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Intellectual Property Institute of Canada - Institut de la propriété intellectuelle du Canada. Company Directories by Industrial Sector - Home. Sustainable Development Communications Network (SDCN) The Sustainable Development Communications Network (SDCN) is a group of leading civil society organizations seeking to accelerate the implementation of sustainable development through broader, integrated information and communications about what we know.

Sustainable Development Communications Network (SDCN)

The network focuses its efforts on integrating Internet communications into broader communication strategies. Our understanding of communications includes: internal communications necessary for international virtual project teams within civil society organizations (CSOs) to work together on sustainable development research; and external communications necessary for CSOs to communicate their perspectives with government and business decision-makers so as to engage these other sectors in sustainable development solutions. We hope you find our sustainable development research and learnings about communications helpful in your own work. Books/Journals. Early Bird Deadline Ends April 11, 2014.


For more information CLICK HERE! The Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL) is dedicated to promoting the networking, professional development and career growth of all law librarians in Canada, no matter where they work. For fifty years, CALL has represented, supported and advanced the legal information profession in Canada. CALL is here to represent you, your professional interests, concerns and aspirations. Don’t forget to renew your CALL membership for 2014. Why should you join? Because we are a vibrant, sharing community By joining, you gain access to a network of hundreds of people in academic, private law firm, courthouse, law society, solo and prison libraries Because money talks By joining, you get significant discounts on learning and professional development activities (webinars and conferences) Accueil - Lexum. Commerce international. Human Rights Internet. The National Judicial Institute / Institut national de la magistrature.

National Research Council Canada. NRC facilitates access to international R&D network for Canadian firms New innovation advantage for Canadian companies through access to technology, expertise, and markets in Europe and beyond. Digital technology adoption resources Improve your understanding of the link between digital technologies and productivity from actual technology adoption experiences that are featured in learning documents, videos and success stories. NRC Success stories Take a look out how NRC's market-driven research, technology development and commercialisation support services help companies bring their product to the marketplace. Rights & Democracy. Association québécoise des avocats et avocates de la défense.

Center for International Studies and Cooperation-CECI. Technology Serving the Law. La gestion du savoir dans un contexte juridique. Institute of Health Services and Policy Research (IHSPR) Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada-DFAIT. Hot Topics Canada stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their fight for a free and democratic Ukraine.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada-DFAIT

This landmark agreement constitutes Canada’s first free trade agreement in the Asia-Pacific region. How Are You Making a Difference? — Tell Us! Canada Southeast Asia Regional HIV/AIDS Program - CSEARHAP project. Slaw. Centre for International Sustainable Development Law-CISDL. CALL/ACBD Canadian Association of Law Libraries. Canadian International Development Agency - CIDA. Hot Topics Canada stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in their fight for a free and democratic Ukraine.

Canadian International Development Agency - CIDA

This landmark agreement constitutes Canada’s first free trade agreement in the Asia-Pacific region. How Are You Making a Difference? — Tell Us! Université de Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada. McGill University. Pearson Peacekeeping Centre. Lawmaking, legislative drafting and review. The legislative function is one of the key areas of responsibility for parliaments.

lawmaking, legislative drafting and review

Legislation can either be initiated by the executive or drafted by individual MPs. As part of the democratic process, parliaments are to deliberate all legislation and also have the power to amend, approve or reject government bills. Legislative Drafting and Review In order for parliamentarians to be able to effectively shape laws and policies that reflect the interests of the people they represent, they need to have the capacity to quickly draft, analyze and review legislation and amendments.

They also need to be able to assess the exact scope and impact of any policy changes from various perspectives. Legislative Research and Analysis Parliamentarians need to have access to timely, up-to-date, accurate and well-researched information in order to be able to assess legislation and policies in an efficient, correct and impartial manner. RECOL.

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