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Sauf exception, toutes les photos de ce blog sont prises avec l'un des appareils argentiques suivants : Minox 35 EL, Hongmei 304, Miranda Sensorex, Diana F+ et Holga Pinhole 135. Aucune photo n'est retouchée. Ce ser. Ancient China is Now Online with Google Art Project. Google Art Project took off in 2011 with the aim to make the world’s great cultural artifacts viewable online.

Ancient China is Now Online with Google Art Project

But mainland China has always been a sizable omission from its digital archives. That has finally changed with the first-ever Chinese museum now cataloged by Google. 50 priceless pieces from the Hunan Provincial Museum in central China can now be seen here. The museum specializes in items excavated from local Han-era tombs, plus bronzeware from the Shang and Zhou dynasties dating back to 1600BC. One of the oldest – and most adorable – of the ancient relics is this boar-shaped bronze wine vessel which is at least 3,000 years old:

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