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More ceramic. Blog ceramique. Deesigns - Surface Pattern Design & Wrapping Paper Specialist. Circa Ceramics. Circa Ceramics is a collaborative studio team composed of the warm and wonderful Nancy Pizarro and Andy Witt.

Circa Ceramics

This dynamic duo creates a delicious world of candy-colored ceramic dishware, magnets, tiles, tabs, and cylinders adorned with their signature decals. Andy’s focus in the team is to produce the pieces (mugs, bowls, cylinders) using a pottery wheel that he converted from an awkward kickwheel to smooth motorized wheel. The clay, either porcelain or earthenware, is pressed into one of their handmade molds and formed on the whirling wheel with the aid of a wooden template, which carves away a consistent interior. This process is repeated for every single piece of dishware that Circa Ceramics creates. Mz Toner Technologies. Ceramic Wall Art and Backsplash Tile. Natalie Blake Studios was honored to be selected to create public art for the City of Tampa, Florida’s “ENCORE!”

Ceramic Wall Art and Backsplash Tile

Project, a 40+ acre mixed-use redevelopment district in Downtown Tampa. Our studio will create and install our handmade wall art tile on three concrete walls, each 20′ long, that run around the perimeter of ENCORE’s Trio apartment homes. Our tile murals will face the newly renovated Perry Harvey Sr. Caverne : Nur. L'oeil dans sa poche - Portraits de créateurs en Rhône-Alpes : Arts plastiques, Design, Photographie, Céramique, Illustrations, Graphismes,... Marie Verlet-Nezri. Ulrike Weiss Ceramiques. Cours - Ulrike Weiss Ceramiques. FLORENCE BRUYAS - céramiste plasticienne - L'oeil dans sa poche. Atelier Ceramique - Benadette Andrieu, artisan à Toulouse. Weekly wrap up + paper scrap light. It’s a whopping 70 degrees in Brooklyn right now, so I’m going to get out from under the pile of packing boxes in our house and get some fresh air.

Before I head out, I wanted to share this beautiful (and totally genius) DIY light project that graphic designer Gabrielle Guy created for a friend. After moving into a new house and finding an old lantern left behind, Gabrielle decided to cut strips from scrap paper and glue them onto the shade. Two days later, the result was an incredibly stunning artichoke-like lamp that looks expensive but cost close to nothing. I’m so impressed with this project that I had to share it as inspiration for the weekend. Sylvie lorne: c- Imprints. Les films choisis par l'Atelier des Arts et Techniques Céramiques. c'est mieux. Intranet IPC. Black and White Retro. Valerie Zimany. Delicious.

Valerie Zimany

I love the organic, anamorphic quality these abstract pieces have along with the gorgeous glazing. This is also an instance where I am happy to see evidence of the mold making proccess, usually I think that is something that should be left in private, like overgrown nose hairs or toenails. Pay attention to future On Etsy posts. Zimany has two very distinct bodies of work, of which these sculptures are one and delightful vessels are the other which I hope to post about soon. (images via artist's own website) Cinderelish. Valerie Zimany. Eva Hild » Galerie NeC nilsson et chiglien. English « Influence, pressure, strain.

Eva Hild » Galerie NeC nilsson et chiglien

These words have been the foundation for my current projects that comprise communicating the theme in large, hand-built clay forms. Delicate continously flowing entities in white thinbuilt clay. They reflect varying degrees of external and internal pressures, and how, as a consequence, perception of inner and outer space is changed or challenged. My sculptures are bodies, exposed to pressure and movements. New Work - RUAN HOFFMANN. Kelly McKibben, Kelly McKibben cermics, Kelly McKibben ceramic artist. Kathy King - Online Portfolio. Contact - Julie Guyot.

VERRE - VERRE - JULIE LOAEC. Clémentine Dupré - Ceramic Artist. [ [ karima duchamp ] ] Video. Porcelain sculpture by Shigekazu Nagae, 'Forms in Succession #5', 2011, Powerhouse Museum Collection.


This beautiful porcelain sculpture, Forms in Succession #5 created by Japanese potter Shigekazu Nagae dances beautifully in this video. The paper look-alike form somehow evokes the aesthetics of origami, Japanese paper folding. Made by using slip-cast techniques, the porcelain speaks of its origin yet shyly introduces itself to international audiences. This piece was recently acquired by the Powerhouse Museum, supported by The Ceramic Collectors Society in Australia. It was made in the pottery town of Seto, known for centuries as the cradle of Japanese utilitarian ceramics. Ceramic exhibition. From Wednesday 27 November 2013 until Friday 14 February 2014 the Officine Saffi Ceramic Arts Gallery will be presenting the first solo show in Italy by Robert Cooper (Sheffield, UK, 1949).The exhibition presents a wide range of themes by this ceramic artist of consolidated renown: he has been dedicated many international exhibitions, both solo and group shows, and his works are present in important collections all over the world.

ceramic exhibition

The exhibition offers an ideal opportunity to learn more about Robert Cooper’s artistic approach, in particular by means of the “Tea Caddies” series, with printed motifs and other forms of decoration.Robert Cooper’s collage-type style that he applies to the production of his ceramics, with layers of screen-printed images and surfaces onto which other motifs are pressed, inspired the gallery’s decision to present Cooper’s tea caddies together with designer textiles. Ronald McDonald House Chicago Donor Wall: Blue Ceramic. I am a breakfast making, nightly children’s book reading, do my own laundry (sometimes) type dad / husband.

Ronald McDonald House Chicago Donor Wall: Blue Ceramic

If I don’t answer my cell phone right away, it’s likely I have two feet clicked into my mountain bike pedaling nowhere fast. My ultimate passion, besides my thrill seeking adventures and family hugs, is CrEaTiNg. From as long as I can remember, I have always needed something in my hands to fiddle with. Exploring with string, paint or a camera is all the same to me. I see everything as a potential creative tool ready to be expressed in a new way. Sylvia Sherr - Ceramic Beings. This series is a combination of sculpted clay and drawing.

Sylvia Sherr - Ceramic Beings

The two processes are inseparable allowing the viewer to succumb to the inexplicable imagery. At the core is Sylvia's love of the drawn line. Although the work is sculptural, the influence from artists such as Botticelli, Durer, and Holbein is evident in her drawing. The ceramic shapes carry and define a space for the imagery.

They hold a memory of Paleolithic Venus figures and delicate Meissen figures. Suzanne Stumpf - Ceramic Artist - Interactive Sculpture. Steve Belz Ceramics. Steve Belz's profile on Ceramics Now Magazine - View his works “The environment is in a delicate balance between well-being and decline.

Steve Belz Ceramics

For a healthy society, we must be responsive to the fact that all of our activities affect the Earth. A plate a day. ERIC PARDUE. Brisbane à la mode. Amanda small. (Mud)Bucket. Reflections. Contemporary Ceramics. Alphabet Cup: Iguana (front) by Hannah Niswonger presented by Ferrin Gallery. Stephanie DeArmond. Maeder. L' Usage des jours - 365 objets en céramique. Claire Marfisi bijoux contemporains en céramique. Sculptures. Contenants. Blog. Shop: Rectangular pendant with ceramic tooth - The Clay Studio. Brian Jones: Recent Work - The Clay Studio. January 6 through January 29, 2012 Jones is a studio artist living and working in Portland Oregon.

Brian Jones: Recent Work - The Clay Studio

He received his BFA from NYSCC at Alfred University, and his MFA in 2007 from Southern Methodist University, Houston, TX. Since that time he has taught and created functional tableware that he exhibits nationally. Bazar Tsé & Tsé Plat Creux Surpiqué Turquoise. A m y s a n t o f e r r a r o - HAWAII'S YESTERDAY (DETAIL) Céramique comtemporaine. Daniel Ricardo Teran. Galerie Besson - Artists. Artists at Galerie Besson Galerie Besson closed in June 2011. From 1988, until its close in 2011, Galerie Besson exhibited work by an international range of ceramic artists. The following is a list of artists who exhibited regularly at Galerie Besson over the years.

Blade Rubber Stamps Hero Cling Stamps : 2010 Hero Cling Stamps. Tampon clear stamps alphabet plaquette 14 cmx18. Kemper Sgraffito Tools. Sgraffito in Italian means “to scratch”. In the ceramics world, it is a decorating technique done by applying layers of color/s to leather hard pottery and then scratching off parts of the layer/s using a special tool to create contrasting images, patterns, and texture as revealed by the clay color/s underneath. The layer/s of color underneath can either be underglazes or colored slips. CERAMIC ART LONDON 2012. Valeria Nascimento. Susan O'Byrne - Current Work. Photostore. Ruth King Ceramics - portfolio. Ikuko iwamoto ceramics top. Oriel // Gallery. Mae hunaniaeth Gymreig Lowri Davies yn chwarae rhan bwysig i ysbrydoli ei gwaith cerameg. Drwy ddefnyddio clai tseina i gastio gyda slip mae Lowri’n creu jygiau, cwpanau a gwrthrychau sydd yn cael eu haddurno â’i darluniau hi o flodau, tirlun, cerameg ac adar tacsidermi.

Deillia'r gwaith o gyfeiriadau at waith tseina a arddangosir ar ddreser Gymreig, arsylwadau o with porslen Nantgarw ac Abertawe a chofroddion Cerameg. Lowri Davies’ Welsh heritage is a major source of inspiration. Vibrant illustrations of birds, ‘traditional’ landscapes, floral and fauna adorn her own distinct slip-cast bone china tableware that includes tea sets, vessels and vases. These pieces reference established ceramic tableware such as Nantgarw and Swansea porcelain and ceramic souvenirs. Carinaciscato.com. Myung Nam An - Ceramics - Exhibitions. 2013 Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead 2013 Affordable Art Fair in Bristol 2013 Ceramic of Art London 2013 Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong 2013 Zetter Hotel Exhibition 2013 2013 Affordable Art Fair at Battersea in London.

Nancy Selvin Studios - Still Lifes. Angela Cunningham, Ceramic Artist. You and I and Things That Fly. Upcoming Exhibitions. : f l e u r y b l u e : Escultures : Rosa Amorós. Sculpture - MARIT KATHRINER site. Festical Ceramique Paris 11 - Edition 2010. Members: Jamie Tao _ Profile. Megan Bogonovich. BIJOUX GUM - Guillaume Goisque createur de bijoux dans le Var - Villecroze.

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