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DIY :: Owl Be Home for Christmas A few months ago, inspiration struck when I realized how much potential crafting material was being wasted with the unused cardboard boxes that always seem to be flowing through our office. With such a neat texture, I wondered, ‘What, oh what, can we create using cardboard?’ Shortly thereafter, I stumbled upon these beyond adorable ornaments at Anthro made out of, you guessed it… cardboard! So, I set out to create a cardboard owl ornament, and I must say, I’m completely smitten with the final product (just look at those beady little eyes and tiny twig feet!) Of course, we’ve got a downloadable template and step-by-step instructions for you to create your own little guy, all after the jump. cardboard3-inch Smoothfoam egg (available at Hobby Lobby)printable owl ornament template (download here)X-acto knife or scissorsgold, brown and bronze glitterspray adhesivestraight pins2 black beadsorange markerhot glue gunthread DIY :: Owl Be Home for Christmas
Kate Spade-inspired Photo Shoot from Styled Creative and Alison Conklin Kate Spade-inspired Photo Shoot from Styled Creative and Alison Conklin Location Categories Tags Designers Vendors Venues
Are you drooling yet? ‘Cause I have been, ever since I laid eyes on these Gingersnap Milkshakes that Lisa sent over for her installment in our 12 Tastes of Christmas series. Lisa is not only an amazing cook, food stylist and photographer…I’m lucky to get to call this incredible girl a friend. We bonded at Alt Summit last year, and I got to hang with her during my San Fran trip earlier this month. 12 Tastes of Christmas :: Gingersnap Shake 12 Tastes of Christmas :: Gingersnap Shake
A little here, a little there... A little Christmas everywhere! So you know Thanksgiving is next week right? Well, I've slowly started to pull my Christmas things out because: I put too much effort into decorating to not enjoy it for a while! A little here, a little there...
A Christmas Yuleblog A Christmas Yuleblog Did you that wife that Santa comes from Italy? And your presents on Christmas morning could have a very cheesy smell? Every Italian stereotype is thrown in good measure on this song - eh cumpari! Crawford has a long career in the R&B/jazz world and was astounded to find this at a garage sale for a dime. If you want some Christmas sax this holiday, look no further than this. Track 7 - David Hill (with Ray Martin & His Orchestra) - Christmas Bride RCA Victor - 47-7430 (H2PW-7812) - 1958
Let The Decorating Begin! Can you believe it's that time of the year again!? Now, I haven't started to drag out my decorations from the attic but I'm definitely thinking about how I want to decorate this year and I've decided to go with a burlap theme! We're in a new and different house so I'm changing things up a little! Let The Decorating Begin!
time of the aquarius: gift wrapping It´s nice to give and receive beautiful X-mas gifts. My wrapping papers are inexpensive black silk and basic brown wrapping papers but with a few nice elements you can create a simple and stylish gift packages. You can also use wrapping papers left overs as a ribbons. time of the aquarius: gift wrapping
A Homemade Holiday at, Vintage Inspired Clothing, Affordable Clothes, Eco friendly Fashion
Black Owl Ornament Christmas Decoration Jeweled by midwestmaude Black Owl Ornament Christmas Decoration Jeweled by midwestmaude Jeweled Owl Ornament. Hand painted and embellished with 1 vintage plastic flower bead, 2 vintage brass flower beads, and black, green, and aqua rhinestones. 1/8" thick wood painted jet black. Sealed with clear varnish. Strung with twisted gold metallic embroidery floss, and hung from a screw eye at the top of the ornament. 3.6" high x 2.7" wide.
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Tutorial: DIY Christmas Wreath Tutorial: DIY Christmas Wreath This project was originally part of an event over at Sew Dang Cute Crafts!!!!! I was thrilled that Tam asked me to come up with a project, and I love Tam’s site and her projects are “SEW” adorable! So, here is the post I wrote for her a few weeks ago.Today I’m going to jump ahead a few months and prepare you for the holidays. I’m one of those people that RARELY think ahead (I wish I was), and I’m kind of proud of myself for doing this project a few months in advance! (I can’t take full credit though, I am the Relief Society Activities director in my church group, so the wreath is part of a “Get ready for the Holidays” activity that I’m involved in.)
Christmas Stuff / toilet paper tubes into OWLS!
Christmas Stuff / Cute felt ornament!
Living Christmas Cards
Christmas is getting near, and that magical feeling is in the air. To help foster that festive mood, or to get you feeling that Christmas cheer if you aren't feeling it yet, why not tune in to some Christmas music online? There are many free online radio stations to choose from. Some even play Christmas music year round! Read on to learn of the most popular Christmas radio stations online. The Best Websites To Listen To Christmas Music Online For Free | The Best Websites To Listen To Christmas Music Online For Free |
1. Deck The Halls Manheim Steamroller download 2. White Christmas The Drifters download 3. Mele Kalikimaka Bing Crosby download 25 Days of Christmas
Okay, everyone… I’ve been schooled. I’ve learned a lesson in the how-to of the chocolately, ooey, gooey, deliciousness of making the perfect, and I mean PERFECT chocolate chip cookie. I used to own a cookie business, which worked out so well considering I ate most of the inventory, and over the years I have made it my mission to find the best chocolate chip cookie evah! You know the kind, the chewy, melt-in-your-mouth, sweet, but not too sweet, dunkable, munchable cookie.

PERFECT Chocolate Chip Cookies!

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What the heck is an Adornament? Well, simply put, it’s an ornament you adore. Or an ornament that you have adorned.

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