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Burning Man

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BURNING MAN through the eyes of Magda. Amazing photos from Burning Man - Fabian Pfortmüller. Fabian Pfortmüller is a Swiss entrepreneur in New York City.

Amazing photos from Burning Man - Fabian Pfortmüller

Fabian is co-founder of Holstee, a design studio that creates inspiring artwork with the intention of encouraging a mindful lifestyle. Holstee's designs have been shared over 100 million times online and are sold in the form of letter-pressed cards, posters, art prints and frames. The company's manifesto has been described by the Washington Post as "the new just do it". In 2008, Fabian founded Sandbox - the leading global community of entrepreneurial minds under 30. Sandbox exists to provide every young doer with a trusted group of peers and a place to learn, connect and support each other. Fabian is a frequent speaker at various organizations and universities around the world, including Harvard, Yale and Columbia on the topic of entrepreneurship, value driven startups, Gen Y and community building. 20100902 Burning Man - Robot Heart - Wolf & Lamb. "Playa Time: Dust to Dust" - Burning Man 2011 Time Lapse.

How Rich People Do Burning Man. I work as a mechanic in the Seattle area, and this time of year is so bittersweet.

How Rich People Do Burning Man

Love the weather, hate Burning Man. Every year, it's the same thing: Enthusiastic Burning Person comes into the shop with sawed-apart bicycle, some steel rods, lights lights lights, an ancient and heavy generator, and an empty tank of talent that was probably only 1/8th full to begin with. "Can you weld this together with blah blah blah lights up on its own blah blah blah symbolic of our dependance on foreign oil/materialism/what corporations tell us?

" "Yes, it will cost you $600 in parts and labor. " (outraged)"BUT IT'S FOR BURNING MAN!! Other fun characters are the folks that don't understand why adding 150lbs of hardware store made their bike hard to ride; people who don't understand why I can't have 30-40 hours of welding done by tomorrow; the seemingly smart people that feel the reason I won't weld steel and aluminum together isn't because of the different melting points, but because I refuse to try. Burning Man's Big Plan To Reshape A Depressed San Francisco Neighborhood. Burning Man--that once-a-year sojourn to the Nevada desert--is much more than a hedonistic experiment in self-reliance, art, the sharing economy, and psychotropic drugs.

Burning Man's Big Plan To Reshape A Depressed San Francisco Neighborhood

Why TED And Burning Man Are More Similar Than You Think. It's a week of magic and wonder; a week of little sleep and nonstop conversation; a week of sublimating the ego to explore and understand the brilliance of others; a week to feel small in the face of the human propensity for creativity.

Why TED And Burning Man Are More Similar Than You Think

It's the week of course of...well, the truth is the description could fit both the TED conference and the annual Burning Man festival. At first glance, there is little to connect these two happenings other than, perhaps, their general cultural significance. Burning man 2010. ePlaya. Burningman-webcast @ USTREAM - User information, live shows and recorded videos, schedule. Burning Blog » Building BRC. “The Coyote” seemed to be howling at the rising sun So let’s just get this out of the way and come out and say it right up front: We can’t wait for you to get here.

Burning Blog » Building BRC

Burning Man Festival victim of his success ! - Festicket Blog. ‪Larry Harvey (7/19/11)‬‏ Behold This Year's Burning Man Ticket Designer: Arin Fishkin - S. "Creating this ticket is more or less equivalent to printing money, since each one is valued over $200," notes San Francisco-based graphic designer Arin Fishkin, who created this year's Burning Man ticket.

Behold This Year's Burning Man Ticket Designer: Arin Fishkin - S

"Security features include embossing and two separate foil stamps, including one holographic. The ticket is also meant to be a tiny piece of art that builds enthusiasm and communicates the theme of the event (this year its Metropolis). " Claiming that this was "more demanding per square inch than anything I've ever worked on," Fishkin has also worked with other local, very SF-y businesses like Bi-Rite, Bi-Rite Creamery, and the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, just to name a few.

Burning Man Photos by Phil Steele. Burning man 2005 : un album. DUST & ILLUSIONS. Preparation. Compiled by Miz Jewelz By now you've probably gathered that this Burning Man thing isn't as easy as it looks.


So many things to bring, remember and purchase. How's a body to cope with all this intense preparation? Fear not. Heloise feels your pain. Happy trails, Heloise Better Living I LOVE my inflatable mattress. Pitch a second tent, aka closet, for everything else. Another good thing to have is a ground sheet for your tent; make sure it doesn't extend out from the sides and act as a water collection device, though. And tent stakes... For a no-mud, no-mess playa shower, Pepper Mouser suggests: Bring a shallow crate (like a painting would be shipped in) about three feet square.

This year I plan to bring a larger one that I can also drain the coolers in. WHAT TO BRING TO THE PLAYA. The Burning Man Project.