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Banksy - Dale Zak
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Banksy - Paris Hilton
Graffiti Analysis 3.0
SOTSART by Alexander Kosolapov
Thursday, April 17, 2014 Home » Category Archive "projects | проекты" The Angel of Cholesterol Read the rest → Hero, Leader, God by Alexander Kosolapov ::: projects by Alexander Kosolapov ::: projects
the yes men
The Yes Men Fix The World, P2P Edition FULL MOVIE (2009) (HQ)
World Trade Organization Spoof
Behind the Logo
Trust: Lifeblood Of Brands Trust: Lifeblood Of Brands Over the years, we have conducted brand equity measurement studies for hundreds of brands and over the years, we have also helped leadership teams position hundreds of brands. What is the number one quality that people look for in brands? – Trustworthiness. What is the number one quality that management teams want to build into their brands?
Dans la famille marque qui pue…
Dove Onslaught (video)