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Homepage. Ripple. Click to Give - Give to Charity for free! GIVE VACCINES Home. Click to Donate - Free donations for rainforest, primates, pets, and more! Help -End Hunger- and -End Poverty- with a free click! A Home & Schooling for Orphaned Girls in India Provide a home and education for orphaned girls on the streets of Calcutta.

Help -End Hunger- and -End Poverty- with a free click!

With a hands-on approach, Baal Dan's volunteer staff personally visits orphanages throughout India, where they carefully select the very best environments for orphans and street children. When they can't find such a place, Baal Dan helps develop new facilities, including schools, libraries, and orphanages. This Gift That Gives More sponsors a girl by providing them with good, shelter, medical care, and a quality education. Donate Clicks,Donate Food,Poverty,Starvation,Free Food,Pulitzer Prize. Click For Your Charity. Click to Donate FREE! Make free donations to 70 Charities. Nonprofit & volunteer links!