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5 Lessons I Learned Tracking My Pitches for a Year. When I first started freelancing, I saw pitching as an unpredictable part of the job.

5 Lessons I Learned Tracking My Pitches for a Year

The pitch itself mattered, of course, but I always felt that I was more lucky than smart when one was accepted. But now I know that’s not true—pitching is just as much science as art. For the past year, I’ve kept a log of all the queries I’ve sent and editors’ responses (I have to give credit to fellow Contently contributor Julie Schwietert Collazo for suggesting the idea during her pitch class). With this data, I now better understand my own habits. Best of all, I’m using the information to plan out my future freelancing goals.

A pitch log can be simple. When an editor gives a definitive response, I mark the pitch as “accepted” or “rejected.” In the past year, I sent out 148 pitches to 47 publications. Here are my five biggest takeaways from the experience. 1. When going over my yearly finances, I saw that I didn’t sell much in September, when only three pitches were accepted. 2. Design Resume & Portfolio Tips: Examples & Skills for Designers. In Denise Bosler’s Preparing Your Portfolio Bootcamp, she’ll show you the best way to develop and perfect a winning graphic design portfolio to help you land your ideal job or clients.

Design Resume & Portfolio Tips: Examples & Skills for Designers

When you're looking for a new gig, don't overlook the importance of having your references in order. Here, TCG lays out best practices for identifying and preparing your job references. The Creative Group weighs in on how to "wow" your potential employers and clients with a killer digital portfolio. A traditional resume is a necessity - but adding a second, unexpected version will help you stand out in the crowd. Use these resume tips. The key to future-proofing your career as a digital creative is to be flexible and become a specialist generalist—a digital creative who can diversify. Your portfolio is finished so the hard part is over. Here are some signs that your job may be going nowhere fast and some tips on how to take control of your career.

What You're Never Told About Contracts - With a Sample Contract! Management, Start-ups May 2, 2014 With a Sample Contract for Freelancers!

What You're Never Told About Contracts - With a Sample Contract!

Budding freelancers and other entrepreneurs don’t often realize that it’s often necessary for them to draw up and offer contracts, instead of just blindly trusting their clients to provide them with one. Having your own contracts to send to clients will: 1. Give you the initiative in any negotiation. 2. 3. However, drawing up legally-binding contracts is not a simple undertaking. 10 Things to Consider Before You Start: 10.) The whole article and the sample contract in particular, are just here for gisting purposes. You will also need to come up with a lot of other forms apart from the contract. Σεμινάρια: Ανάπτυξη Πωλήσεων για Ελεύθερους Επαγγελματίες. Web Designers, Don’t Do It Alone - Smashing Magazine.

Advertisement Whether freelancers, small agency founders or website owners, too many of us work alone.

Web Designers, Don’t Do It Alone - Smashing Magazine

The downside of the digital revolution is isolation. The Web allows us to do alone what previously would have required a team of people. It also frees us from the constraints of geography, allowing us to work from home.


Job hunting. The Best Books for Freelance Graphic Designers. While there are great resources out there for anyone interested in freelancing, working as a graphic designer can have a few twists that makes it worth your while to take a look at books that specifically offer information geared towards freelance graphic designers.

The Best Books for Freelance Graphic Designers

These books can provide an education on the nuts and bolts of the freelance graphic design business. Graphic Designer's Guide to Pricing, Estimating & Budgeting — Revised Edition Deciding how to set your prices can be one of the toughest parts of setting up a freelance graphic design business: there are all sorts of variables, like your own experience and what your clients are used to paying. Theo Stephan Williams' book, Graphic Designer's Guide to Pricing, Estimating & Budgeting — Revised Edition, provides an in-depth look at every part of the process of deciding just what you'll charge — along with covering some aspects of client relations and project management.

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