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For an application to be considered a Dapp (pronounced Dee-app, similar to Email) it must meet the following criteria:

The application must be completely open-source, it must operate autonomously, and with no entity controlling the majority of its tokens.

The application may adapt its protocol in response to proposed improvements and market feedback but all changes must be decided by consensus of its users.

The application's data and records of operation must be cryptographically stored in a public, decentralized blockchain in order to avoid any central points of failure.

The application must use a cryptographic token (bitcoin or a token native to its system) which is necessary for access to the application and any contribution of value from (miners / farmers) should be rewarded in the application’s tokens.

The application must generate tokens according to a standard crytptographic algorithm acting as a proof of the value nodes are contributing to the application (Bitcoin uses the Proof of Work Algorithm).

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Lightning Network. Projects — MIT Internet Trust Consortium. The MIT Internet Trust Consortium focuses on developing open source code from internal cutting-edge MIT projects that will have positive impact on the architecture of the future Internet. MIT Chainanchor ChainAnchor addresses the issue of identity anonymity and access control within shared permissioned blockchains. Anonymity of entities is achieved using a zero-knowledge proof protocol. Entities have the ability to register one of more transaction public-keys which they self-generate. ChainAnchor provides unlinkability of transactions signed using these registered keys. Consensus nodes enforce access control to the shared permissioned blockchain by a simple look-up to a (read-only) list of anonymous members’ public keys.

ChainAnchor project websiteChainAnchor paper (DRAFT 4/17/2016)ChainAnchor FAQ (May 2016) Enigma is a platform for privacy-preserving multiparty computation computation on data using Blockchain. OpenPDS2.0 DataHub Distributed User managed Access system (DUMAS) Provenance | Blockchain: the solution for transparency in product. Information architecture for a certification and chain-of-custody system on the blockchain Here we show how existing certifications and audits of supply chains can take on a new guise implemented on the blockchain. There are six different types of actors involved in our exemplar set-up: Producers (e.g., a cotton grower); Manufacturers (e.g., a maker of fabric or jeans); Registrars, which are organizations that provide credentials and a unique identity to actors (e.g., an accreditation service); Standards organizations, which define the rules of a certain scheme (e.g., Fairtrade); Certifiers and auditors, which are agents — usually separate agents, to maximize security — that inspect producers and manufacturers and verify certain standards, like annual production capacity; and Customers, the buyers of products all along a supply chains, including the end consumer.

Below we explain the principal architecture. The architecture consists of a number of modular programs. Registration program. Blockstream. Distributed Ledger. GitHub - ripple/rippled: Ripple peer-to-peer network daemon. GitHub - DigitalAssetCom/hlp-candidate: Digital Asset's proposed code contribution to the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Project written in Java and Scala. Bitcoin - Open source P2P money. Ethereum Project. BitShares.


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