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"What they found was that the U.S. is like a patchwork quilt of different countries, where some regions offer people the economic prospects of a typical developed nation — and other regions are more like a developing country. That's the reality in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, India, Russia ... what they found is the USA becoming more and more like a BRIC, with the extinction of the middle classes leading to growing inequality. Left-wing policies increasing the state costs, increasing taxes and reducing the economic growth, making people more and more dependent of the state, demanding more and more state intervention. Economic study suggests we're heading for a Blade Runner future Economic study suggests we're heading for a Blade Runner future
Watch famous movies get hilariously re-created as super fun animations
Beautiful Pris From “Blade Runner” [Cosplay] You don’t often see Blade Runner cosplay, which makes this beautiful Pris something truly unique. It features cosplayer Crystal Graziano photographed by Big White Bazooka. Her costume and make-up are gorgeous and she does a great job capturing the crazy-sexy of the character. See more pictures after the break… Send your cosplay pics to (via Cosplay Blog) Beautiful Pris From “Blade Runner” [Cosplay]
Hidden faces can be found by zooming into hi-res photos of eyes
Tribute to Blade Runner and Philip K. Dick
Blade Runner: A Sociological Analysis
Blade Runner - The Aquarelle Edition (by Anders Ramsell) (via io9) Posted 2 months ago from bookmarklet 5 notes Source: srtmnt likes thisbalint reblogged this from fuckyeahpkdhugonebula reblogged this from fuckyeahpkdbag-of-crazy likes thisbag-of-crazy reblogged this from fuckyeahpkdfuckyeahpkd posted this Blade Runner - The Aquarelle Edition (by Anders Blade Runner - The Aquarelle Edition (by Anders
Moments Lost – Music And Art Inspired By Blade Runner Moments Lost – Music And Art Inspired By Blade Runner Organizers have announced a new project, Moments Lost, to produce music and art, inspired by the world of Blade Runner. Here’s a video intro to the project: Here’s what they have to say about Moments Lost: We’re approaching the creation of the music with a rig similar to Vangelis’ original setup, of course including the Yamaha CS80, Roland VP-330 strings and Rhodes. On this track we also used the Prophet 5, Jupiter 4 and Analogue Solutions Vostok mk1. The working methods are also inspired by Vangelis, using a live and direct approach to capture the energy and feel of the original recordings where everything is played by hand.
Blade Runner Trailer - Classic Noir
by Jon Bastian directed by Diana Wyenn JAN 24 - MARCH 1, 2014 Fridays & Saturdays @ 8pm plus Thursdays, Feb. 6 & 13 @ 8pm WORLD PREMIERE! SACRED FOOLS THEATER COMPANY SACRED FOOLS THEATER COMPANY
Un-advanced Technology In Blade Runner | Thoughts and Muses My eldest son and I watched Blade Runner the other day (the 1982 International Theatrical release, which included the somewhat-controversial voiceover), and he commented about how unremarkable a lot of the technology in Blade Runner actually is. This got me thinking about the nature of the technology used in the fictional year 2019, and I tried to figure out, in my own mind, why it would be so ordinary. The Absence of Technology It appears that, except for synthetic animals, some voice-controlled computers and anti-gravity, most people don’t appear to have an enormous amount of technology around them. Granted, the writers didn’t anticipate the rise of mobile computing, but whose to say that we won’t go back to payphone-like devices and stop carrying small computers in our pockets? If you look at Blade Runner, and then look around the average home, frankly, technology is actually pretty invisible. Un-advanced Technology In Blade Runner | Thoughts and Muses
Blade Runner - 8 Bit Cinema!
Blade Runner Screen Used Prop Collection
Place bid Review and confirm your bid Bid confirmation Adult Owned Blade Runner Android Hunter Deckard and Roy Figure Set Adult Owned Blade Runner Android Hunter Deckard and Roy Figure Set
Blade Runner - End Credits Music 500% Slower Blade Runner - End Credits Music 500% Slower This video is currently unavailable. Sorry, this video is not available on this device. Video player is too small. Watch Later as __user_name__
Blade Runner: This Movie Gets Worse Every Screening [Pic
memory-lane-nostalgia-20.jpg (500×723)
Blade Runner Screen Used Prop Collection
Blade Runner Replicants – Happier Times | Mike R. Baker
Blade Runner is one of those films that gets written about a lot, it's a very special movie. Even though it's almost thirty years old it still beats out the competiton. At University, despite the fact I was doing an illustration degree, they made me write a lot of essays. This used to annoy me as I felt this was a bit unfair and that I was there to draw, not to write. The easiest way to get the required amount of essays completed without using up too much of my brain or time: Film Studies. Gavin Rothery - Directing - Concept - VFX - Gavin Rothery Blog - A Matter Of Electric Sheep Gavin Rothery - Directing - Concept - VFX - Gavin Rothery Blog - A Matter Of Electric Sheep
BLADE RUNNER Character Art
Perfect is performed as J.F. Sebastian is preparing breakfast for Pris and Roy. It is sung from his perspective. This is one of twenty-five songs from "Blade Runner: The Rock Project" -- music inspired by the movie Blade Runner. Music: Marco Spatuzzi Lyrics: C.A. Chicoine Blade Runner: The Rock Opera: Perfect Blade Runner: The Rock Opera: Perfect
Future Noir: Turning down the block and ducking into a futuristic newsstand revealed the most humorous touches of layering, for it was here that this author immediately noticed that a number of faux twenty-first-century magazines had been stuffed into racks mounted on the newsstand's walls, and that many of them sported decidedly tongue-in-cheek covers.These publications had been designed by BR art department member Tom Southwell. Periodicals of note include Krotch (going for $29 a copy!) Magazines from the future
Technology - Kasia Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg - The 'Blade Runner' Guide to Designing a Believable Flying Car
22 June 2012Last updated at 05:47 ET By Deirdre Finnerty BBC News It's been 30 years since the release of Blade Runner and 10 years since Minority Report. Both are rich sources of predictions about the future. Blade Runner: Which predictions have come true?
androidghost: 30 years of Replicant noir…
Technology - Alexis Madrigal - The Fake Magazines Used in Blade Runner Are Still Futuristic, Awesome
5 Reasons BLADE RUNNER Should Be Left The Hell Alone
Blade Runner: A LEGO® creation by 2x4 .
Behold, Blade Runner à la LEGO
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Blade Runner Sketchbook (1982)
Electric Sheep: Stunning Visual Creatures Spawned By Thousands Of Computers While They Sleep
Blade Runner | Marvel Super Special Full Comic
Buzatron's Tumblr - Blade Runner Parody Beer Logo “Nexus 6 Repicant...
Blade Runner Papercraft
Vangelis scoring Blade Runner | (Page 1 of 4)
Van Spamme — gorg: Blade Runner (via turksworks)
The Blade Runner Games
15. Polaroids
Picture Gallery | Lytro
Daily Philip K. Dick
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Blade Runner: The City as Replicant — Science Fiction & the City
More Human than Human
Stop Blade Runner 2 Before It Starts!
Adobe Light-Field Lens Video - Blade Runner Cluster
Blade Runner (1982)
Blade Runner (1982)
Blade Runner
Blade Runner - le film

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