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Cherry Blossom Art from a Recycled Soda Bottle Mar01 by Rachel Meeks Pink blossoms will soon appear on trees, and the National Cherry Blossom Festival starts on March 20. In 1912 the city of Tokyo, Japan, gave Washington, D.C., a beautiful gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees.

Cherry Blossom Art from a Recycled Soda Bottle

Ancient China - Ancient Chinese Life for Kids
Empress Wu If you're a teacher, parent, or day camp counselor thinking of spending a week or so on ancient China, here's some ideas other people have found useful: Clothes: For boys, loose cotton pants in blue or black, and a matching cotton jacket – pajamas may be the easiest way to find this, or an athletic outfit with sweatpants. For girls, a long white nightgown is a good place to start – it should reach her ankles. Over it, maybe a long embroidered robe, like a kimono, tied at the waist. Ancient China Projects for Kids! Ancient China Projects for Kids!
Chinese Inventions and the Chinese New Year
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Ancient China

World History Crafts for Kids World History Crafts for Kids A Book In Time » World History Kids Crafts » Crafts for All Historical Eras World History Kids Crafts These crafts could be adapted for almost any theme that you are teaching in your history curriculum. Find lots of suggestions for classroom activities here, from making books, to food ideas for various cultures, to art techniques.
A popular old-fashioned noise-making toy, the Chinese drum (rattle) is twisted in the hand so that the beads bounce of it and make a noise. With practise you can get a good rhythm going! Here's one the kids can make themselves.. You will need: Chinese Drum Craft Chinese Drum Craft
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Great Wall of China Lesson Activities: Teaching the History and Geography of the Amazing Chinese Landmark Great Wall of China Lesson Activities: Teaching the History and Geography of the Amazing Chinese Landmark Great Wall of China|Airunp The Great Wall of China represents 2000 years of Chinese history. The earliest known sections were unconnected barricades built in the 7th century BC by the Zhou Dynasty. In 221 BC, during the Qin Dynasty, the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, connected the smaller walls, linking them and extending them into the current foundation for one wall. Due to neglect, it deteriorated because the Great Wall was not maintained after the Qin Dynasty.
Do not want others to know what you have done? Better not have done it anyways. -Chinese Proverb Ch'in (Qin) (221BCE-206BCE) During the Qin dynasty, all of China was united and the Great Wall of China was begun. A to Z Kids Stuff | China A to Z Kids Stuff | China
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China What do you know about China? Learn about its land, history, and culture. OFFICIAL NAME: People’s Republic of China SIZE: 3,705,407 square miles (9,596,961 square kilometers); slightly smaller than the United States POPULATION: 1,349,585,838 as of July 2013 China
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Best Chinese Websites Chinese Teacher hints, advice and tips I know from my own experience that being on a continual path of self-improvement is an absolute necessity toward be a good teacher. Hang out with other educators that you admire. Watch them closely and learn from them. Best Chinese Websites
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China Advertisement. is a user-supported site. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. China
Continent: East AsiaClimate: Varies dramatically, from cold and dry in the north to steamy in the south School: Most schools in China run from about 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., including a two-hour break for lunch. Uniforms are typically required. Besides subjects such as language and math, schools teach moral education-values and attitudes that are believed to be important for all citizens.Play: Tiaoqi (Chinese checkers) and Xiangqi (Chinese chess) are favorite board games. Kids from China
eChineseLearning provides a huge number of kids' Chinese language resources for your kids to learn Chinese. These Chinese materials for kids are edited by eChineseLearning's professional Chinese teaching staff, and specially designed for kids to learn Chinese. We offer a variety of interesting, kid-friendly topics which enable kids to Chinese effective with fun! Best of all, these Chinese materials for kids are totally FREE! Free Chinese Materials for Kids to Learn Chinese
Ancient China - Ancient Chinese Life for Kids
A Kids Life in China As of July 1, 2013 ThinkQuest has been discontinued. We would like to thank everyone for being a part of the ThinkQuest global community: Students - For your limitless creativity and innovation, which inspires us all. Teachers - For your passion in guiding students on their quest. Partners - For your unwavering support and evangelism. Parents - For supporting the use of technology not only as an instrument of learning, but as a means of creating knowledge.
China for Kids! Free crafts, coloring pages, puzzles, maps and more.
Chinese Culture... for kids! So what's the Chinese bad luck number? It isn't 13... If you get on an elevator, what's the missing number on the pad? You will notice the number 4 is missing... yes, Chinese consider this a "bad luck" number as the pronunciation "suh" sounds similar to the Chinese character for "death".
Ancient China for Kids - Stories, Games, Dynasties, Geography, Daily Life, Religion, Inventions, and More!
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