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LATINOAMÉRICA. Demand Progress. CrowdVoice. Petition Online. How The Powerful Gun Lobby Works To Discredit The Doctors Trying To Keep Children Safe. By Tara Culp-Ressler on May 13, 2013 at 9:05 am "How The Powerful Gun Lobby Works To Discredit The Doctors Trying To Keep Children Safe" As the nation continues to grapple with the best policy solutions to help prevent gun violence, powerful lobbying groups like the NRA continue to wield outsized influence over the ongoing conversation.

How The Powerful Gun Lobby Works To Discredit The Doctors Trying To Keep Children Safe

That’s why pediatricians, who are currently lobbying Congress for stronger gun laws in order to safeguard children’s health, are treading cautiously as they quietly push for legislative action. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), which represents about 60,000 pediatricians across the country, has publicly come out in favor of expanded background checks, an assault weapons ban, and more federal research into gun violence. Gun advocacy groups have moved to discredit the AAP, which represents 60,000 doctors who have voted overwhelmingly to support some gun measures.


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Médicos del Mundo

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OCCUPY/INDIGNADOS. HAMBRUNA. FEED Projects. Survival International - El movimiento por los pueblos indígenas. Darfur Visible. FAO South Somalia mission Aug 11 Charity: water. Horn of Africa: on the brink of a humanitarian crisis. One of the worst droughts in a century, compounded by high food prices and unremitting political strife, is spawning an immense humanitarian crisis on the Horn of Africa.

Horn of Africa: on the brink of a humanitarian crisis

Thousands of Somalis are fleeing their homeland each week; most of those who survive the brutal journey end up in refugee camps in neighboring Kenya. Aid agencies are calling it the worst drought in 60 years. Although centered on Somalia, which lacks a functioning government and suffers from constant battles with Islamic rebels, the crisis has also affected people in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. Reports suggest parts of Somalia may already be on the verge of famine, a repeat of the emergency situation two decades ago. Resources are woefully inadequate. 11 Myths About Global Hunger. One of the most common myths about hunger is that there isn't enough food in the world.

11 Myths About Global Hunger

In fact, there is. Hunger is often a question of access. (Copyright: WFP/Mohammed Siddiq) There isn’t enough food to feed the world, most of the world's hungry live in Africa, and it's mostly a question of droughts and other natural disasters. All of these statements are wrong. Myth 1: There isn’t enough food to feed the world. Myth 2: Resolving hunger means ensuring people have enough to eat.Reality: Hunger also involves the type of food you eat. Myth 3: Droughts and other natural disasters are to blame for hunger. Myth 4: Hunger exists when food is unavailable in shops and markets.Reality: People can go hungry even when there's plenty of food around. Myth 5: All of the world’s hungry live in Africa.Reality: Of the world’s nearly one billion hungry, over half live in Asia and the Pacific (Hunger Stats). United Nations World Food Programme - Fighting Hunger Worldwide. Freerice. Practical Action.

Where we work Practical Action works directly in more than 40 developing countries across the world.

Practical Action

We have offices in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Peru, Sudan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, and our consultancy work extends across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Our publications, knowledge and approach are used in almost every developing country in the world - extending the reach of our practical approach to tackling poverty. Why we do it Practical Action was founded by radical economist and philosopher E.F. Practical Action uses low cost, appropriate, small-scale development solutions to help people to help themselves. “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. Schumacher's ideas and philosophy continue to inform and inspire our work around the world.