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Change Model: Home. Helen Bevan on Change Management. The NHS is undergoing mountains of change. Change that will potentially transform services for patients but high risk change with high stakes. Change gurus and researchers tell us that up to 75% of change initiatives fail to achieve their objectives. The more things change, the more they stay the same. The reality of most large scale initiatives in the NHS is that every leader has a different set of experiences and ideas about critical success factors.

Untitled. A case study into planning and change management within the UK National Health Service. Cranfield & ward (2002) 'Managing Change in the NHS' Making Informed Decisionson Change. Iles & Sutherland (2001) Organisational Change. Iles & Cranfield (2004) Developing Change Management Skills. Change management. The NHS is currently undergoing a period of intensive change - technological, social and economic - so there is a real need for all managers to facilitate this change within their organisations and the wider NHS environment.

Change management

Focus on change management - why is it important? Resources and online tools to develop change management skills.