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Bills.Ninja. Kryptoradio by Koodilehto. Bitcoin: the Stripe perspective. Many people have remarked that Bitcoin resembles the internet in the early 90s: we haven’t yet built the Googles that will make it accessible or the Facebooks and Netflixes that will make it broadly useful.

Bitcoin: the Stripe perspective

So it's an open question: what might a Bitcoin that's useful for the mainstream look like? Money Money has three functions: it’s a store of value (that is, somewhere you can put your life savings), a unit of account (that is, a measure of value), and a medium of exchange (a way to transport value). On the first two fronts, Bitcoin has shown promise in high-inflation economies, but it’s a much tougher sell for mainstream consumers in stable countries. Ripple Labs Unveils Proposal for New Smart Contract System.

San Francisco-based Ripple Labs, a startup focused on building payment and digital assets networks, has unveiled a comprehensive plan for the development of a new smart contract system.

Ripple Labs Unveils Proposal for New Smart Contract System

Called Codius, the proposed system will be programming language agnostic and will be able to work with existing monetary and contractual systems. There are a few projects in the works for building smart contract solutions that involve cryptography. But Ripple Labs‘ Codius effort is perhaps a framework that many in the cyrptocurrency space have been searching for in order to build asset structures. Sending Money Made Easy using Bitcoin | Bitcoin crowdfunder Swarm launches, raises $720,000 in 18 hours » CoinReport. A case against Proof of Stake Velocity - Dogeconomist. Recently Proof of Stake (PoS) and subsequently Proof of Stake Velocity (PoSV) have been developed as an alternative to Proof of Work (PoW) mining.

A case against Proof of Stake Velocity - Dogeconomist

But despite offering some serious improvements, economically these alternatives cannot (yet) compete with PoW mining. Proof of Work mining. Peercoin - Secure & Sustainable Cryptocoin. Introduction Peercoin (PPC) uses a novel, green, and very interesting method of network validation and mining.

Peercoin - Secure & Sustainable Cryptocoin.

Most alternative cryptocurrencies in existence are forks of Bitcoin with changed mining parameters or different mining algorithms. Miners maintain the network and check transactions, while spending a lot of energy on cryptographic brute force puzzles. estimates that mid December 2013, Bitcoin mining takes up 22 million dollars or 150.000 megawatts of energy per day. Peercoin also started out as a Proof-Of-Work network. Decentralized Economics • Exciting New Innovations From Reddcoin.

" Originally appeared on The CoinFront - Your Online Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News Authority.

Decentralized Economics • Exciting New Innovations From Reddcoin

For all the latest developments follow us @TheCoinFront on Twitter. Reddcoin has been rising up in the altcoin ranks, due in large part to the innovation happening in the community. The latest developments in the community include a new algorithm which they’re calling “proof of stake velocity”, and a “social wallet”, both unheard of developments from any other coin. Proof of Stake Velocity Proof of stake velocity is similar to proof of stake, in which, rather than mining new coins, the coins are “minted” by simply having the wallet program open and proving they hold a certain number of the given coin. Bitcoin Poorly Explained. The Five Biggest Threats Facing Bitcoin. Any new and disruptive technology has its share of detractors who do their utmost to imbue the perceived threat with negative connotations.

The Five Biggest Threats Facing Bitcoin

This has been happening for eons, and will continue until the end of time. The idea that people would need their own personal computer for work seemed ludicrous 50 years ago. Why would anyone need a device for making automated calculations? Today, though, it is almost impossible to function in modern life without using a PC. Bitcoin Storage. In the Bitcoin world, half the wealth belongs to the 0.1 percent. From the Washington Post‘s Brian Fung, the key figures that everyone should know about Bitcoin’s inequality effect, which is worse than society’s general average inequality: “the drawback to consolidation is that those benefits will be concentrated in the hands of a relative few.

In the Bitcoin world, half the wealth belongs to the 0.1 percent

That dynamic is already playing out among individual holders of Bitcoin, with a growing gulf between the Bitcoin-rich and the Bitcoin-poor. According to Risto Pietilä, a Finnnish entrepreneur, the overwhelming share of Bitcoin wealth is held in just a few dozen wallets. Darkcoin, the Shadowy Cousin of Bitcoin, Is Booming | Threat Level. Illustration: WIRED Someone out there likes anonymous money.

Darkcoin, the Shadowy Cousin of Bitcoin, Is Booming | Threat Level

In only a month, the little-known bitcoin alternative known as Darkcoin has rocketed nearly tenfold in value–from around 75 cents a coin to almost seven dollars. Its selling point: Darkcoin offers far greater anonymity than bitcoin, mixing up users’ transactions so that it’s incredibly difficult to trace a payment to a person. And though few have yet to accept that more-anonymous coin for actual goods and services, the promise of Darkcoin’s privacy features seems to have sparked a miniature boom. It’s one of the fastest growing among the wave of cryptocurrencies that’s followed bitcoin’s success, with the total value of its combined coins topping out at nearly $30 million. The state of Bitcoin in Southeast Asia. Wayne is an analyst with Venture Scanner, a Silicon Valley-based firm that helps corporate innovation arms and investors identify innovation trends and opportunities, using a combination of big data and analyst insights.

The state of Bitcoin in Southeast Asia

Bitcoin holds great promise in regions where banking and payment systems are not as developed, including Southeast Asia. A look at global venture capital flows into Bitcoin startups indicates that the majority of investments are being made into basic infrastructural projects like Bitcoin exchanges, which have received US$106 million in total global funding so far. I recently did research for a venture capital firm seeking to invest in Bitcoin startups in Southeast Asia (excluding Singapore), with a focus on exchanges given the stage of the industry in this region. Here’s what I found out. Bitcoin adoption in Southeast Asia is speculative in nature.

Bitcoin Is Hiring Lobbyists. Does bitcoin need an army of lobbyists to stop the government from overregulating or stomping out the emerging currency?

Bitcoin Is Hiring Lobbyists

It depends who you ask. The bitcoin community is divided on this point, as you can see from a passionate Reddit discussion on the subject yesterday. In one camp, bitcoin advocates figure, you can't win the game if you don't play by the same rules as everyone—even if cozying up to politicians generally doesn't jive well with the cypherpunk ethos. "For bitcoin to reach its potential, we have to start by playing with the rules. Lets Talk Bitcoin.


MIT is about to become the world's first Bitcoin economy | VentureBeat | Dev | by Barry Levine. What would happen if every undergraduate student on a campus got $100 in Bitcoins? And what if that campus was the endlessly inventive MIT? Those questions are behind a new Bitcoin experiment at MIT, which prides itself on pioneering emerging technologies. More than half a million dollars has been raised from alumni to back the effort. “I was laying in bed one night, brainstorming ideas,” sophomore computer science major Jeremy Rubin told VentureBeat. His initial Bitcoin idea was targeted only at a computer science class, but his collaborator, first-year MBA student Dan Elitzer, suggested they could involve the whole campus. Cognitive biases that make people skeptical towards Bitcoin.

Mt Gox

Square Market Accepts Bitcoin. March 31, 2014 Sellers should never miss a sale. We’re building tools so sellers can accept any form of payment their customers want to use. Making commerce easy means creating easy ways to exchange value for everything from a massage to a DODOcase for your iPad. What the Fork was that? A forking post mortem. | Mineforeman. As many of you already know there was a ‘hiccup’ in the bitcoin network this week. It caused a flurry of articles, some good, some panicked and others that were outright alarmist.

To be honest, while I was aware of the issue as it transpired it did not register with me as much of threat. To me it was just a temporary problem, one that we have seen before and undoubtedly will see again. While it was slightly unusual that there had to be any sort of human interaction, it was far from an unexpected event and had been planned for well in advance. What Happened? Why The Bitcoin Industry Must Recognise Its Responsibilities. Michael Jackson is a software engineer, entrepreneur and venture capital investor at Mangrove Capital Partners. He is also the former COO of Skype. The most significant issue affecting the adoption of cybercurrencies is the safety of bitcoin holdings. In One Month, Everyone In Iceland Will Own Cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency craze spun into a new realm of ridiculous with Kanyecoin, Dogecoin, Ron Paul Coin and the bounty of other clone-coins that sprung up to ride the Bitcoin wave.

But the latest altcoin to enter the market, Auroracoin, wants to take the futurist trend back to its cryptoanarchist roots. The altcoin was designed specifically for Iceland, and the creator plans to give every citizen of the Nordic country a digital handful of Auroracoins to kickstart their use. Auroracoin is the brainchild of cryptocurrency enthusiast Baldur Friggjar Odinsson, and he'll be the one distributing pre-mined coins to the entire population of Iceland at midnight on March 25 in a countrywide "airdrop.

" Each Icelandic citizen—all 330,000 of them—will receive 31.8 AUC through a digital transaction. Bitcoins + Banks. UBS investment report declares bitcoin “Problematic currency, interesting payment system” | Bitcoinx.

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Hidden surprises in the Bitcoin blockchain and how they are stored: Nelson Mandela, Wikileaks, photos, and Python software. Bitwall. New? Start here! Understand Bitcoins. Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin businesses. Markets. Bitcoin ATM. Payment Terminals. Wallets. Mining. Apps. The Future Of Money: Creating New Wealth, Work and a Wiser World: Bernard Lietaer.

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