Occupy Oakland Activist Pancho Ramos facing possible deportation after Monday's arrest. Breaking into public space. Go Play in the Street! Sure, Says Transit Group, Proposing ‘Play Streets’

Stickball, skully and hopscotch used to be as common on New York’s streets as cars.

Go Play in the Street! Sure, Says Transit Group, Proposing ‘Play Streets’

These days, vehicles have totally taken over, but transportation advocates are fighting back to carve out space for kids. Transportation Alternatives is putting out another call for neighborhoods to apply to make their street a “Play Street,” where communities can close off blocks of New York to traffic. This allows children a safe environment to play in while tackling the childhood obesity problem.

The program is administered by the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, with TA and the Strategic Alliance for Health offering assistance to those who wish to go through the Play Street application process. The deadline for submitting an application to the Department of Health is February 21. Last summer, 15 streets participated in the program, and Transportation Alternatives has written to the Mayor asking him to commit to raising this number to 66 by the year 2030. Occupy the Farm.

Occupy Playgrounds

Libraries as Disappearing Public Spaces. Adbusting Esprit/ Occupy public space. Occupy Wall Street: Here's the letter that fre... Barricades Removed From Zuccotti Park, Occupy Wall Street Protesters Rejoice. Barricades Come Down at Zuccotti Park, Protesters Re-Occupy. Last night the barricades that have been surrounding Zuccotti Park in downtown New York finally came down after repeated complaints and letters from the National Lawyers' Guild and others.

Barricades Come Down at Zuccotti Park, Protesters Re-Occupy

Almost immediately, protesters re-entered, as Gothamist reports: Earlier this evening, the barricades were removed and stacked off to the sides, permitting visitors to enter the park wherever their heart's desire, instead of the narrow security checkpoints. FREEDOM! But with freedom comes responsibility; according to one occupier, "Brookfield Security said unless we do something stupid the park will remain open!

" Police ignores court order. Mapping Tool Tracks New York’s Privately Owned Public Spaces. This post has been updated.

Mapping Tool Tracks New York’s Privately Owned Public Spaces

There are more than 500 privately owned public spaces in New York City, most of which are clustered in Midtown, Lower Manhattan and the Upper East and West Sides. You’ll find a fewstragglers around Downtown Brooklyn, and one lonely spot — 1 Court Square — in Long Island City, Queens (think the big, glass Citigroup Building).

Occupy Gezi Park - Taksim Square

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Patent US748626 - GAME-BOARD - Google Patents

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VVD en PvdA: station niet afsluiten met ov-poortjes - Politiek

Passagiers passeren de toegangspoortjes op metrostation Weesperplein in Amsterdam Het afsluiten van stations met ov-poortjes is een zaak die tussen gemeenten en NS moeten worden opgelost. Dat zei staatssecretaris Wilma Mansveld (Spoor) vandaag tijdens een debat in de Tweede Kamer. Ze reageerde op het verzoek van de VVD en PvdA om de stations niet volledig af te sluiten. Met Maatwerk per station moet een oplossing worden gevonden voor stations die door ov-poortjes zijn of nog worden afgesloten. Toegankelijheid stationsRegeringspartijen VVD en PvdA lieten eerder op de dag weten niet te willen dat stations worden afgesloten voor mensen zonder ov-chipkaart.