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The Mother Tree: A circle of healing: Exculsively for Women. Pema Chodron Foundation — Buddhist Monastic Life in the West - Gampo Abbey. Kagyu Office: the Website of His Holiness Gyalwang Karmapa. Meditation in the Park 2010. Learn Skills, share tools, save money and make great new friends. Streetbank is very like Justfortheloveofit.

Learn Skills, share tools, save money and make great new friends

It lets you share things and skills with your neighbours and join in with community discussions. If you'd like to move your Justfortheloveofit account over to Streetbank, just enter your email address below and we'll pull your details across. Enter your email here Why is this happening? has grown very large very quickly, in fact there are over 50,000 of you! Meeting the Dharma Alone. People may look at you and feel that your way of life, your interest in dharma, makes no sense.

Meeting the Dharma Alone

Others may say that if you want to practice dharma, you ought to ordain. Ordaining or not ordaining isn’t the crucial point. It’s how you practice. Laypeople live in the realm of sensuality. They have families, money, and possessions, and are deeply involved in all sorts of activities. Buddhist Teachings: Santa Fe, New Mexico. The greatest minds in esoterics live! Search videos for 'thich nhat hanh' Blog. Plum Village.

Buddhism and Meditation Retreats programme2010. FWBO. Buddhist Retreats in the UK. Taraloka. London Buddhist Centre, FWBO. FWBO People. The Tricycle Community. Rivendell Centre. Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society. Michael O'Keefe - Zen. I became a Zen student in 1986.

Michael O'Keefe - Zen

Prior to that I'd read a great deal about it. Authors like Kerouac and Ginsberg captured my imagination with their style and fascination with Buddhism.