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Wiley. ScienceIndex. F1000. Frontiers. CSHP. NS. Segal Lab: PARS 2010 - Main. The structures of RNA molecules are often important for their function and regulation, yet there are no experimental techniques for genome-scale measurement of RNA structure.

Segal Lab: PARS 2010 - Main

Here, we describe a novel strategy termed Parallel Analysis of RNA Structure (PARS), which is based on deep sequencing fragments of RNAs that were treated with structure-specific enzymes, thus providing simultaneous in-vitro profiling of the secondary structure of thousands of RNA species at single nucleotide resolution. We apply PARS to profile the secondary structure of the mRNAs of the budding yeast S. cerevisiae and obtain structural profiles for over 3000 distinct transcripts. RNA silencing in Monterey. + Author Affiliations ↵* Authors for correspondence (; The tenth annual Keystone Symposium on the Mechanism and Biology of Silencing convened in Monterey, California, in March 2011.

RNA silencing in Monterey

Those seeking some West Coast sunshine were, unfortunately, met with incessant precipitation throughout the meeting. Nevertheless, attendees were brightened by enlightening and vigorous scientific discussions. Special issue on bifunctional RNA Volume 93, Issue 11, Pages 1889-2028 (November 2011) Coding or Non-coding: need they be exclusive?


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