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Zhou Youguang, Primary Architect Of Pinyin, Dies At 111. Zhou Youguang sits at home in Beijing, in 2015.

Zhou Youguang, Primary Architect Of Pinyin, Dies At 111

Born when a Qing dynasty emperor was on the throne, he went on to help invent the Pinyin writing system used for transliterating the Chinese alphabet. Profil d'utilisateur : Lucy Feng. Lucy Feng.

Wang dongling

Dark (Heaven) and Yellow (Earth) Artist:

Dark (Heaven) and Yellow (Earth)

唐海文 無題 Untitled by T’ang Haywen on artnet. De Sarthe Gallery. T'ang Haywen. China Online Museum. When war came in 1937, Wu moved with the school to the far west – first to Yunnan, then to Chongqing, the wartime capital, where Lin Fengmian, who had spent several years in France, fired his most gifted students with a longing to go there.

China Online Museum

Wu, Zhu and the equally gifted Zhao Wuji (Zao Wou-Ki) set about learning French, and in 1947 Wu traveled to Paris to study at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts on a government scholarship. A favorite student of Jean Souverbie, Wu Guanzhong has told of his admiration for Utrillo, Braque, Matisse, Gauguin, Cézanne and Picasso, and especially for Van Gogh, to whose grave he has made pilgrimage. After returning to China in 1950, Wu Guanzhong introduced aspects of Western art to his students at the Central Academy of Art in Beijing. The Academy was known to have been dominated by social realism and Wu was called “a fortress of bourgeois formalism”. Refusing to conform to political dogma, he was transferred from one academy to another. Ancient China - The British Museum.

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La Légende des Chevaliers aux 108 Etoiles - MONGOLS CHINA AND THE SILK ROAD : Site of Kublai Khan's Yuan Dynasty imperial palace discovered in Beijing. Chinese archaeologists believe they may have solved one of the great mysteries of antiquity in Beijing – the site of the imperial palace of the Yuan dynasty established by Kublai Khan in the 13th century.

MONGOLS CHINA AND THE SILK ROAD : Site of Kublai Khan's Yuan Dynasty imperial palace discovered in Beijing

And while the Yuan palace was always believed to have been located near the present Forbidden City, experts from the Palace Museum now think it was under their feet, literally, in the centre of China’s most famous royal residence, reports. Announcing the rare found yesterday, the experts said they had uncovered the foundations of a royal residence seven centuries old at the bottom layer of an archaeological dig in the centre of the Forbidden City. The sprawling complex, built between 1406 and 1420, was the imperial palace of the Ming dynasty (1368–1644) and then the Qing dynasty until 1912. The exact site of the Yuan imperial palace had remained a mystery but was thought to be close to the Forbidden City. Thank You! - Sensible Chinese. Please check your email for access to your free Chinese learning resource!

Thank You! - Sensible Chinese

Depending on whether you are totally new to the Sensible Chinese family or if you've signed up for something before you'll have one or two emails. One email is to confirm your address and say that it's OK for us to send you valuable Chinese learning material. You'll also receive Welcome emails with your free learning resources and gifts over the next few days so keep an eye out for them. If you are new to Sensible Chinese here are some of our most popular pages and tools. Members Area.

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紫书的相册-老树画画. Artistes contemporains chinois. Calligraphie chinoise. Chine ancienne. Ecrivains chinois. Art chinois. Culture de Chine. Livre mauve. 豐子愷 Feng Zikai. 喜看老树画画 - 日志 - 静安白云客 - 雅昌博客频道. 新浪微博上的“老树画画”俨然已成热门人物,他在微博上所发的类似宋人山水风格的幽默漫画,笔墨老到而率真,不拘格局,任性而发,既有金冬心的笔触格调,又有丰子恺的简约意蕴,而内容或调侃或讽刺或插科打诨,处处见性见情,那些精巧的画面构思和打油诗一般的配文给人留下极深的印象。

喜看老树画画 - 日志 - 静安白云客 - 雅昌博客频道

时下要把老树画画纳入新文人画派却是件令人颇费筹躇的事情。 从笔墨技巧上讲,他无疑和新文人画一脉相通,并无二致。 但不管是朱新建、徐乐乐,还是田黎明、江宏伟等等新文人画派的大佬,都只在自己的心园里耕耘,不问政事,更不理社会闲杂俗务,总是和当今世界隔了一层膜,成为“笔墨当随时代”最坚定的反对者。 而老树画画则时时刻刻在关注着这个暄嚣、浮躁、疯狂的社会的一切变化,包括不公、不平、不满和无耐、无聊、无意,一切喜怒哀乐、风云变幻都尽现笔端。 个人日常生活的瞬间快乐他可入画,而社会的弊病乃至黑暗,他也挥笔记录在画,具有脱离了低级趣味的市井式风俗漫画的特点。 作品一:北京的房价. Taïwan à travers les livres… 從書本 看台灣. Private Sales - GALLERY DETAILS. About Private Sales Private Sales has been an integral part of Christie’s offerings since our founding in 1766.


Today we continue to provide our global clients unparalleled service to meet their diverse and growing collecting needs. 北京當代藝術館. Yesterday and Other Stories: Changing Notions of Contemporary Chinese Landscape. Ethan Cohen Fine Arts. Private Sales. Asian Contemporary Art Week. Interview with Qin Feng Posted by admin on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 · Leave a Comment Qin Feng grew up as a shepherd in China’s Northwestern frontier region.

Asian Contemporary Art Week

His strong features and curly beard coupled with his dark tan and powerful build give him the air of a Chinese cowboy. Qin (b. 1961), recalls fondly that his first canvas was based on the open prairie, where he cut hay into square patches and peed circles into fresh snow. ETHAN COHEN FINE ARTS. Histoire de la peinture et calligraphie chinoises des Han. Bibliothèques d'Asie du Sud-Est.

Département des livres rares.

Bibliothèques d'Asie du Sud-Est

D'Ardenne de Tizac: L'art chinois classique - Bibliothèque Chine ancienne. 清国北京皇城写真帖. Shen Congwen 沈从文 Présentation 介绍.

Li Taï-pé (Li Bai, Li Po) The Most Beautiful Town of China —— Fenghuang - Orichinese - Orichinese. Posted by elvis | Posted in Travel in China | Posted on 25-08-2012 Tags: hunan, town Fenghuang, praised as "the Most Beautiful Town of China" by famous New Zealand writer Rewi Alley, is a small county renowned for its natural beauty, rich history and culture as well as colorful ethnic customs, located at south Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture of Hunan province, China. Zhang Ailing / Eileen Chang 张爱玲. Diana LoMeiHing. Utiliser la francophonie à la marge en classe de FLE: les vertus pédagogiques de l´œuvre de Rita Mestokosho en Suède. « Je suis innue, et innu veut dire être humain. Li Qing zhao, « Œuvres poétiques complètes » ← Notes du mont Royal. Éd. Chinese Art Gallery.

An Introduction to Chinese Traditional Culture. 5.5 Song Ci 5.5.1 Historical Background The establishment of Song in 960 A. D. marked the beginning of the second and ultimate period of Chinese feudal society. In order to restrain the rapid growth of the military, the central government curbed the power of military officials by widely recruiting literati for the management of state affairs and replacing regional military governors and their supporters with centrally appointed officials. The First Monographic Works on Forensic Medicine. The first monographic work on forensic medicine in the world is Xiyuan Jilu (Collected Writings on the Washing Away of Wrongs), written by Song Ci of theSouthern Song Dynasty(1127-1279). It was written in 1247, and is the earliest systematic book on judicial examination in the world. Later, it was spread abroad, and was translated into English, French, Dutch, German, Korean, Japanese, and Russian as well as other languages.

Chinese forensic medicine has a very long history, with examination by forensic physicians having been practiced from long ago. When Cai Yong of theHan Dynasty(206BC-220AD) explained the book Li Ji, Yueling, he defined the following terms related to injury: Injury of the skin is called shang, injury of the flesh (involving bleeding) is called chuang, and injury of the bones and muscles is called zhe. Zhou Sicong, Portrait of Li Qingzhao. Followed by sudden rain, sudden wind. (Li Qingzhao & Karen An-hwei Lee) A coincidence. Seeking a rare vision of grace in the ash of war, exile, and a ruined economy, my eye fell upon a Song Dynasty woman poet’s writings via an ideogram shared by our last names: 李. As far as equivalencies between our languages, her last name and mine are one and the same.

Her full name: Li Qingzhao.