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Church counseling ministries

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Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs - Resources for Programs. California Baptist University: About Master of Arts in Counseling Ministry. M.A.%20Counseling%20Ministry%20Course%20Requirements;%207-09. Second Baptist Church, Houston, Woodway. First Baptist Church of Frederick. CentrePoint Counseling Services and Ministries Our Mission: To provide Christ-centered professional counseling and consultation services that work for transformation at the center of individuals, families and organizations, creating a ripple effect of change in thinking, believing, and acting.

First Baptist Church of Frederick

CentrePointe counselors work with individuals, couples, and families to improve relationships, deal with emotional and spiritual struggles, negotiate life transitions, and find meaning from the center of one’s life. As pastoral counselors, we believe that there is an important spiritual dimension that people bring to the counseling process that should not be minimized. We believe in the care of the soul. At the same time, we believe that it is important not to ignore scientific advances in the understanding of biological and psychological human functioning. Sagemont Church - Counseling Ministry. The Sagemont Counseling Center seeks to be “living proof of a loving God to a watching world” by providing soul-care in a Christ-like manner.

Sagemont Church - Counseling Ministry

Our goal is to demonstrate that Sagemont Church is a “safe place” to those who hurt by offering care-giving resources that meet the emotional and spiritual needs of church members and the community. We are committed to providing care from a Christ-centered and biblically-based perspective. We recognize the Word of God as the ultimate source of truth, and endorse and utilize only those psychological principles and techniques that are compatible with the Scripture. We are pleased that you have chosen Sagemont to receive counseling services. In order for you to make a fully informed decision about utilizing our services, we’d like to share some information about us, and what we do in counseling. We consider ourselves to be Christian counselors. Johnson Ferry Baptist Church.

The Johnson Ferry Counseling Ministry has a variety of support groups available.

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

Drawing strength from others who have experienced and conquered specific challenges is a healthy approach to take. Isolation is the natural, yet harmful reaction to emotional and spiritual pain. We encourage you to reach out to others and experience Christ's love and compassion through our support groups.

Al-Anon. Johnson Street Church of Christ. Grace Harbor Counseling Ministries. Local Personal Counseling – Thank you for inquiring about our counseling services.

Grace Harbor Counseling Ministries

We are glad to have the opportunity to serve you. Please take time to learn more about us in order to have a better understanding of our philosophy and method of Christian counseling. Our FAQ, Testimonies and Core Values links will serve you as a resource in your search for personal counseling. If you would like personal counseling, please contact us. Read a testimony of how God worked in the life of one family through GHCM!

All of our counseling sessions are 90 minutes in length. Grace Harbor is a “faith-based” service. Pastors – Grace Harbor’s strongest relational commitment is directed toward the local church. Counseling - Scottsdale Bible Church. Counseling in the Church by Dr. Gary Rupp. By Dr.

Counseling in the Church by Dr. Gary Rupp

Gary Rupp Dr. Gary Rupp is Associate Professor of Counseling at RTS/Orlando. He holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from Georgia State University. He resides in Winter Park, Florida, with his wife, Kay, and their twin sons, Nate and Ben. The idea of a counseling ministry in the church precipitates a wide range of response held with greater or lesser passion. First, through a counseling ministry, the church says we want to help you struggle with life’s demands. How To Begin A Counseling Ministry and Take It Higher. The Law and Church Counseling: Part Five—Building Safeguards Into Your Ministry. The Law and Church Counseling: Part Five—Building Safeguards Into Your Ministry Note: You’re reading Part Five in a blog mini-series on The Law and Church Counseling.

The Law and Church Counseling: Part Five—Building Safeguards Into Your Ministry

Read Part One Caring Carefully, Part Two The Legal History and Climate, Part Three Scope of Care, and Part Four Quality of Care. I’m summarizing these posts from material in chapter twelve of Equipping Counselors for Your Church. To learn more about the book, which is now available for pre-order, visit Equipping Counselors. Seven pertinent issues summarize the quality of care matters that every biblical counseling ministry should address: propriety, humility, referral, confidentiality, church discipline, documentation, and supervision.

Confidentiality in Biblical Counseling Ministry Like each of the quality of care issues, confidentiality has legal meanings as well as biblical/ethical implications. Ministry 101: Counseling programs that work. When a crazed gunman entered Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, and shot 15 people, counselor Kevin Gailey wasn't able to offer immediate help to survivors– he was one of the victims.

Ministry 101: Counseling programs that work

After his release from the hospital, the director of Wedgwood's counseling center directed follow-up care for hundreds of students at the "See You At The Pole" rally interrupted by violence. Since that tragic evening, Wedgewood added seven full- or part-time counselors and one intern. The expansion proved beneficial when the 9-11-01 terrorist attacks dredged up memories of the church shootings two years earlier. "A counseling center isn't dependent on the size of a church," Gailey says.

"For a very minimal cost, a church can have a viable and working presence in a community. " It can also reinforce a pastor's proclamation that the church is a caring place, says the director of the counseling ministry at Southern California's Saddleback Church. Widespread outreach.