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Chess tactics training - Improve your chess. A place to enjoy and learn about chess. WhyChess. اتحاد الإمارات للشطرنج. Welcome to Abu Dhabi Chess. نادي دبي للشطرنج والثقافة. Welcome to The Qatar Chess Association Website. Chess South Africa. ChessBomb / Chessdom Live Arena. Chess, chess news, live chess games.

Europe Echecs. Chess shop from the developers of Rybka 4 Aquarium. Play Chess Online - Free Chess Games at ChessCube. ICC. Chess-Results Server - Homepage. A place to enjoy and learn about chess. Chess Café. Chess News, Chess Programs, Databases - Play Chess Online. World Chess Federation - FIDE. Chess Tactics Server. Chess Games. Susan Polgar Chess Daily News and Information.

Chess in Translation: Russian chess news and interviews in English. Chess on Stamps. Many years ago, when it seems like I had more time, and there was no computer screen to distract me, my stamp collection didn't gather dust on the shelf.

Chess on Stamps

"Topical Collecting" -- collecting stamps picturing certain topics, rather than the stamps of a single country, caught my interest, and I started to accumulate stamps with the chess theme. As I hand-lettered my album pages and researched the tournaments, I felt some regret that others couldn't share the lovely images. Chess History Center - Chess Notes.