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Organization Certification

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Chronologically Disorganized

Born to Organize: Everything You Need to Know About a Career as a PO: Books. Lighten Up!: Free Yourself from Clutter: Michelle Passoff: 9780060952655: Books. The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD: An 8-Step Program for Strengthening Attention, Managing Emotions, and Achieving Your Goals: Lidia Zylowska, Daniel Siegel: 9781590308479: Books.

The Disorganized Mind: Coaching Your ADHD Brain to Take Control of Your Time, Tasks, and Talents: Nancy A. Ratey: 9780312355340: Books. ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life: Judith Kolberg, Kathleen Nadeau: 9781583913581: Books. Conquering Chronic Disorganization 2nd Edition: Judith Kolberg: 9780966797039: Books. Getting Organized in the Era of Endless: What To Do When Information, Interruption, Work and Stuff are Endless But Time is Not!: Judith Kolberg: 9780966797091: Books. Outrageously Organized: Ten Professional Organizers Share Their Trade Secrets: Cyndy Salzmann, Diane Sullivan, Suzette Gavin, Ellen Hankes, Ashley Kates, Jan Limpach, Sheri Lukasiewicz, Donna Schoeppner, Amy Tokos, Traci Watkins: 9781453789308: Learn to Organize: A Professional Organizer's Tell-All Guide to Home Organizing: Sara Pedersen: 9780978673376: Books.

Code of Ethics. BCPO® Code of Ethics for Certified Professional Organizers BCPO® is committed to the highest ethical standards for all certificate holders, as reflected in the BCPO® Code of Ethics.

Code of Ethics

Adherence to this Code of Ethics is required for the ongoing certification of all those who hold the Certified Professional Organizer® credential. Preamble This Code of Ethics is a set of principles that governs the professional conduct of Certified Professional Organizers with clients, colleagues and the community. Certified Professional Organizers pledge to exercise judgment, self-restraint and conscience in their conduct in order to establish and maintain public confidence in the integrity of the CPO® certificate and to preserve and encourage fair and equitable practices among all who are engaged in the profession of organizing.

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