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Cell phones

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‪Make Free Calls With Your Smartphone‬‏ Rotary Mechanical Smartphone – Concept Phone by Richard Clarkson. Is there space for old school guises in the digital revolution? I think there is, which is why steampunk is alive. Settling the Digital v/s Mechanical dispute with his Rotary Mechanical Smartphone, designer Richard Clarkson gives us a smartphone that is so very tangible that its aura speaks for itself! Stalling the ‘digital-take-over’, the phone features two interchangeable brass dials, a true rotary dial and a button dial. Health Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation. Electromagnetic radiation and the brain 2 of 5. Electromagnetic radiation and the brain 3 of 5. Electromagnetic radiation and the brain 4 of 5. Health Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation Part 2. Cell phone use may reduce male fertility.

Cellphones Track Your Every Move, and You May Not Even Know. How to Improve Cell Coverage At Home.