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Communauté Steam :: Guide :: StarBound - Le tuto français complet [update, traduction, autres... ]
Articles “The most randomly awesome game I've played in a while” “... generation upon generation of user-made structures dot the landscape, and oversized shapes and enigmatic letters mystify like Nazca lines. It feels free, like playing with Legos as kid. 8BitMMO on Steam 8BitMMO on Steam
Risk of Rain
Risk of Rain Wiki Risk of Rain Wiki Welcome to the Risk of Rain WikiRisk of Rain is an action platformer/adventure game with randomized elements. The game is set in the distant future, where space transportation is common. Space trains carry passengers and goods all across space. A particular space train, however, had some very special cargo.
Escape Goat 2 Escape Goat 2 Escape Goat 2 is a puzzle platformer game where you use machinery, the environment, and a friendly mouse to progress through a dungeon. Strange Places Await… A mysterious mechanized forest, an abandoned cathedral, and 9 other regions connected to the Stronghold…Explore a new world of puzzles, traps, mechanisms and mystery in Escape Goat 2. You may have escaped the Prison of Agnus and freed the captive sheep within… but now that the sheep have chosen to enter a new prison, you find yourself on a new rescue mission. Why have the sheep willingly given up their freedom, and for that matter why have you? The answers await in the Stronghold….
Custom Worlds & Level Editing
Hold up, buddy. To edit this page, you'll need a username. (It's free and only takes a sec.) Fez is a downloadable open world game from independent developer Polytron, released on Xbox Live Arcade on April 13th, 2012. The game stars a character named Gomez and is a 2D puzzle platformer set in a 3D world where you can always rotate the point of view completely around. There are no bosses, enemies, or any sort of conflict in the game. Fez Wiki Guide & Walkthrough Fez Wiki Guide & Walkthrough
Unepic Wiki Welcome to the Unepic Wiki Edit This is a Wiki about the Unepic game, available at Or Unepic is now available for purchase on Steam!! Click here! Unepic Wiki
About Gone Home | The Fullbright Company A Story Exploration Video Game 2013 Finalist for Excellence in Narrative. Honorable Mention for Excellence in Audio and Seumas McNally Grand Prize. “I didn’t realize it until now, but I’ve been waiting for Gone Home for as long as I’ve been a gamer.”-Marty Sliva, “I was transported to a home I’d never visited,but that felt achingly familiar.” About Gone Home | The Fullbright Company
Hotline Miami - Official Site
"A game with half of the attention to detail and imagination Antichamber has would be a smash hit - this bare-bones first-person puzzler is one of the most thought-provoking, engaging, and challenging video games ever developed." James Pikover, GamesBeat "Antichamber's puzzles exist in an environment where the laws of nature don't apply, allowing players to think in ways that reality doesn't require." Jeff Marchiafava, Game Informer "If I could display some of my favorite digital puzzle games on a shelf, I'd put Antichamber next to the Portal series." Anthony Gallegos, IGN

Antichamber - A Mind-Bending Psychological Exploration Game

Antichamber - A Mind-Bending Psychological Exploration Game

Don't Starve | Survive! Collect! Attack!

We've recently launched the Reign of Giants Expansion on Steam Early-Access! The new content in Reign of Giants touches all corners of the game and is focused on adding content throughout the entire upper world of Don’t Starve. This includes new characters, seasons, creatures, craftables and biomes, all of which will work together with the existing content of Don’t Starve to provide new challenges and play-styles. At this point of the beta, we've included two brand new characters, new seasons, biomes, creatures, craftables and items. New Characters - Play as Webber, a unique creature who can befriend Spiders and even grow a dapper silk beard. Don't Starve | Survive! Collect! Attack!
POP: Methodology Experiment One is an experimental game devised by Rob Lach. The design of POP was conceived using an experimental approach: first creating the music and then designing the games according to the emotive properties of that music. POP utilizes this altered development methodology to explore the boundaries of game structure and the philosophical context of games. POP: METHODOLOGY EXPERIMENT ONE by ROB LACH POP: METHODOLOGY EXPERIMENT ONE by ROB LACH
Voxeliens - Volumes Of Fun Voxeliens is a retro-style arcade shooter for the PC, in which you defend your planet from waves of descending enemies. The gameplay is simple and fast paced as you battle your way through different environments using a variety of powerups. Think Space Invaders would have been better in 3D? You’re right, so download the demo and play the first few levels for free… then buy the full game for just $3.99! Voxeliens - Volumes Of Fun
Universe Sandbox is an interactive space simulator for Windows based PCs. Unlike most astronomy software that just shows you what the sky looks like or where the planets are, Universe Sandbox is a powerful gravity simulator. You can add another star to our solar system and watch it rip the planets from their orbits. The free forever version allows you to explore and discover any simulation. Optionally you can upgrade to to the premium version for unlimited control. Watch the Video

Universe Sandbox | about

Armadillo Run

Legend of Grimrock

Jykä the coffee maker has been animating some hot and delicious coffee into the pan and is now ready for some blogging time! Please introduce yourself! Name is Jyri (Jykä) Leppänen and I’m the latest addition to this awesome humans crew and hoping to be equally awesome someday. My primary objectives are to make coff…to make these cool monsters animatable and then animate them to life, hopefully in a cool manner too.
Q.U.B.E: Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion
Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things. It can also be about adventuring with friends or watching the sun rise over a blocky ocean. It’s pretty. Brave players battle terrible things in The Nether, which is more scary than pretty. You can also visit a land of mushrooms if it sounds more like your cup of tea.


MCEdit, a Minecraft World Editor MCEdit is an open source world editor for just about any version of Minecraft. MCEdit was first created to allow players to preserve anything built with several old versions of Minecraft and take them forward into newer versions of the game. It also aims to be forward-compatible with future (or even modified) versions of Minecraft. It has since been improved with brush tools for laying down blocks in different shapes, integration with the Minecraft Server to generate terrain using Minecraft’s own seed algorithms, support for multiplayer worlds, and editors for certain blocks including chests and mob spawners. MCEdit: Minecraft World Editor (Now open source!)
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