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#OpMegaupload (2012)

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Anonymous. Tools. Anonymous. Anonymous. Anonymous. Anonymous. Whyweprotest - Anonymous Brings Down FTC's OnGuardOnline in Protest Against Megaupload Shutdown. Since 2008, the satirical hacker collective, popularly known as the Anonymous has risen to act in the public interest.

Anonymous Brings Down FTC's OnGuardOnline in Protest Against Megaupload Shutdown

They have carried out numerous hacks to bring down websites of companies with questionable business practices, governments with poor legislative policies and churches with a twisted sense of religion. FTC OWNED BY ANTISEC. 'Anonymous' hackers attack Brazilian websites. The computer hacker group Anonymous attacked websites of Brazil's federal district Saturday as well as one belonging to a Brazilian singer to protest the forced closure of

'Anonymous' hackers attack Brazilian websites

Anonymous posted messages on Twitter describing attacks against hundreds of Brazilian sites that share the URL ',' which are owned by the government of the federal capital in Rio de Janeiro. The Federal District press office denied Saturday that the hackers succeeded in shutting down the websites. The Internet news site G1, owned by television network Globo, confirmed the early morning computer attacks but said the Federal District's 24-hour-a-day information technology team was able to stop them.

In further Megaupload retaliation, hacker group Anonymous takes down Hacker collective Anonymous continues to strike at sites around the Web in retaliation for the government shuttering, and today the notorious group briefly took down broadcast network CBS’s homepage.

In further Megaupload retaliation, hacker group Anonymous takes down

Anonymous has a long history of attacking government and business websites, and on Thursday the organization intermittently shut down the Department of Justice and Universal Music‘s websites. The collective said through various channels that it was retaliating for the shut down of popular file-sharing site Anonymous also recently made headlines for hacking into Stratfor’s website and database, stealing credit card information and other sensitive details.

Anonymous took down in a rather unusual manner earlier today. As Gizmodo points out, the CBS takedown wasn’t a standard distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack because the CBS homepage only showed an index page with a single file. Anonymous Deletes CBS, Universal Sites; is Xbox Live Next? Trojaner-Board - Viren und Trojaner entfernen - kostenlos. Anonymous Retaliates For Megaupload Shutdown – DoJ, UMG, RIAA and MPAA go Down. #OpMegaupload. Megaupload Takedown. MegaUpload Takedown Proves SOPA and PIPA Are Unnecessary. It has been a huge week when it comes to protecting intellectual property and defending the freedom of the Internet.

MegaUpload Takedown Proves SOPA and PIPA Are Unnecessary

Following a massive blackout on Wednesday to oppose pending SOPA legislation, the United States government took down why we don’t need SOPA in the first place. Debate has been raging on Capitol Hill over two pending bills--SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) in the House, and PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) in the Senate.

Supporters insist that copyright violations and intellectual property theft are a rampant online epidemic, and that sweeping, draconian legislation is the only viable solution. The Internet disagrees. Starting with an effort to boycott for its support of SOPA, awareness has steadily increased, and opposition has grown. The question remains, though, why do we need any new legislation at all? The DOJ case against MegaUpload relies on ProIP legislation passed in 2008. Mike Masnick sums it up in a post on TechDirt. UPDATE: Anonymous takes down DoJ, UMG websites - attack on underway. Anonymous has launched a pair of operations in response to the takedown of the site earlier today by the FBI and other authorities and continued support for the Stop Online Piracy Act by members of Congress.

UPDATE: Anonymous takes down DoJ, UMG websites - attack on underway

So far, the sites of the Justice Department, Universal Music Group, and several congressional sites have been affected. The attacks began as Anonymous' Sabu called for people to boycot paid media in all forms and supporting torrent and file sharing sites. "This new, massive operation, will target on SOPA/PIPA in a way that the government was not expecting," he posted on Twitter. "We are going to starve the beast. " In response to the arrest of's founders, he said, "This is the governments way of saying: 'How nice of you protest SOPA/PIPA. Anonymous splinter group now targeting Democrats for SOPA support. SOPA and PIPA may be in zombie mode, having burned up in the fire of SOPA “Blackout Day” protests and the largest attack by Anonymous on record, but activists who opposed the legislation understand that the Internet wars have only just begun.

Anonymous splinter group now targeting Democrats for SOPA support

Barrett Brown, often recognized as a public face of Anonymous, announced that his own group, Project PM, will be keeping an eye on Democratic congressmen who hope to “quietly support” the legislation. “Yesterday my ProjectPM group began preparations for a campaign to go after any Democratic congressmen who hope to quietly support SOPA without drawing any negative attention that might damage their cred among liberals,” Brown told the Daily Caller in an email. LOIC. The software has inspired the creation of an independent JavaScript version called JS LOIC, as well as LOIC-derived web version called Low Orbit Web Cannon.


These enable a DoS from a web browser.[4] Use LOIC performs a denial-of-service (DoS) attack (or when used by multiple individuals, a DDoS attack) on a target site by flooding the server with TCP or UDP packets with the intention of disrupting the service of a particular host. People have used LOIC to join voluntary botnets.[5] Countermeasures. Understanding Anonymous. Project Chanology. Anon material and propaganda.