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Mabon Incense. Diary of a Familiar-in-Training. The Lights of Diwali ~ Pagan Murmur. Somehow I find myself always having an affinity with the goddesses of the arts and beauty.

The Lights of Diwali ~ Pagan Murmur

Yeye Oshun has been for me a symbol of gaiety and elegance. Brighid of the Gaels provides me with artistic inspiration and the energy to turn it into craft. Now I pray to Maha Lakshmi, the lotus goddess of wealth, for material providence and sustenance - because the reality nowadays is that art and beauty often costs money. I was also feeling a need to get acquainted with the vedic gods being that the Philippines is a part of Greater India. The feast of Diwali is traditionally a time to make puja to Lakshmi. Even with all the preparation, I wasn't sure if I did everything 'right'. Drawing a swastika and lotus flowers on the kalasha, a symbol of Lakshmi Offerings of kumkum-colored rice, seeds, nuts, grains, and a bottle of anointing oil.

Mixing aksatha (uncooked rice) with sindoor powder. Lotus rangoli (mandala-shaped art) made from abeer, sindoor and gulal powder. The puja items are now prepared. Beyond the Circle. The House Of Eleggua Blog. Conjured Cardea. Dancing with Hecate. Hidden Witch. Spirits Craft. Seeker ~ Searcher. Love Not Fear. The Alchemist's Garden. Today I got to work on the illustrations for my herbal witchcraft book.

The Alchemist's Garden

Does it ever feel great! The first chapter is on poppy, so I started there. I did sketches of a bud, a pod, a seedling, and a flower. I’m going to start the paintings based on them tomorrow and do some more sketches in the meanwhile. For reference, I used photos I took of my own Elka poppies that I grew year before last. On an art forum I’m a member of, trolls asserted that the reason why artists paint abstract art is because they can’t draw–and pretty much the same goes for people who even just LIKE abstract art, which I do. Today I ordered this book on fantasy illustration in watercolor.

The other thing I am appreciating about doing these illustrations is that I do not feel the slightest compunction about manipulating them digitally, whereas I don’t feel comfortable doing that with the paintings I am turning into prints. Potted up four mandrakes yesterday, and they had the most wonderfully twisted roots! Practically Magic. WitchDoctorJoe's RattleBone. Eye of the Sorcerer. Deep Pagan Thoughts. A Mage's Blog. Trainee Golem Builder. Kenaz Filan. Sex, Magick, & the City. Doing Magick. Dionysian Atavism. American Folkloric Witchcraft. Adventures In Witchery. Urban Witch. PNC Florida - The Pagan Newswire Collective.

Into the Mound. Witches Of The Craft. A Blog of Two Witches. Victorian Witch. Keeping up with the spirit of things, I decided to google the phrase "Victorian American Witches.

Victorian Witch

" To my delight and astonishment, pages upon pages of articles were laid before me. No search engine is infallible, though, so some articles were not even remotely pertinent. However, the eighth article down on the first page gave me a short essay on the precise, generalized "history" of the practice and survival of American witchcraft in the Victorian Era.

"But Witchcraft did exist, and it can be said that it perhaps recovered due to this revision of thought. If industrialization never occurred, accusations of Witchcraft may have persisted. Why is this particular time period in witchcraft of interest? "Although alleged witches were burned alive or hung over a five century interval -- from the 14th to the 18th century -- the vast majority were tried from 1550 to 1650. " Witchcraft in the Victorian Age. Witchcraft in the Victorian Age Written By Staff Contributor: Elizabeth Marie Clements The Victorian Era has been associated with Witchcraft in American Hollywood and literature in many different mediums over the years.

Witchcraft in the Victorian Age

The settings for the popular show Charmed and the movie Practical Magic were Victorian houses. “The Aunts” from Practical Magic were also known to wear old-fashioned clothing. Literary fiction uses Victorian settings for tales of magic and sorcery frequently, and it is true that there were important Witchcraft texts published in the 1880s and 90s.

Hawk's Cry: The Blog of a Witch on Paganism, Witchcraft, Wicca, Magick, Occult, Pagan Hymns, Prayers and Rituals. Love is Stronger than Death. A bad witch's blog. Cat's Journal. Adventures on the Dusken Path.