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中国 / China

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Urges Microsoft and Cisco to Reconsider China. This week saw two disappointing decisions by two major American companies, Microsoft and Cisco, that appear to be choosing to become little tech helpers to China's repressive regime rather than choosing to be a force for good.

Urges Microsoft and Cisco to Reconsider China

For Cisco, it's more of the same. For Microsoft, it's a disappointing turn. China’s Internet censorship is perhaps the most pervasive and its filtering system most sophisticated. Breaching Trust: An analysis of surveillance and security practices on China’s TOM-Skype platform.

浏览 / Browsing

浏览 / Browsing. 浏览 / Browsing. 绕过防火墙 / Firewall of China. 新闻 / News. 加密聊天 / IM. List of blacklisted keywords in the People's Republic of China.