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8 things I know now I wish I knew in college. Last night, I was part of a Pro-Am Day-type event at my alma mater, Winona State University.

8 things I know now I wish I knew in college

4 Web Apps For Managing Job Applications. This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

4 Web Apps For Managing Job Applications

When it comes to managing job applicants, small businesses have different needs than large corporations. Instead of being coordinated through an HR department, hiring responsibilities at most small businesses rest entirely with a manager or a group of managers. Rmvoliveira. Five Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out (PR Edition) Ky. Justice Cabinet announces $2.02 million to curb violence against women - FatLip. The Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet today announced $2.02 million in annual grant money to combat violence against women.

Ky. Justice Cabinet announces $2.02 million to curb violence against women - FatLip

Funded by federal allocations via the 1994 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), the grants will buoy “opportunities for projects throughout the Commonwealth that address domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault and dating violence,” according to a press release issued by the cabinet. 9 Ways to Make a Great First Impression : Managing. 50 Tips for Surviving Your Worst Work Days. OK, you’ve heard about Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who had a major workplace meltdown last week.

50 Tips for Surviving Your Worst Work Days

It was a classic “take this job and shove it” moment. [See 21 secrets to getting the job.] Software: And the Job Goes to ... the Candidate With the Right Keywords. If you're trying to land a job at a large company, your resume will likely be looked at by a machine long before a human being sets eyes on it.

Software: And the Job Goes to ... the Candidate With the Right Keywords

That means you'll have to write your resume to cater to keyword scanners or risk being shoved off into the rejection pile. However, remember that it'll still need to make sense to human eyes once it's passed the keyword test. Wondering why you never get the job despite sending a flurry of resumes that you spent days -- maybe weeks -- perfecting? A little-known, behind-the-scenes hiring secret could be the problem. Search engines, not actual people, select the top job candidates from piles of resumes. "If this sounds like applicants are applying to a machine instead of a person, that's correct," Rob McGovern, founder of, one of the world's largest online career sites, and current CEO of, a job matching and resume writing site, told TechNewsWorld.

Who Is Searching Whom. How to Raise Your Profile, Online and Off. It’s a question that comes up a lot: how do I stand out?

How to Raise Your Profile, Online and Off

How do I break in? How can I be successful? The answers are simple, but they’re not easy. Be active. Presence isn’t enough. What I wish I knew then about being a Community Manager - IGLOO Software - Social Software for Business. 20 Secrets I Wish Someone Had Told Me BEFORE I Started a Business. Tips on how to write the best performing resume - Job Search Blog. Writing a CV is not an easy task.

Tips on how to write the best performing resume - Job Search Blog

Both a beginner and a mature resume authors may find some discrepancy und mistakes in their works. To avoid misunderstanding you should pay utmost attention to the following rules: Management Tip of the Day: 3 Tips to resolve co-worker conflicts. BOSTON Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:55am EDT BOSTON (Reuters) - The Management Tip of the Day offers quick, practical management tips and ideas from Harvard Business Review and (

Management Tip of the Day: 3 Tips to resolve co-worker conflicts

Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Started « CommUnity Business. How to Succeed in the Age of Going Solo. Updated Feb. 8, 2010 12:01 a.m.

How to Succeed in the Age of Going Solo

ET Welcome to the age of going solo. Today, with unemployment rates hovering at 10%, and all our worries about the job market rooted in the moment, we are in danger of failing to see an important longer-term trend: More Americans are working as consultants or freelancers, either having given up or been forced out of the salaried world of 9 to 5. It's a trend that began after the economic downturn of the late 1980s, as many laid-off professionals became consultants. Then it seemed temporary, though, tied to bad times. The implications for the American workplace are profound. We can rightly bemoan the loss of security, the shifting of economic risk from institutions to individuals. Taking Time Out to Teach :PRBreakfastClub.

During my television viewing/live blogging of “Kell on Earth,” a familiar situation reared its head – a staffer was complaining that she was never trained to do the job, and admitted that she had no idea what was supposed to do.

Taking Time Out to Teach :PRBreakfastClub

When the supervisor showed up and noticed it was all done the wrong way, the poor staffer sure got an earful. Was it the staffer’s fault for not asking, or the supervisor’s fault for not teaching? Let’s face it, in the world of public relations, we are incredibly busy people. Between press releases, client meetings, strategic planning sessions, e-mails, phone calls, media lists – there is no question that we have a lot on our plate. Career Couch - Becoming Indispensable to Your Company - Intervie. The 7 Deadly Sins of Personal Branding. Everyone’s personal brand is different, even if by the tiniest subtlety. So, there are very few “sins” of personal branding that universally apply to all. But, I’m confident that the seven personal branding sins listed below can be applied to everyone – including you (but let’s hope they don’t)!

Without further ado, here are 7 sinful characteristics of a personal brand that you should absolutely aim to avoid. 1. Thinking you don’t need a personal brand Surprise! Personal branding is a bit like fashion. Top 5 reasons why “The customer is Always Right” is wrong. When the customer isn’t right – for your business. Advice for students on social media careers. How to Start a Freelance Copywriting Business.

Edit Article Edited by Krystle C., Mary Klaebel, Donni Jay De-Ville, Flickety and 13 others Launching a freelance copywriting career is not only possible, but profitable as well. Here are some steps to get you started. Ad Steps. Side Projects are Bigger than Resumes. Are you focused on building a better resume? Career Rocketeer - Career Search a. Resumes for the Digital Age- Yahoo! HotJobsCanada. 6 Ways to Keep Your Rising Stars on Track : Managing. Job Seekers' Top 5 Complaints About Employers - On Careers (usne. As the recession drags on, and many job seekers see their time out of work grow longer and longer, frustration is building over employers who treat applicants poorly. Here are job seekers' five biggest complaints about how employers handle the hiring process: [See 21 things hiring managers wish you knew.] 1. Not responding to their applications, even after an interview.

Most job seekers put significant time and effort into preparing for a job interview--reading up on the company and industry; practicing answers to interview questions; thinking about how they could best offer something of value.