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BioPortfolio - the Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Life-Science and Healthcare Portal. Biology - Stack Exchange. BenchFly - Laboratory Techniques and Advice for Your Life in Science. WikiGenes - Collaborative Publishing. Home. Main Page - MIBBI. BioSharing. BioSharing. Communities. BioSharing. BioSharing. Biology Directory - Biology Resources Online. A question and answer site for bioinformatics. Interpretome. Load your genome file (upper-right corner) and choose some of the analyses above.

Currently, only raw data files from 23andme and Lumigenix (unzipped) are supported. Sample genotype files (and a description of the individuals) can be found here. A detailed description of the website design and some of the modules can be found in our PSB paper as well as in blog posts here and here. Interpretome is intended for educational and research purposes only. No information should be considered diagnostic and as with any genetic testing service, the interpretation is not regulated by the FDA. ‪Intrepretome, tool to help explore your genome‬‏

Behold, the Interpretome! University Press - Field Notes on Science and Nature. This Week in Virology — A netcast about viruses – the kind that make you sick. BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium. Free information from a trusted source.